Scenes from the East Charlotte Tractor Parade

The Charlotte Bridge – an open-source community newspaper for the southern Chittenden County rural bedroom community – reported yesterday on a weekend Tractor Parade. Cub Cadets driven by suburban lawn-cruisers mingled comfortably with ancient FarmAlls operated by dairy farmers, including one compounding his emissions by smoking a cigar. Given the push to limit carbon emissions – for which Charlotte Rep. Mike Yantachka is a fervent supporter – one wonders if by next year, the East Charlotte Tractor Parade will join the UVM Cake Walk and eugenics and other traditions thrown – for better or worse – onto the ash heap of ‘we can’t do this anymore’ history. – Editor

by Chea Waters Evans

And now, here are some photos from Sunday’s East Charlotte Tractor Parade. It was a lovely day, and here’s a biased reporting alert: I really enjoy the tractor parade. The weather was perfect, the smiles were big, and it was covid-friendly with a longer parade route so spectators could spread out along several miles.

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