Randolph school officials accessories to crime of voyeurism, dad warns

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By John Helfant

Whether they are Democrat, Independant or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, I don’t think many Vermonters or Americans want their 14-year-old daughter’s breasts, vagina or buttocks being viewed by a biological male. 

As a parent of three OSSD [Orange Southwest School District] students, I wrote the following to the OSSD Board, Superintendent Layne Millington and Principals Caty Sutton and Lisa Lisa Floyd.  

“I have read the statutes and corresponding policy reference trans gender students and bathrooms/locker rooms. The statute says that the transgender student is entitled to access to the bathroom/locker room that they identify with. The statute also says that decisions are on a case by case basis and that safety should be taken into consideration. 

That said, there is the following VT statute. Voyerism: Title 13VSA2605

(b) No person shall intentionally view, photograph, film, or record in any format:

(1) the intimate areas of another person without that person’s knowledge and consent while the person being viewed, photographed, filmed, or recorded is in a place where he or she would have a reasonable expectation of privacy; or

(2) the intimate areas of another person without that person’s knowledge and consent and under circumstances in which the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. [Note – there are no exemptions for schools!]

(j) For a first offense, a person who violates subsection (b), (d), or (e) of this section shall be imprisoned not more than two years or fined not more than $1,000.00, or both. For a second or subsequent offense, a person who violates subsection (b), (d), or (e) of this section shall be imprisoned not more than three years or fined not more than $5,000.00, or both.

It is clearly a law violation for a male student to view, watch a female student change her bra or underwear in a women’s locker room or bathroom. 

In Vermont all people who aid or are accessories to a misdemeanor, i.e. allow the crime  to continue are considered principal offenders and can be charged the same as the student. I am just explaining the criminal statutes to all of you because you are in a position of administration that creates policy for such locker room or bathroom situations and therefore can be considered as aiding or as an accessory to Voyerism if you do not prevent the crime from occurring in the OSSD.

The short term solution to this situation is simple. The law says that the transgender student should have access. It does not say when or how. Locker rooms are easy. Let’s say the Volleyball team practices at 3PM. From 230-245 the transgender student can have access to change. From 245-3, biological female (XX Chromosome students- Women) can use the locker room. The girls can not be in the room during his time and he can not be in the locker room during the girls time. To do so will end in discipline such as suspension and potential criminal charges. 

Bathrooms are a little more difficult but doable. There should be a sign outside the bathroom. One side says Transgender Student Occupied, the other side says Biological Student Occupied or something like that. Therefore notice can be given and situations can be avoided.

The long term solution for the unfunded mandate by the Legislature is to spend lots of money to reconstruct the facilities at the buildings. Single stall showers, changing rooms and bathrooms. 

All of this said, transgenderism is a psychological disorder, gender dysphoria according to psychiatry guidlines. Gender Dysphoria diagnosis requires six months of documented symptoms of gender dysphoria, so for a student to claim to be trans gender six months of documented behavior needs to be attained. Someone can not just say that they are trans gender, it does not meet the standard, they need to actually prove it to you through a psychiatrist.  

It is also totally unethical and immoral for the school to assist or suggest sexual reassignment.  Removing or adding body parts is permanent and this type of surgery should not be available to juveniles. We dont let them smoke, vape, consume alcohol, marijuana. Juveniles can’t vote, buy guns or serve in the military. We absolutely should not let them cut parts of themselves off or surgically add parts and take powerful hormones.  

The author is a West Brookfield/East Roxbury resident, writing in reference to published reports that the girls’ volleyball team has been locked out of its locker room after some members complained that a biological male on the team was allowed to stand in the room, watch them change, and (disputed by some) make inappropriate comments. He wrote this letter to Randolph Union High School officials, including Supt. Layne Millington. 

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      • I ask the identical question under many of these articles (feel free to peruse them) with regard to exactly what the VT GOP is doing in terms of filing lawsuits/claims/causes of action to legally oppose the individuals/schools/entities violating VT State AND Constitutional law. “Progressive democrats” routinely undertake such actions in order to force their oft insane ideologies & policies upon the general citizenry of Vermont – including, but not limited to: the incident(s) detailed above, (violating state statute) prosecutors refusing to prosecute (which is their primary ROLE), illegals/underage persons voting, (violating VT Constitution) legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution, (violating the VT Constitution) identifying college students who vote in VT but are registered as OUT OF STATE students in documentation, etc., etc., etc.

        So, how many lawsuits are pending?

      • Unfortunately, looking for judicial relief in Vermont for anything transgender or gay will be like a blind squirrel looking for acorns. The judiciary here is as liberal as the school system. This is why elections have consequences. Our whole state has been infiltrated by the leftists and progressives. A loss in court here would have to be followed by an appeal to a higher court. Someone with deep pockets needs to come forward to start to litigate the craziness that has overcome Vermont. Without that person we will have to wait until it’s so bad that people will finally decide to vote their way out of it. I’m too old to wait for that and may just have to move.

  2. Our public schools are in a state of anarchy. Rules are discriminatory no matter how they’re applied. School staff are protected no matter what they require of their students. Homeschool your kids, folks. And that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and teach them yourselves. Do some research. Think outside the box. Be imaginative. Be innovative. Learn a lot. Most of all, be safe. Your children are counting on you.

  3. So given that it’s absolutely impossible for a biological male to “feel” like they are female, as having been male from the moment of conception, that is indeed all they could possibly have “felt”. So why on earth are we continuing to engage in this parody of males insisting they “feel like” females and thus of course need to play on female teams and use bathrooms and locker rooms that would otherwise be off limits to males? Seems to me that some guys have hit upon the perfect way to gain access to seeing naked or partly undressed females. And given that these guys don’t even need to sacrifice their male sexual parts to do so, it’s really quite clever. And yes, as John points out, they are guilty of voyeurism and the schools are aiding and abetting them in this practice.

    • This whole opinion is trash

      The law says nothing about gender. If simply being in a shared changing space is considered voyeurism, then anyone in there is in violation regardless of what body parts they have.

      Make changing private for all. Just because someone has or doesn’t have a specific appendage doesn’t make them safe or dangerous.

      Not checking replies. I’ve said what I said, so save your time and energy

  4. “The long term solution for the unfunded mandate by the Legislature is to spend lots of money to reconstruct the facilities at the buildings.” Wrong, the long term solution is to repeal the laws that allow for this demented behavior to happen in the first place.

  5. There are valid reasons that societies have traditionally segregated certain activities and venues by sex, and the criteria has always been anatomical. Most of us “western” cultures are perfectly ok with segregating most sports, changing facilities and bathrooms, and our prison system, and this is mostly done for the protection of women. Now that we are supposed to regard “gender” as a social construct and a matter of personal psychology, that shouldn’t change the anatomical standard for those venues. It’s not complicated.

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