Scenes from the Flood

Rural roads, downtown districts, and farmers’ fields all underwater

Debris, including a shipping container, caught on a Stevens Brook bridge in Berlin highlights a problem for another day – the massive clean-up. Colette Page photo

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  1. The long emergency has taken a dire turn in Vermont. This flood could be the knock out punch. We have Robbie the Robot in the White House, two installed geriatric bought off Senators, and a diversity hire installed Representative. The State is an asylum run by the lunatics and many cities and towns are the same. We bounced back in 2011 because our State was not divided and not nearly as broke as we are now. My bet is many people could become very ill from being immunocromprised and exposed to all the filth from flood waters as well as the stress of clean up and financial ruin. I hope for the best, but can’t see it under the current regime and the all out drubbing decent people have taken over the past 3 1/2 years.

  2. Hey, politicians, look into INFRASTRUCTURE!!!! You just let down thousands of your stupid voters, but they’ll never figure it out and you know it. They are too busy bailing water out of their homes.