Sexton: can five-year-olds understand what’s being taken from them?

Sandhill Road, Essex Junction resident Jim Sexton has erected this sign on his property

By Jim Sexton

I am most grateful to all those who are working to help people understand what a holocaust Article 22 really is. Seeing the Vote No signs all over the state is a true blessing. Many warriors are stepping up to spread the news.  

There is so much more to Article 22 than ” Reproductive Autonomy.” The writers of this bill have made the language completely ambiguous and undefinable. When the legislators were asked to be specific, they answered they would wait for a judge to decide what it really means.  

Once they chemically, physically and psychologically change the individual, the individual is no longer in control of their reproductive autonomy. It is gone forever.  

Do you think a five-year-old could possibly understand that?

There are other components they are trying to hide from the public. First, the State’s right to take your child regardless of age. Whether you, the parents want them to or not. Second, the State could charge the parents with a crime. You could face jail along with losing your child.  Third, the State could charge any health care provider that refused to participate with the state taking the child with a crime, or refusing to surgically manipulate the child. Doctors and nurses could lose their right to practice in Vermont along with the possibility of facing jail time.  

Article 22 does not belong in our Constitution. In fact it doesn’t belong anywhere in a civilized society. China takes children from their parents at will. Sex traffickers steal children from their families. Our Constitution and laws should never be written or interpreted by a judge who decides what happens to your child.

This is still Vermont, despite the attacks from the left. You still have a voice, make it heard on November 8. You are essential. 

The author is an Essex Junction resident

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  1. My experiences with organized radical Left span 40 years. Not merely through my experiences with Marina Brown’s grooming. One thing that I learned is that the hardcore simply don’t care about the actual results. Agendas are concealed, lying is routine.
    I have seen spreading through disability issues into even the psychiatric survivors movement.
    It is, indeed, a “Long March”.

    • Was getting you housing when you were living in your van ‘grooming’ ? A normal person would just let things go when a friendship ended. You have been the most vicious and spiteful person i have ever known with your twisting of everything i have said or done for 2 years. Let anyone who has watched this beware. If you cut off Scott he will most likely start a vendetta against you !

      You claim to be a free speech advocate, but you call my discussing politics with you and sometimes convincing you of issues ‘Grooming’. You are twisting facts to the point of being a compulsive liar. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

      I am tired of being your SCAPEGOAT for months and years. Your life is a failure because of YOUR choices, not mine. Stop SCAPEGOATING other people and take a long good look in the mirror to see the cause of your troubles.

      Work on yourself for a change, maybe your life will improve.

    • Scott, this public and continuous verbal assault on MB is horrible and unacceptable in every way imaginable.
      Have you nothing better to do with your time than harass people who are simply doing the best they can to help a marginalized community that they are a part of?
      Your constant tirades and ramblings are nothing short of shameless!

      I would like to ask you respectfully and kindly, Scott Norman, to show a little kindness, compassion, and empathy to another human being.


    • You have been asked to leave Marina alone. You have been targeting and harassing her for way too long now. This needs to stop. And to everyone else in the comments, let it be known that he has been targeting Marina and others with bigoted hatred, verbal attacks, and threats. This is not an advocate of free speech. This is an abuser.

    • Totally agree Jethro! Jim is an excellent advocate for life and freedom for all!

  2. I loathe having to state this as I realize the immense time & effort so many Vermonters have made to attempt to warn their neighbors about what is assuredly coming down the pike for this state which is Communism and an obliterated history of what was once this state. But personally, I hold out little hope for this little state.

    The destruction of mind, body, and soul(s) here is intentional. The fact that UVM & Middlebury College et al indoctrinate the youth and then gleefully collect their votes REGARDLESS of the fact that so many are OUT-OF-STATE college students needs to be challenged in a court of law. For the first time or for the last time. The sheer numbers of votes that should be potentially invalidated is huge & no match for the public at large: most of whom themselves vote straight democrat party line with nary a fleeting consideration of INDEPENDENT THOUGHT.

    Most Vermont voters are, dare I say, largely uninformed and thoroughly ignorant of how their elected vote, what bills they introduce, their ideology, how bills read, etc.

    And exactly HOW do we make any change whatsoever with a media that lies on their behalf and lies yet more through omission? How do Joe & Josephine Q. Public fight censorship in the media? Musk recently buying one of the worst offenders of free speech on social media, Twitter, is a start, but look at the damage done – both the D.C. swamp creatures of BOTH parties and the DNC at large well understand how gullible and naive the majority of their constituents are. “Hear it or read it and they will believe it”. Why? Because the press, in even fairly recent memory was once one of the great defenders of free speech and investigative journalism was once the mainstay of a free society.

    I likely deserve to be criticized for my pessimism here and I applaud the patriots who have worked so hard for Vermont, myself standing on street corners raising banners in the air & driving election signs into the dirt on my property hoping beyond hope to remind neighbors that this miserable status quo that threatens this nation can still be challenged. But in the back of mind, I know that all “empires” fail. They fail through apathy, through idleness, through ignorance of history and through indoctrination.

    We’ll see exactly what all of our collective efforts birth within just a few days, but alas I don’t possess high hopes at this late date.

    • Yes sadly most people only care about the “bills” they have to pay but through recent price increases and prayer there may be some hope for Vermonters to wake up …VOTE for Malloy, Redic, and a big NO on Article 22 and bring your mailed ballot in on November 8th and vote in person!

