Redic says Madden should ‘immediately withdraw’ over campaign contributions

By Guy Page

Ericka Redic, Libertarian candidate for Congress, today challenged Republican nominee Liam Madden to “immediately withdraw” from the race following his disclosure of controversial campaign contributions

In six days, Vermonters will choose Democrat Becca Balint, Madden, or Redic as their next Congressional representative. Balint is considered the favorite.

Madden told a radio audience last Thursday that to meet the $25,000 campaign contribution threshold for participating in a televised statewide debate, his campaign accepted funds from his wife’s business and from his two-year-old son. Federal Election Commission guidelines prohibit all contributions from corporations and involuntary contributions from minors. Madden says his wife’s business is a sole proprietorship, not a corporation, and called the guideline on minor contributions “incredibly subjective.”

A statement issued today by Ben Redic, communications manager and husband of Ericka Redic, said Madden “broke some serious rules and it begs the question whether he should remain in the race.”

“Once again, Ericka Redic’s opponent listed as a ‘Republican’ has demonstrated why Vermont cannot send him to Washington,” Ben Redic said. “He IS what is wrong with our system. Liam Madden blatantly disregarded federal law to give himself an advantage.”

This isn’t Redic’s first quarrel with Madden’s candidacy. Madden, an avowed political independent, promised to run as an independent even if he received the Republican nomination on August 9 – which he did, defeating both Redic and Anya Tynio. After the primary he changed his mind. He said he had mistakenly thought winning the nomination would prevent the party from naming another candidate, should he renounce the nomination. 

Redic challenged his political integrity then, and did so again today.   

“[Ericka] Redic told reporters that the first professional she hired for her campaign was a treasurer, after being advised that doing things incorrectly could mean fines or even arrest,” Ben Redic said. “She cited this situation as a great example of why her goal is to restore accountability, transparency, and Integrity to Washington.

“He broke some serious rules and it begs the question whether he should remain in the race.  He seems completely confused by the rules. First, saying he wasn’t a Republican, and would run as an independent if he won the nomination, then flip-flopping after realizing he had to file paperwork to run as an independent.  Now he stated that he believes there was no problem padding his campaign finance reports so he would be included in the debates. That is a very serious violation, as reported in the VTDigger on October 28, 2022, with very serious consequences. Liam Madden should immediately withdraw from the race for Congress.” 

Madden’s FEC violation gave him an unfair advantage that led to his being invited to participate in debates, causing Ericka Redic to be excluded – even though she was “the only real Republican in the race” and had received three times the financial support of Vermonters than Madden, Ben Redic said. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed Madden for comment. He responded: “My response is: LOL.”

The Tuesday, October 18 WCAX debate featured only Balint and Madden. Video of the Sept. 15 VTDigger debate that includes both Redic and Madden, and other information, is available at www.erickaredic.com.

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  1. If it is true that the “cream” rises to the top , is it also true that the turds sink to the bottom ? Oh, excuse me, of course I meant curd .

    • Imagine Liam’s wife loaning her husband $25,000.00 from her business so he could loan it to his family so they could contribute the money to his campaign to fudge his election campaign report to qualify for the debates. Then imagine that one of the family donors was none other than Liam’s 2 year old son. This guy is a manipulator of rules. He should disqualify himself.

  2. Vermont’s fake GOP candidate (Madden) gets faker by the day. Nice jobs getting him on the ballot proggys.

  3. It is sadly disappointing to learn that Madden is not who he claimed to be on many subjects.

    Liam Madden;

    Here is a post to me by another which I am passing along:

    “In my opinion this is disqualifying. I will not vote for anyone that doesn’t take the 2nd amendment seriously. Especially former military. Think that through he says on one hand he has seen first hand what happens when governments take control over firearms (Iraq is what he’s speaking of) on the other he wants military to decide who can and who can’t have certain guns.

    He’s a fraud…
    This is what upsets me most about his campaign is that if people didn’t take the time to really read what he says and understand it and they would be voting for something that they think they’re getting that they’re not.
    He’s lied about almost everything.
    -He lied about whether he was running or not as a Republican.
    -he’s lied about his stance on abortion – according to Democrats not even Republicans
    -he’s lied about his stance on guns.
    -he’s lied about things that Ericka said
    -he lied about his campaign contributions”

    Lyin’ Liam…

  4. Laim Madden, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, has stated he would vote to do away with the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote. He would be representing the small state of Vermont. This would mean that states with large populations, think California and New York, would forever control the outcome of elections. Amazingly none of the other candidates or the Republican Party have called him out on this!

    • I know huh? That’s a clue he’s marxist plant. Our for fathers wanted to avoid “democracy” at all costs. They wanted a constitutional republic for good reason.

      VTGOP seems very ok with what is going on. They could have said fine, we’re ok with you running, but you can’t have an R next to your ballot. Pretty simple, but they don’t have the time…..

  5. Ron Lawrence is a disgrace and needs to be kicked out of the GOP and the state for that matter. We need to check his crotch because his lack of testosterone is obvious. Bring this issue to Twitter to reach more people outside of VDC. Vote out the second half of the conspiracy to defraud Vermonters……establishment Secretary of State and Attorney General.

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