Burlington gets House OK for ranked choice, non-citizen voting

by Guy Page

The Vermont House today gave final approval to Burlington charter changes allowing ranked-choice and non-citizen voting. 

H.508, Approval of an amendment to the ranked choice voting provisions of the charter of the City of Burlington, and, H.509 Approval of amendments to the voter qualification provisions of the charter of the City of Burlington, will now move on to the Senate.

Ranked choice voting, also known as Instant Runoff Voting, allows voters to list first, second and third choices. It is favored by third parties, including Progressives, who used IRV to help elect Progressive Bob Kiss over Republican candidate Kurt Wright in a Burlington mayoral race. Wright ws the top vote-getting in the first round but lost to Kiss in IRV. The provision was repealed, but H.508 would reinstate it. 

H.509 would give Burlington non-citizen voters the right to vote in municipal and school elections. Similar charter changes were approved for Montpelier and Winooski in recent years. 

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  1. More Marxist policies! Obama applauds since he’s a big Saul Alinsky fan, that is as long as he gets to stay on Martha’s Vineyard & in Hawaii where suffering is hard to find.

  2. “used IRV to help elect Progressive Bob Kiss over Republican candidate Kurt Wright”
    Yup, and Kiss was such a “great” Mayor . Right ? NOT !!!

  3. Progressives are deceitful. Ergo they will make sure they “win” forever and ever amen. Why don’t they just annouce They “won”, we-the-people lost. So just know your place and shut up and put up. Like them-you know, the Commies.
    Why did they even bother with this maneuver? They’ve already passed a law dictating that all elections will be done via DOMINION machines.
    Keep sleeping Vermont.

  4. What kind of asinine person would ever vote for this??? Oh, I know, those desperate for votes to stay in so-called “power”! With the millions pouring over the border to secure your votes. You will ALL pay for what will come of this! You don’t even know how fast you’ll lose your power when China takes over!!! You have made America just weak enough for them to step in and take over. Then all your freedom will be gone. I have no idea how you look yourself in the mirror!

    • While I agree with your perspective regarding our idiots in the legislature, I think you are underestimating the power of Americans, you know, those folks in flyover country that own most of the land and the vast majority of the long guns. If China, Russia, Iran or Liechtenstein ever invade our shores, these true Americans will band together to defend their land and their FREEDOM while the progs will flee to Europe. Live Free or Die !

      oops, wrong state.

  5. There aren’t enough patriotic Americans to defend a “Red Dawn” war here against the Chinese hordes, though we’d try. We should have learned that after the Frozen Chosin. We’d be sorely outnumbered by their limitless cannon fodder.

  6. The State of Maine has ranked choice voting since 2018. Since the State is dominated by the coastal big-money region, the citizens in the rest of the State are under-represented and outnumbered. Rank choice assured the “selected” ones get in even if they don’t get enough votes to win on selection day. They also have a large contingency of “new arrivals” located there too. Another great State ruined by clever fraud and corruption.