ASHE REPORT: 5 VTers dead from Covid-19; 75 positives; colleges on hook for dormitory refunds; GUV TO ISSUE STAY HOME ORDER

Details from Tim Ashe 5:30 Daily Briefing on Facebook:

As of today:

75 Vermonters have tested positive for Covid-19

5 Vermonters have died of Covid-19

Vermont has 82,000 surgical masks and 78,000 N95 masks available.

Norwich College president reported refunding dormitory money to students will cost $5 million, not budgeted for. $5-6 million refunds expected for students Vermont State Colleges – also not budgeted for. UVM – six of eight student recruitment visits have been cancelled.

Due to changes in the federal government tax filing deadlines, Vermont’s tax filing deadline for personal income, homestead declaration, corporate income tax, and fiduciary income tax have all been postponed from April 15 to July 15. If you are expecting a refund, file ASAP and the State of VT will send the refund as usual.

The governor is likely to order a stay-at-home order tomorrow. He notes that many states with stay at home orders have many exemptions. “At this point I believe that stores will be allowed to remain open,” he said. If not there will be a delivery system.

Hoarding rebuked: “We have already have a lot of hoarding at stores, I hope they don’t do it again, they can’t possible have used up all the toilet paper and red meat they have purchased,” Ashe said.

In tomorrow’s “live” session of the Senate, “We are likely going to have 16 members of the senate,” the bare number allowed to vote. Agenda items will include acting on the House emergency measures and provisions for state and local government and the Legislature to meet and act remotely. “This is just the first in what will be the number of measures.” House will be taking action on Wednesday.

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