Madden says he’s ‘to the left of Roe,’ criticizes Sanders for labeling him ‘anti-choice’

The campaign to elect Liam Madden, the self-described independent who won the GOP nomination for U.S. Congress, released this statement yesterday, printed below verbatim and in its entirety:

On Thursday, October 20, Senator Bernie Sanders released a fundraising text through the PAC ActBlue in support of Becca Balint for U.S. House which also attempted to mischaracterize her opponent Liam Madden. The text, which promoted Ms. Balint’s political experience in Vermont, offered the erroneous statement that “she’s up against an anti-choice opponent who won’t fight to lower prescription drug costs.” 

Liam Madden

While the text did not label her opponent by name, it is obvious the statement was meant to denigrate her chief opponent, the independent candidate Liam Madden (www.rebirthdemocracy.com); and, as such, is demonstrably false. Upon learning of this mischaracterization, Mr. Madden sent several messages for over a week through various channels to the Sanders camp – including to his personal cell phone – but has yet to hear back.

“I am for protecting ~99.9% of all abortion choices, federally, and am to the left of Roe in that regard,” explained Madden, in response to the false statement claiming he was anti-choice. To the falsity that he wouldn’t fight to lower drug prescription costs, he wrote: “I have explicitly supported the bill you champion, the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, in numerous debates.” 

Citing the fact that he has publicly supported Senator Sanders on several occasions throughout his campaign in 2022, Madden wrote: “As someone who has looked up to you and sang your praises even when it was incredibly disadvantageous for me… please continue to be the person of integrity I’ve always thought you to be and make this prompt correction of your mistake.”

Madden, a founder of the group Iraq Veterans Against the War, is a relative newcomer to politics in his home state of Vermont, but has become well-known nationally, appearing in 2006 on 60 Minutes for his anti-war work; and in 2022 on The Hill’s show “Rising” and “The Jimmy Dore Show” for his innovative ideas around rebirthing democracy.

The friends and supporters of Liam Madden represent a diverse cross-section of Vermonters from across the political spectrum and find the lack of a response from the Sanders and Balint camps to be unacceptable and demand a complete correction immediately. 

On Behalf of the Friends of Liam Madden:

Offie Wortham, Ph.D., Assistant Campaign Manager

James Gage

Kurt Staudter

Tonya Gunn

Geri Procaccini

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  1. Looks like when it comes to getting his successor placed, (to rule us), ‘Feel the Bern’ can take on a whole new meaning. Soon… (If Elected), They will both fade from our view, the everyday Vermonters, and we will have their continued…business as usual. A politically correct overlooked war zone, that’s taxed to death.

  2. Madden writes, ” As someone who has looked up to you and sang your praises even when it was incredibly disadvantageous for me…….. ”
    Madden is the result of the complete failure of VTGOP Chair Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch and their Big Tent agenda. They wanted anyone who claimed to be a Republican to come on in. Disregarding the VTGOP Platform isn’t a prerequisite, but added points for those that do. Including all the Rinos that voted for and support Article 22.
    Madden has proven multiple times he is not a Republican and responded to a comment on a post, that the writer should be happy Madden denied a Republican the chance to run.

    Madden continues to prove his allegiance to the marxist agenda of Sanders and Balint. His ignorance of campaign finance law is just the latest example.

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