Vermonters can register to vote online, at DMV, or at town/city clerk’s office

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos this week encouraged Vermonters to register to vote for National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on September 20th. NVRD is a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating democracy, held annually in September.

“When you register to vote and cast your ballot, you are strengthening our democracy just by participating,” Condos said. “National Voter Registration Day is an opportunity for us to try and further reach those eligible Vermonters who are not yet registered.”

“No matter how you vote, or how you cast your ballot, we want you to register and vote. We’ve made it easy: you can register online at https://olvr.vermont.gov, automatically at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or by registering directly with your Town or City Clerk.

“The November 8 General Election will be here before you know it. Vermont does have same-day voter registration, so if you forget to register before Election Day, you can still show up at the polls, register, and vote, but why wait and risk any complications? Register today, or for NVRD, and save yourself the hassle. Plus, once registered you have a number of early voting options you can consider,” Condos said.

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  1. YES! Thanks to Condos and his Cronies, there are MANY WAYS to VOTE and CHEAT. Condos has spent his time in office mucking up and making holes in what is supposed to be a Constitutional Free and Fair Election System.

    Same day registration, registration online, registration at the DMV, private persons allowed to register voters, early voting, same day voting, ballot harvesting, absentee voting, ALL Mailed Ballots to ALL Checklists throughout the State, Ballot Drop Boxes, Mandated Vote Counting by Proven to be Flawed Tabulators.

    Take a look at the 224 Pages of confusing (Updated) Election Laws put out during Covid in November of 2021. Remember, there’s value in confusion for the Globalist Dems/Progs/Marxists.

    If the State of Vermont was sued for NOT HAVING a Free and Fair Election System as is required by the Vermont Constitution and had a reasonable, fair, judge, it would be an easy win.


  2. In the last Presidential election, for the first time in the history of Vermont, the absentee ballot, in VT, had 22 people running for President, Biden was listed number 1 in bold black letters on the list ,President Trump was way down on the list,(A sitting President!!!)number 20,in smaller and less bold print, all under Condos watch, then when folks were distracted by the pandemic, Condos brought in Dominion voting machines, and shortly thereafter announced he would not run for reelection…Is that your idea of fair and free elections Condos? Roll a number and pass the Kool Aid boys ,nothing wrong here. These actions are deserving of a jail term, in the general prison population, criminal, in my opinion. Makes me think of the EB-5 program and the Dems tripping over one another to let these criminals sell US passports for chump change and corrupting everything, and everyone, it touched, Throw the bums out. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Vote GOP.

  3. Elections are Still Rigged. We get “Selections” Not Elections. Fix 2020! Look into ERIC, Inc., 33 States, which includes Vermont, send ERIC, Inc. its Voter Rolls. Great way to Cheat. Here’s the link: https://ericstates.org
    Also, One of ERIC’s Board Members for 2022-2023 is Will Senning, Director of Elections and Campaign Finance, Vermont.
    Nothing will change for the better in this Country, until We The People Fix 2020 and End Rigged Elections.
    1. No Machines
    2. One Day Voting Only, No Early Voting (Absentee by Authorized Permission from Individual in Writing).
    3. No Drop Boxes
    4. Paper Ballots Only
    5. Live-Stream, In-Person Public Viewing of Counting the Ballots
    6. No Internet of any kind, No Wifi, No Cell Phones, No Modems, etc.
    7. No Ballot Harvesting

    The People Need to have their Voices and their Votes Back in this Country, State by State or Nothing will be Fixed.

    Liberty is from God not man.

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