Rutland Town will suffer for mask mandate

To the editor:

Apparently, there is no such thing as compensation for compliance measures which have failed us over the past 21 months, thus, we are left only with buyer’s remorse resulting from disappointing solutions.

Could this be why there is an attempt to transfer the blame for these failures to a lower echelon of governance? 

That being the case, Rutland Town has just jumped in with both feet to accept and carry that blame forward after being given the opportunity by a special session of the Vermont legislature, assisted by the Scott administration who may also see benefit in deflecting responsibility. 

Presumably this Mask Ordinance was enacted for the protection of the public’s health and safety in Rutland Town. 

It comes complete with fines for violators that increase with the number of offenses, but also offers exemptions for establishments serving food and beverage. 

Could this be considered arbitrary or discriminatory practices, happening all over again?

Like it or not, this blame game could prove devastating to Rutland Town which is the major destination for commerce in the area, and perhaps a boom for businesses in surrounding towns that will now become destinations should they choose not to participate in a Mask Ordinance.

Folks living in more rural settings won’t hesitate to drive a few more miles if it means they don’t have to play these kinds of games, I know for a fact they have already started adjusting their shopping habits.

Lynn Edmunds

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  1. I’m shocked that Rutland did this. I thought they had 50% or so of the population still left with brains in their heads. Apparently not. The leftist protocols & ideologies have not been good to Rutland (nor have they been anywhere else) and has left the town with drive-by shootings, a massive drug pipeline, gangsta’s, decreased property values, a large drugged out demographic, etc. All they need for the icing on the cake now is to let all their imprisoned felons back out onto the streets —– as long as they wear surgical masks, it’s all good.

  2. Umm…. folks, hold on a minute before you leap out the windows because of the new variant…or this mandate.
    It might be past time to re-evaluate just what’s going on here. Vermont and the Federal governments still will not look at alternative treatment options, leaving us tin-foil hat wearing folks buying horse de-wormer as a treatment. There is a strong probability that case counts are unaltered in Rutland County, because of this mandate. But you can bet it alters the sales numbers for Rutland Town businesses.

  3. You voted for these tyrannical fools, Rutland! You get rid of them now. Start the recall and haunt these officials with protests, at work and home. Besiege them with letters and e-mails and ban them from your businesses. Pull all your kids from the schools and vote down the school budget. Cut the police budget so these tyrants don’t have armed thugs to abuse you. Call the Sheriff if you need help or start a neighborhood watch. Stop allowing yourselves to be tortured with this “covid” BS. Grow Up!