Angry driver near-misses Barre anti-abortion prayer person

by Guy Page

The coordinator of the 40 Days for Life prayer presence at the Barre Planned Parenthood narrowly avoided serious bodily harm yesterday when a car driven by someone leaving the abortion clinic drove towards him and almost struck him.

The event occurred three days after someone scrawled “Baby Killer” in red paint on the siding and sign of the Washington Street/Highland Ave. clinic. With no known basis in fact, individuals from the clinic and the neighborhood have connected the vandalism with the 40 Days for Life presence.

Kelly reported in his daily newsletter last night:

“At about 11:10 am this morning a woman departing the PP parking lot drove her car in my direction as I walked up Highland Avenue with a Pray to End Abortion sign; she drove down Highland toward Washington St. and turned right,” Kelly said.

“Her car had swerved in my direction and I dodged out of the way and leaned against the hood and fender of her car with my right hand. No physical harm done. Immediate preceding the maneuver she provided a familiar obscene hand gesture with an angry look on her face. I called the police and gave them her VT plate, HCS294. Officer Jacob Frey called me back after he had apparently telephoned her. The operator (a patron of PP not an employee) admitted to Officer Frey that she nearly hit me but said it was an accident. She lost control because she was upset that her appointment had been cancelled. I told him I doubted her story because of the gesture.”

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  1. As a former prosecutor and police attorney, I would be terribly upset with the Department if they did not send this to me for review. The facts as stated, if true, provide more than probable cause to believe a very serious crime was committed. People from Barre should be calling until they get satisfaction that this matter has been sent to the state’s attorney for review and decision on prosecution or not.

    • Thank you boborleck. I’m a Barre City resident, Navy Veteran and a friend of the gentleman that was almost run over. I will follow your suggestions and call the Barre City Police and or the State’s Attorney tomorrow.

      Brian Judd

  2. The attacker may have been on the wrong side of the law, but she was on the right side of the politics, and that’s all that matters in Vermont.

  3. One would have to wonder about how this alleged attacker feels about Free Speech and the Second Amendment having used her car as a weapon and personally communicated a microaggression.
    (Does the derisive use of a finger constitute a “digital” transmission of a threat?)
    Hypocrisy seems to be an overriding principle of those on the Left.
    There is however some consistency in the idea that the alleged attacker had as much ill regard for the life and safety of a born adult she has a philosophical disagreement with as for a pre-born person.

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