  3. Well said Jim and thank you for standing up for Vermont’s young people.
    Article 22 is evidence that evil reigns supreme in the Vermont legislature.

  4. They know exactly what it says and what it will allow the state to do.

    Let that sink in for a bit.

    This is whom you are dealing.

  5. I can’t imagine a world where the courts can take a MINOR CHILD from their parents if they don’t support their MINOR CHILD’s decision to chemically castrate themselves, or hormonally and surgically modify themselves to become the opposite sex. Yet they can be forced to pay for this transition that they do not support. If they refuse, the parents can be deemed unfit to parent that child, the child would then be removed from the home and becomes a ward of the State (and we know know how wonderful the foster system is), and the State (meaning taxpayers) will foot the bill for gender modification. The parents would lose all rights to their own child. Most parents will opt to allow AND pay for the modification process, rather than lose their child all together.
    I can’t imagine a world like that. But here we are, folks. That world presents itself to us, and it’s up to us to stop it!
    Vote NO on Proposal 5, Article 22
    Most people I have spoken to about this have no idea what this Article is really all about. Please get informed! We need more education on this Article to make an INFORMED decision.
    Until then VOTE NO, PLEASE!
    Thank you, Jim for trying to educate us.

  6. Thank you Mr. Sexton for all that you have done to open the eyes of Vermonters. Everything you’ve said is true. I worried that all of Vermont would not hear about the children’s ability to change their gender without a parents consent—but you have included that. Disasters abound in the schools already.
    In Spaulding High School you can identify as a cat or dog and probably some other animal, and supposedly there are litter boxes around the school for their use??? Really??? Are they using these boxes??Has anybody mentioned bacteria and viruses associated with excrement in these boxes??? Is this the way the administration is preparing students for the real world after high school? Are they planning on going to college with their litter boxes in tow?
    In Randolph school 14 year old girls on the volleyball team are forced to let a biological boy watch them undress and when one complained, she was suspended. She was on National news with her father who got fired as a soccer coach—the 14 year old is suing. She felt unsafe and isn’t that the role of the school—to make students feel safe. WCAX TV didn’t take her side—I’m not sure any of the Vermont news outlets did either except the the conservative news outlets. Where are we going with these crazy plans to destroy our children? It has to stop. They are our future leaders. I believe if enough people know the dangers—that hormones and puberty blockers cause chemical castration —and there is no going back after they have gone down that road. Breast removals and hysterectomies to follow that cause poor body image. And if they truly understand this that they will vote no-no matter if they are republicans or democrats because children are involved. After all these are future democrats and republicans. If their lives have been destroyed do you think they will keep these people in office??Please vote NO on article 22. And vote Republican. Mary

  7. Thank you for the kind words and excellent commentary Mary.
    This is Spiritual Warfare.
    The examples you site are all part of the attack on the family unit as a whole and the destruction of the individual. Those that want Article 22 and a no gender society have put themselves on a pedestal as Savior for the gender confused. Doing all they can to make Male – Female and Female – Male.
    From Governor Scott to the School Superintendents, their lack of courage to clearly define the word Female has put young girls and Women of all ages in harms way.
    The Randolph case could not be any better defined. The Girls felt threatened and the Boy just watched them change.
    The highest priority of any Government or Authority figure is to protect the safety of all they are responsible to.

    Scott’s capitulation to the far left agenda puts Vermont females at risk. The media silence and cooperation with this proves they are all in on the agenda.

    And finally, there are those who claim to be Republican but have voted for and support Article 22. Benning, Beck, Martin, Walker, Leffler, and Sheuermann all voted for Prop 5. Benning voted for it twice, both Benning and Scott have said they will vote for Article 22.
    Recently Franklin County State Senator Parent joined with Mitzi Johnson to send a Mailer supporting Article 22 and Representative Toof stated in a letter to the
    St. Albans Messenger his support of Article 22.
    Each of those named above has violated the VTGOP Platform.
    None of them deserve your vote.

  8. The almighty $ is their religion and they don’t care how many children they sacrifice. Didn’t the governor grow up in Barre?? Hasn’t he had some kind of a religious education growing up? Doesn’t he at least have a conscience? He knows what is right and what is wrong and sacrificing children for $ is wrong. These are children who are not equipped with making such drastic life-changing decisions or can understand the consequences totally? On top of this, teachers are on board with equity training and gender reassignment discussions with the youngest children??? And books like gender queer and lawn boy -that illustrates how a 12 year old should be accepting to have sex with an adult??? No, these people are pedophiles and should go to jail for a very long time—-does our governor think pedophiles, sex-traffickers should go free??? What if they murder a child??? It is possible that Article 22 would decriminalize these people. I just pray that enough people including every parent vote article 22 down. Mary

  9. We can write in a conservative for Lt. Governor.

    We aren’t forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

    Senator Joe Benning calls republicans insurrectionists and white supremacists and racists.

    He fully supports the false narrative that we are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

    Benning and Phil Scott voted for Joe Biden and support his destruction of America.

    Benning voted TWICE for Prop 5 and says he will be voting for ARTICLE 22.

    WE CAN NO let Joe Benning get tis close to becoming the Governor by voting him in as LT. GOVERNOR.

    Please get out and vote!!

    Please write in Gregory Thayer.

    Please visit

    Everyone should spread the word among friends and family, in the community, and on social media.

    Ballot MUST be filled out EXACTLY:

    “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”

  10. When are states like Vermont going to just err on the side of consistency in the law
    and allow people of any age to obtain tattoos?…or is THAT where we still draw the line?