Malloy leads slate of vax mandate ‘freedom champions’

VAX MANDATE FREEDOM CHAMPIONS (clockwise from top left) – Gerald Malloy, Kathi Tarrant, Joe Benning, Terri Lynn Williams, and Rohan St. Marthe

By Guy Page

GOP Senate nominee Gerald Malloy leads a non-partisan slate of 45 candidates for local, state and federal offices named ‘freedom champions’ by a Vermont advocacy organization for their support for freedom from vaccination mandates.

Lt. Gov. candidate Joe Benning made the list. So did Ericka Redic and Liam Madden, both running for Congress. Two husband and wife teams of legislative candidates – Lloyd and Lynn Dike (Addison Senate and House, respectively) and John and Jackie Klar (Orange Senate and House) also are included.  

Incumbents include House members Vicki Strong, Samantha Lefebvre, Anne Donahue, Mark Higley, and Terri Lynn Williams – all Republicans. Strong has co-sponsored legislation supporting freedom from vaccine mandates. 

Vermont Stands Up! bills itself as a coalition of supporters of individual freedom, with a special, current focus on freedom from vaccine mandates: “Currently, the COVID crisis of the past two years, the ensuing mandates, sanctioned discrimination against the unvaccinated, and threats to informed consent and bodily autonomy are the most pressing issues to address. Enough is enough.”

The Freedom Champions named by Vermont Stands Up feature independents, Republicans, Libertarians, and a Progressive (Chris Ericson), but no known Democrats. As listed on Vermontstandsup.org, they include:

Will Angier, Justice of the Peace – Johnson

Richard Bailey, State House – Lamoille 2

Paul Bean, Senate – Washington

Stephen Bellows, Senate – Grand Isle 

Joe Benning, Lt. Governor

Alison Despathy, State House – Caledonia-Washington

Lynn Dike, State House – Addison 4

Lloyd Dike, Senate – Addison

JT Dodge, Senate – Caledonia

Anne Donahue, State House – Washington-1

Roger Drury, State House – Chittenden-24

Louis Duclerc, Justice of the Peace – Johnson

Olga Mardach-Duclerc, Justice of the Peace – Johnson

Cris Ericson, US Senate

Frank Empsall, State House – Caledonia-Essex

Nancy Gassett, State House – Windham-1

Joe Gervais, State House – Bennington-4

Mark Higley, State House – Orleans-Lamoille

Thomas “Tom” Kelly, State House – Washington-3

Mike King, Justice of the Peace – Johnson

John Klar, State Senate – Orange

Jackie Klar, State House – Orange-Washington-Addison

Bob Knudsen, Justice of the Peace – Shrewsbury

Dexter LaFavour, Senate – Washington

Cindy Laskevich, State House – Rutland 6

Samantha Lefebvre, State House – Orange-1

Gene Leon, State House – Washington-4

Tom Licata, State House – Chittenden-13

Nichole Loati, State House – Lamoille-Washington

Liam Madden, US House of Representatives

Gerald Malloy, US Senate

Seth Adam Manley, State House – Chittenden-22

Rob North, State House – Addison-3

Ben Olsen, State House – Lamoille-Washington

Rebecca Pitre, State House – Lamoille-3

Ericka Redic, US House of Representatives

Dean Rolland, Senate – Chittenden Southeast

Spencer Sherman, State House – Chittenden 19

Rohan St. Marthe, Senate – Chittenden Southeast

Matthew Stralka, State House – Windsor-Orange-2

Vicki Strong, State House – Orleans-4

Kathi Tarrant, State House – Washington-Chittenden

Malcolm “Mac” Teale, State House – Lamoille 2

Terri Lynn Williams, State House – Essex-Caledonia

Charlie Wilson, State House – Caledonia 3

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  1. At least one WDEV morning talk show host would call these candidates ‘conspiracy theorists’ – shamefully.
    Thanks for the list – its definitely hopeful that so many support health freedom, let alone second opinions…

  2. I want to state for the record that I also believe in freedom to choose whether or not to get the shot (there is no vaccine). I filled out the form and am not sure why I’m not on this list.

  3. After the election is behind us, I would like to encourage these freedom fighters to begin a class action lawsuit against the State of Vermont Dept of Health for all the lies and deception regarding the safety and effectiveness of the covid jabs. Gov Scott and Dr. Mark Levine need to be held accountable for what they did to every Vermonter who believed their lies and like myself suffered very bad Adverse Events after receiving the Moderna shots. There must be consequences for their actions. Stepping down from office in shame is not good enough for me. Criminal charges must be sought.

    • Greg you’re not the only one. Through FOIA requests we are seeing the real damage that was reported. Whistleblowers at various gov agencies are revealing the intentionally deceptive practices used to force and coerce the population into taking the experimental gene altering shot. When fraud is proven, pharma’s limited liability protection no longer applies. Sue the bastards. I may need to place this comment on Twitter so people can see it. We need to test Elon and his new company to see if our first amendment right lives within Twitter.

  4. I should have been on that list too. That question even came up in our first debate where I said I was opposed to employer vaccine mandates. In fact, if someone were to tell me I had to get that shot I would certainly tell them where to stick it!

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