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Water Cooler: Drag Queen ball at football game / Hospital plan to speed patient care / State to own Colchester Causeway, again

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WCAX Rutland Town selectman defends social media comments connected to mascot debate 10/12/2021 6:27 PM
VT Digger Several buyers interested in Jay Peak as receiver’s bill for EB-5 cleanup nears $10 million 10/12/2021 6:36 PM
NBC 5 Police: Man hospitalized after stabbing on Williston Road 10/12/2021 6:58 PM
Rutland Herald Town finds a way to pay dog park wetland permit fee 10/12/2021 5:31 PM
Seven Days

Burlington High School to Hold Drag Queen Ball at Football Game

10/12/2021 7:48 PM
Seven Days

Consultant Finds Problems With Downtown Site for New Burlington High School

10/12/2021 8:56 PM
VT Digger University of Vermont Health Network outlines solutions to issues around accessing care 10/12/2021 9:10 PM
VT Digger School funding task force proposes new funding system for students learning English 10/12/2021 9:44 PM
VT Digger Human Rights Commission backs student in discrimination claim against Milton Middle School 10/12/2021 10:14 PM
NBC 5 Vermont has one of the lowest bullying rates, despite increase in racism during school athletic events 10/12/2021 11:11 PM
WCAX Crash knocks out power in East Montpelier 10/13/2021 6:44 AM
WCAX Colchester Causeway to be reverted back to state ownership 10/13/2021 6:45 AM
WCAX Quieter in St. Albans: noise ordinance passes 10/13/2021 7:18 AM
VT Digger Following national trend, Vermont brewery turns carbon emissions into beer bubbles 10/13/2021 7:20 AM
NBC 5 US to reopen land borders for fully vaccinated in November 10/13/2021 7:00 AM
WCAX High risk sex offender to be released Wednesday 10/13/2021 7:53 AM

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  1. Must we in the name of tolerance and inclusion, remain silent while our children are being groomed by sexual deviants. First it was Drag Queen Story Hour at public libraries. Now it is Drag Queen Balls at homecoming football games. Public schools should not be condoning and promoting this. Disapproving taxpayers should not be called “haters”