Remember when?

Artwork credit: seen on Vermont Emergency Management Facebook page, sourced from a Seattle woman who says her sister Annie is the artist

Hey, Vermonters of the Covid-19 era! Remember when we…..

Made fun of Venezuela for not having any toilet paper?

Despised robo-calls? Now we sit at home, just hoping someone – even a cybersomeone – will call. 

Proudly virtue-signaled our ecological wokeness by dropping a reusable grocery bag on the supermarket checkout counter? Now the plastic-gloved clerk might recoil in horror and give you a look that says, ‘they don’t pay me enough to touch that.” 

Had somewhere to go to?

Watched a TV commercial showing beer-swilling, chip-crunching guys sitting on a couch watching a ballgame and didn’t think “are they CRAZY?” And not just because the most interesting TV sports is dodgeball. 

Considered it a civic duty (preferably someone else’s) to carpool? Now you can have two non-conjugally-related people in the same car, provided one of them rides in the trunk. 

Thought journalists had higher social status than truck drivers? These days, saying “I drove a truckload of bottled water down to Hartford and drove back to Vermont with a load of food” gets more looks of approval than “I filed another story on the coronavirus.”

Seriously….what were we thinking? And reader – what have I missed?

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