Trans activists assault gay rights leader at Burlington Pride parade

Fred Sargeant after being shoved to the ground at the Pride parade Sunday, September 18 in Burlington

Retired police officer, who walks with cane, shoved to ground

By Guy Page

A retired police officer, Vermont resident and early gay rights leader was assaulted by trans rights activists at the Burlington Pride march Sunday, the LGB Alliance reports.

The group reporting the assault called violence against gay rights advocates who do not support the trans movement  “the new face of homophobia.”

Gay rights legend & pioneer Fred Sargeant (74), one of the co-founders of the Gay Pride march in NYC and participant in Stonewall in 1969, was violently assaulted by trans rights activists at Burlington Pride this weekend, the LGB Alliance reported on Twitter September 19. 

Last year, Sergeant was reportedly “kicked out” of the Gay Pride parade because he wore a T-shirt saying ‘Woman: Noun. Adult Human Female.’ “The queer community has made it clear that homosexuals are no longer welcome at Gay Pride – unless they also worship at the altar of gender,” blogger Kurtis Tripp said.

Fred Sargeant

On September 18, Sergeant posted on Facebook that he intended to attend the parade, and called its sponsors, the Vermont Pride Center, “an exclusionary gender identity organization focused on transing the gay away.” 

Sargeant has a storied history in the gay pride movement. According to his biography, he was also the initial manager of the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop, the first gay and lesbian bookshop in the world, in New York City. He then moved to Stamford, Connecticut to become a cop, attaining the rank of lieutenant before retirement. 

Sargeant told Substack writer Tripp he became a cop after his experience in the Stonewall riots. “I wanted to see if I could make a difference, and having seen the situation at Stonewall and how the NYPD handled that, I thought I could do it differently. Stonewall wasn’t the only riot I saw. I’d been caught up in riots in the Village before and watched what the police did.”

Sargeant married his husband in 2010 and now lives in rural Vermont. 

After Sunday’s events, Sargeant said “I went to Pride to protest their misogyny, homophobia, exclusionary policies and divisiveness. I was met by screaming, multiple assaults, ageist comments, shoving, slaps to the back of my head, pouring coffee on me and repeated attempts to steal my signs,” the LGB Alliance said. 

His statement continues: “Being unsuccessful in their attempts to disrupt my protest and drive me away, the mob pushed me to the ground” He would later say, of attending: “Before I went, my husband asked why I was going to protest. I answered, if I don’t who else should?” 

“Sadly, this despicable act was entirely predictable: activists at Burlington Pride had been distributing stickers like this (see below), and violent rhetoric from that quarter has become so commonplace, they can even justify assaulting a man who needs a cane to walk,” the LGB Alliance tweeted.


“Simply put, Fred Sargeant is a hero to all of us who have faced discrimination for wanting to assert our same sex attraction. It is sad that fifty years later, a new face of homophobia has taken over Pride and now threatens violent retribution,” the Alliance said. 

Neither Vermont Pride Center social media nor any of the Vermont media (VTDigger, the three television news stations) mentioned the Sargeant assault in their news coverage of the parade. Vermont Daily Chronicle has reached out to Sargeant and the Burlington Police Dept. for more information. 

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  1. Wow. So now being gay but not subscribing to the gender fluidity 37 genders men can give birth sorts can get one violently attacked. What lovely sorts. Sure hope the BPD plans on arresting and prosecuting this crew. And they did this to a guy in his 70’s………..

  2. Oh and don’t hold your breath for VT Digger or other news media here to report on this sordid incident; anything that veers from the trans people are just cuddly puppy dogs narrative isn’t welcome either.

  3. The hedonists are fighting eachother?
    Good. Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He Is Making A Mistake

  4. Remember that incident a short while back where the trans person in Hinesburg was killed and they media immediately started screaming ‘Hate Crime’ and then they apologized to everyone cus’ it wasn’t a hate crime?

    Yah….me neither.

  5. You know the Democrats are in trouble when gay activists join forces with MAGA Republicans to restore sanity to America.

    What a time to be alive.

    (crickets from Becca Balint so far. She knows which side her bread is buttered…)

  6. Wow, when PC/Gay,/BLM/LGBTQ/Queer/Progressive/Socialist/Pro-Palestine/Transgender/Pro abortion/CRT/Green lunatics start to eat their own.

  7. If a white guy, especially a straight conservative (VTDigger would have dug that up), had attacked Sargeant, VTDigger, 7 Daze, Free Press and Barre Times would have it plastered all over the front page, as would WCAX, VT Public Radio. Blame the Biden Administration, Bernie, and the Democratic Party’s public relations arm, the US media, with few exceptions..

  8. This is what happens when you allow mentally ill people to do and act as they please. The time for putting our foot down is long past.

  9. WHERE were the cops? Wasn’t this former officer or any other normal civic-minded citizen around to help in protecting the life or limb of this elderly man via WHATEVER means it took to do so?

    There was, not very long ago, an extraordinarily peaceful Vermont; in part because the peaceful carried, open or concealed – and therefore made certain all remained peaceful. And it was.

    These are deviant thugs (i.e.: ANYONE who assaults an elderly person is deviant. At best.) who need to have their proverbial heads handed to them. Regardless of how empty-headed they may be.

    Vermonters: You carry for a reason. The VT Constitution protects your innate right to protect yourselves AND others from potentially serious bodily harm and/or death.

    Remember that.

  10. Violence is just plain wrong, but that’s what the new trans gender and BLM activisim has brought us. So sad, so horrible. Thank you to VT Daily Chronicle for covering what the mainstream media in VT will not expose.

  11. Anyone wonder why they put L, G, B, T, Q, I, A, + all together in one label? Think about it….

  12. Everyone nowadays has an angry ‘Rights’ agenda. Just live, produce and create. Enjoy people in your life that you care about. Let the rest of us alone to do the same. I am not your whipping boy, for how your live played out. I m not your adversary either.

  13. Radical Feminists have been trying to warn the public against the idea that a man can become a woman since the 1960s when these fetishists began to show up at women’s groups and wanted to be “included”.

    Look up online:
    Sheila Jeffreys academic, retired professor, author of many feminist books co-founder of WDI (Women’s Declaration International) WDI’s You Tube channel.

    Genevieve Gluck FB page Women’s Voices podcast and news blog,

    Jennifer Bilek The 11th Hour Blog,

    Vaishnavi Sundar documentary Dysphoric 4 part series on You Tube. All These women can be seen in interviews on You Tube

    This fetish began with men and men only. What was once transvestitism, became transsexualism, now is transgender. All originated by men as a fetish that they eventually took way too seriously and decided they were women trapped in a man’s body. No Such Thing. Trans activist and the medical and Pharma industrial complex are junking the their so called science to make it fit what they are propagandizing people into believing that trans is a real physiological phenomenon. It Isn’t.

    This has become a social contagion that eventually started to affect women and as of the last 20 years or so teen boys and especially as of late in the last 5-6 years suddenly a huge spike in young adolescent girls. Lisa Littman’s Brown University study Gender Dysphoria, Detransition, Desistence and Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage.

    We are now seeing the results of men being faced with people who are no longer buying into their delusions. I’ve been following this trend for about 7 years and most of the time it is these fetishist men who commit violence against women but on some occasions such as this incident in Burlington VT it is a woman so caught up in the hysteria committing the violence as well. Check out “Let Julie Swim” on and male violence against women in Port Townsend WA YMCA

  14. From the video i saw the main person scuffling with Fred was not trans. Christopher Aaron Felcher got a good pic of them.