The hands and feet of Love

by Jim Sexton

Yesterday my friend Niki was driving home and noticed a man sitting alone with bags on his feet. He didn’t have any shoes and he looked in pain to her. He wasn’t panhandling but she needed to check on him. He said he had lost his shoes because they were worn out.

Niki went to Fleet Feet in Essex Junction to buy him some shoes and socks. She was denied entry because she refused to mask up, but the employee sent someone out to talk with her. Niki explained what she saw and just wanted to help the man.

A few minutes later a man named Tim came out with new shoes and some socks. He asked Niki what agency she was with. Niki explained she wasn’t with any group she was doing this on her own.

Tim gave her the shoes and socks but wouldn’t accept any money. Tim thanked her for stepping up.

Niki then bought some food and water and brought this all to the man named Jacob.

Niki could have passed by, she could have stopped trying when she was denied entry at the store, she didn’t. She kept trying because someone needed her.

And because of her, Tim saw there was a need and he could help.

I drive by people all the time who carry signs saying they can’t find work or need help.

Niki noticed something different, and she did something I may not have. Because we are facing so many trials right now.

Niki is too, but something compelled her to step up. And because she did, Tim also saw the need. Now a man has shoes and socks on his feet instead of plastic bags.

The Hands and Feet of God.


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  1. I have done such. That is where the Phantom Rose Express name comes from. Former friend and now Left fascist, Marina Brown, helped derail the project, as it wasn’t feasible to exploit for Antifa purposes.
    First conceived in 1987 as way for a person with n Invisible Disability and no money to put back into the community. There are numerous letters of acknowledgement. Some places simply failed to provide such. Much work was for individuals.
    I found that of all the items needed by people without housing, socks and shoes were the most crucial. Not all of the work was for people in that situation. I also created small libraries in various centers and institutions, salvaged perfectly good food slated for dumping from food banks, etc., etc.
    Eventually, I myself wound up without housing. The 2nd time, I wound up here in VT, where the scope for such work is limited. This is, in part, due to “gate keeping” on the part of some people and institutions.
    I still have excellent clothing, household items, books, shoulder bags, backpacks, and other items. No charge to people, even enemies.