Newfane reader: Sanders ‘lacking in integrity’ for calling Madden ‘anti-choice’

To the editor:

Thanks for your article [Nov. 1, “Madden says he’s to the left of ‘Roe'”,] on Sanders’ (and Balint by default of accepting his remarks) telling people Mr Madden is anti-choice.

Has there been any correction from Sanders and Balint?

I find this so upsetting. My partner and I would in no way even have remotely considered voting for Madden if we were told he was anti-choice.

Lots of people respect Sanders’ voice. It’s incredibly lacking in integrity to falsely claim an easily fact-checkable thing like this. Madden may be too nuanced and not a career politician, but he is clearly pro-women’s rights and pro-choice. I heard him on VPR debate and read his website. It’s so obvious he is pro-choice. Sanders has got to know that. To claim he is not, and falsely, in this heated political climate surrounding abortion rights, is beyond…

I have defended Sanders many times over the years and am beyond… (it’s dangerous! people are trusting his word and voting based on it!) If I didn’t know better already, I might have got caught voting against Madden when in reality he IS pro-choice, leans socialist and left, and supports universal healthcare.

I wonder if Sanders or Balint has corrected these falsehoods… and how to let Vermonters know the true way Madden would represent us if he wins?

Cassandra March, Newfane

Editor’s note: Vermont Daily Chronicle has received no statements from Sen. Sanders or the Balint campaign since yesterday’s story broke.

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  1. So, I don’t see Madden as “leaning socialist”, as he really seems to me to be what he says: a true Independent. I like that you described his views a “nuanced”, because that’s exactly how I see him express those views. “Anti-choice” “pro-choice” are now generalized buzz words that everybody associates with generalizations of their own leanings. I think it’s important that we ALL have nuanced and critical thinking about most everything and everyone these days, and be careful of labels that we slap on people. Anything else just perpetuates stereotypes and division.

    • It’s really sad that many so easily dismiss the most important result of the heinous act of abortion when they are discussing the topic. Can we agree on the truth and call abortion what it really is, “the murder of a human life and soul?

      To avoid facing the truth an endless list of the “proper and woke” terms to use is: “a health care procedure,” “a choice,” “a right,” etc. The devaluing and easy snuffing out of human life is pure evil. The consequences are many and ongoing.

      I wonder if Cassandra March, Bernie Sanders, Becca Balint and Liam Madden are grateful that their mothers were all Pro-life?

    • I like and agree with your Post.The Two team polarization, is on the verge of ruining democracy, and neither the Burlington Bernie Progressives, nor the die hard Trump election deniers are a solution.

  2. “Lots of people respect Sanders’ voice”. And lots of other people see him as a blowhard who’s enriched himself. But other than that Vermont allows abortion all 9 months and even at birth so you are for the unrestricted snuffing of an inconvenient baby? Apparently your mother was pro-life and you are here commenting on your right and other women’s rights to dispose of something you and the father created. There is no mention of abortion in article 22 and supporters are using this garbage as some kind of revenge over Supreme Court decision that should have never created in the first place. Find that written right in the US constitution, it’s not there. This proves that Sander’s voters are Madden voters.

  3. Another recent Bernie effusion: “Climate change threatens the very existence of the planet.” – Sen Bernie Sanders, 9/28/22) 4.3 billion years of progress wiped out by carbon dioxide emissions. Pity. (From November Ethan Allen Letter).

    • We the Taxpayers who are paying for ALL these CRAZY “Fake Climate Pronouncements and Laws” need to join together and demand to see solid evidence that “Climate Change” exists due to the activities of human beings. Also we need to demand proof that our actions can change anything. This will reveal the LIE that is a power and money GRAB!