Letter from the Publisher

Placing an Obituary or Memorial in the Vermont Daily Chronicle

I welcome readers to remember their loved ones with an obituary or memorial statement in the  Vermont Daily Chronicle

Vermont funeral homes rely on family members to recommend where an obituary appears. When a funeral home director asks which publication(s) an obituary should be published, please feel free to direct them to the Vermont Daily Chronicle at news@vermontdailychronicle.com

Unlike obituaries in most weekly and daily newspapers, VDC reaches throughout Vermont to friends living all across the state. Also, some readers may wish to share the news of their loved one’s passing with other Vermonters who share many values held by themselves and their loved ones. 

Obituaries are published for one day (at least) in the emailed daily edition, and then remain published indefinitely in the online www.vermontdailychronicle.com. The cost is $100/day for the emailed daily edition, and no extra cost for the website posting. As with any other Vermont Daily Chronicle post, obituaries may be republished in social media and emailed at no extra cost.

For more information, please contact me at news@vermontdailychronicle.com

Thank you,

Guy Page, Publisher

Vermont Daily Chronicle