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Fairlee approves cannabis sales

Fairlee voters endorsed updates to the town’s zoning bylaws and narrowly approved retail cannabis sales during voting yesterday, the Journal-Opinion reported today.

About two-thirds (116-61) approved the amendments to the zoning bylaws, while cannabis sales were approved 91-86.

There were 178 ballots cast in total. By comparison, 94 voters checked in at the annual town meeting in March. At the time, there were 772 voters on the checklist, according to meeting minutes.

More than 500 voters cast ballots in Fairlee in the 2022 General Election.

Fairlee is now the 74th Vermont municipality to approve retail sales. The Vermont Cannabis Control Board website has a complete listing.

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  1. Useful Idiots!!!
    “Cannabis Is Linked to Mental Illness
    A major new study shows that people who abuse the drug are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder.
    Now a new longitudinal study has examined the medical records of all citizens of Denmark over the age of 16, some 6.5 million people in all, for patterns of diagnosis, hospitalization and treatment for substance use between 1995 and 2021. In the paper, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in May, Dr. Oskar Hougaard Jefsen of Aarhus University and colleagues showed that people who had previously been diagnosed with cannabis use disorder were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed later with clinical depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cannabis use disorder is characterized by craving marijuana, using it more often than intended, spending a lot of time using it, and having it interfere with friends, family and work.”
    The above is an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article dated July 6, 2023
    What better way to keep the population under control.

    • Cannabis users are more sensitive to the horrifying reality witnessed every day.
      Nothing like good old alcohol to keep everyone dumbed and compliant.
      Congratulation to Fairlee for their wise vote.