City of Montpelier ponders legalizing prostitution and public drinking

Montpelier Police Department building

By Guy Page

The Montpelier City Council tonight will consider policing recommendations to legalize prostitution and public drinking.

The meeting begins at 6:30 pm. The Montpelier Police Review Committee Report, scheduled for review by the City Council, includes the following recommendations (reprinted verbatim) under the subtitle ‘Sex work’:

  • Montpelier City Council should support H. 268 of 2021, which repeals consensual prostitution laws while retaining felony human trafficking laws.
  • Montpelier should repeal its prostitution ordinances, which criminalize housing for sex workers, the act of sex work, and a safe workplace for sex workers.
  • MPD should continue to deprioritize the investigation of consensual sex work and instead prioritize human trafficking, coercion, and when force is at issue.

Other report recommendations include:

  • Body cameras to be worn by police, and elimination of ‘military purchases’ of surplus equipment from the Department of Defense. 
  • Establishing a civilian Police Advisory Committee to review all allegations of police misdeeds. 
  • Repeal all ordinances related to public drinking and deprioritize police response to public drinking calls. 
  • Require all recruits to have a year of college (or similar experience) and “a demonstrated commitment to volunteer or paid community service.” The Montpelier Police Dept. at present is short-staffed. 

The committee is comprised of local council members, educators, social and mental health workers, and lawyers. The acknowledgements of the Police Review Committee recognize contributions by local officials and citizens, and concludes with the following ‘Land Acknowledgement’:

The Police Review Committee (PRC) also acknowledges that our work was done on unceded

land of the Abenaki people. This land was stewarded by the Abenaki people for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans to Turtle Island. The Abenaki people’s relationship with this land predates the formation of the City of Montpelier, Washington County, the State of Vermont, and the United States of America. The committee recognizes the dispossession of Abenaki land and honors the continued local presence of the Abenaki people and culture in what is now known as Montpelier and across Vermont.

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  1. Yep. We get it.

    Obedience to the Rule of Law: BAD.

    Selling your body for money & being a drug addict: GOOD.


    • I’m not familiar with all of the mentioned. Soros is a multi-billionaire with hidden agendas. Not hard to dee them if one looks.
      Marx wasn’t bad. His theories have been carried to ludicrous extremes. It is an absurdity if the govt. has to make people do it. It then becomes reduced to absurdity.

  2. When you thought you have heard and seen it all these liberal fools come up with
    this problem solver ” Legal ” Prostitution and these are the same fools that complain
    about abuse to women………… follow the money !!

  3. I see random signs around the area urging us to work against human trafficking. It would seem that prostitution is a prime abuser of people being trafficked. With the advent of AIDS and the emergence of some drug resistant STD’s, this seems at least unwise. How many epidemics / pandemics do we want to deal with at the same time? It devalues a person who sells their body for the entertainment of another. If a person lacks job skills, the more productive solution seems to be access to job skills training.

  4. Montpeculiar just can’t stand to see all the societal decay, depravity and malaise be monopolized by Burlington and wants a piece of the action.

  5. A local college in the Burlington/Montpelier area recently was running advertising and publicity with the purpose of attracting new students. The highlighted references mentioned the area’s safety, lawfulness, scenic beauty, restaurants, shopping, churches, social activities etc. Sounded perfect! But, not mentioned, was growing areas of so called homeless, depravity, legal (or not) prostitution, wide spread drug use, necessary civilian safety guards, robbery, late night dangers, volunteer college aged to assist police as needed, uncontrolled public drinking, delayed police calls for assistance, safe places for sex workers. Now doesn’t that sound like a nice place to bring the family, go to dinner, expose your children or loved ones to prostitutes or druggies soliciting business, bums panhandling, drunkenness. and even gunfire. How about a nice place to send your college age daughter or son? All this in an area with colleges and a large public university. About time the citizens of this area make up their minds that this is not what should be allowed.

    • Whereas I empathize with sex workers there is the dynamics to be considered. Where prostitution has been legalized in the U.S. there has been stringent control, as in countless other commercial trade in this country. I’ve witnessed excesses, including a pimp threatening a waitress for, supposedly, being rude to a streetwalker.
      There are countless people who maintain that because they have rights, no one else does.

  6. Concerning the Abenaki: Research involving careful and often backbreaking labor and analysis indicates that the land in, at least, the NE U.S. changed hands frequently over time. There has even been suppression of such findings.
    “…Nation follows nation and regret is useless…”. Providing not “equity, a label and a noun, but equitability, an adverb should recognize the intricate and convoluted details of history and the intricate and convoluted details of today.
    Equality isn’t a matter of raising one group against another.
    “Divide and conquer.”

  7. Please stop justifiying legal prostitution, promoting public consumption of alcohol, justifying gender bending to children, and pushing demoralizing race theories. Those who wish to destroy anything decent, moral or ethical are pushing sick, twisted agendas in our faces and the government is supporting and funding of these destructive forces with our tax money! Do you want downtowns in Vermont looking like Times Square in the late 70s? These agendas are nothing more than supporting and normalizing criminal syndicates that politicians and bureaucrats profit from under the table and out the back door. I am done with these liberal freaks of misery justifying behavior that excellerates complete societal collapse. There is no way to negotiate or debate these issues with any of these scramble-brained freaks of misery. Start fighting back against these creeps before our communities are destroyed.

    • However, sounding out in an echo chamber won’t reach beyond those who are already convinced. What is needed is confrontation. Non-violence has worked in this country, a fact that the Left actively denies.
      What if people were to gather at the upcoming Digger beerfest and demand answers to uncomfortable questions it might have an impact.
      Concerning prostitution, there should be , at least, regulation. Those advocating legalization want to remove all regulation, which is what “Defund the Police” is all about.

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