Biological male wasn’t changing, just watching Randolph girls change: news report

By Guy Page

As details emerge about the biological male watching girls changing in a Randolph Union High School locker room, and the girls were disciplined after they objected, the school district’s website was taken down by school officials after they say it was hacked. 

Last Friday, WCAX (first) and Vermont Daily Chronicle reported that members of the girls’ volleyball team were being disciplined after they objected to a biological male identifying as a girl watched them change, and made an inappropriate comment.

The news story has seen a strong response: 44 online comments on Vermont Daily Chronicle, and a letter by an OSSD father warning Superintendent Layne Millington that he and the school are accomplices in the crime of voyeurism, and the hacking of the supervisory union website. 

Searches for the yield this result following what school officials say was a malicious hack.

School officials have taken down the high school and supervisory union website. As reported by VTDigger, school officials say it was hacked by critics of their decision. The hack reportedly featured ‘hate speech’ about transgenderism. Digger made a general reference to the locker room incident, but offered few details. It explained its decision to not publish links to stories published by Fox News, the New York Times, the Daily Signal and other outlets: “VTDigger is not linking to those stories because they include transphobic rhetoric and do not appear to present a full picture of what occurred.”

The media reports don’t offer the school officials’ point of view, but not for lack of asking. School officials have declined to offer even broad, general details, citing the legal requirement for confidentiality. 

The Daily Signal interviewed RUHS volleyball team members and at least one parent. Without providing the names of any of the students, Daily Signal reported:

The biological male was not changing, only watching the girls. The mother of one of the girls states: “The biological child was not changing and sat in the back and watched girls getting changed. That made girls feel uncomfortable, made girls feel violated and not protected.”

The school declined to act on parents’ complaints. “When parents and kids went to the school principals they were told it was a law—nothing they could do about it,” she added. “The law gives them room to protect all and they did not.”

The biological male was asked to stay out but refused. “Female student A, who is 14 years old, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview that she was dressing for a game when the trans-identifying student began to enter the locker room. She shared that she was not wearing a shirt, only a bra, and was halfway through putting on her shorts. ‘Please don’t come in here, we’re still changing,’ she says she called out, as she struggled to clothe herself.”

“But the trans-identifying student allegedly told her that it was fine, entered the locker room, and stood in the corner ‘watching’ as the other girls finished dressing. Female student A said that the interaction made her incredibly uncomfortable.”

Another girl asked the boy to leave – also without success. “Female student B told The Daily Signal in a phone interview that she also unsuccessfully told the student that identifies as transgender that the girls needed their privacy.”

The biological male threatened to kill someone after seeing news coverage of the event. “But female student B said that on Thursday, during a math class, some of her friends showed the news hit to the trans-identifying student. According to female student B, the student allegedly reacted to the video by allegedly saying, “I’m going to f—ing kill someone,” before allegedly adding, “I f—ing hate” female student B.

“Female student B said she headed to the principal’s office as soon as she heard what the trans-identifying student had allegedly said. Co-principal Lisa Floyd reportedly told her that the school would conduct a threat assessment, she said, police arrived, and she was ultimately sent back to class.”

Despite the death threat, the biological male was allowed to play in a volleyball game with the other players. “On Friday afternoon, the girls said, both female student A and B played in their volleyball game with the trans-identifying student.”

According to the Daily Signal, the mother of the biological male student identifying as a girl denies any inappropriate comment was made by her child in the locker room. She said she has asked the ACLU to support her complaint of slander and defamation of character. 

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  1. This is unreal…..those girls need protection from this sort of behaviors no matter where you stand or who you are…….

    • I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t ask the trans student what they were doing in the locker room if they were not changing? Lets hear that part. I’m a guy, I don’t go into a guys locker room unless I need to be there to change, shower etc so why is this person in there in the first place.. to just sit and watch. How many trans men turn out to be lesbians???

    • For him to threaten one of the girls? Where are the police and DA?
      He is lucky it wasn’t my daughter he threatened!

  2. We, as a society, are really letting these girls down. To expect them to subject themselves to this? I’m an adult woman and I wouldn’t be ok with some guy in the locker room. Where are all the adults? Are they too afraid to be branded “transphobes”? I’m fine with that; call me whatever you like but I’m going to speak the truth and stand up for all the girls being subjected to this, both in VT and elsewhere.

    • What guy?

      Thank you for standing up for the girls that never asked you to speak your bigoted views in defense of their acceptance of girls, both trans and otherwise.

      While a few girls took issue – and bullied – the Captain of the team was clear: her trans teammate was/is their teammate. The statements being made about her were outright fabrications as she herself witnessed.

      So before you act as if you’re standing up for your fellow sisters, maybe ask them how they feel about that. Because they don’t feel the same way you do.

    • So one person disagrees with trans girls playing in girls’ sports. Wow. Devastating. Strange that most sports bodies don’t feel the same way. Almost as if one person isn’t representative of everyone.

  3. The administration is remiss in its reaction. So it becomes the school board’s responsibility. Where are they? And if they refuse to make this right, that’s what elections are for!

    • Tom Koch. Mightn’t it be easier to emancipate citizens from their indenture to the public school system? Could the legislature’s collected funds tagged for education go directly to families to buy what ever schooling services they want from whomever? A la carte schooling…families repossessing their responsibility to educate their kids…you know freedom rather than subjugation, so Vermontish.

  4. Our public schools are in a state of anarchy. Rules are discriminatory no matter how they’re applied. School staff are protected no matter what they require of their students. Homeschool your kids, folks. And that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and teach them yourselves. Do some research. Think outside the box. Be imaginative. Be innovative. Learn a lot. Most of all, be safe. Your children are counting on you.

    • Not everyone can afford to homeschool their kids, no matter the reason for doing so. If you want homeschool to be an option, then you have to also advocate for corporations to pay employees a living wage. I don’t care who you know who made it work with one parent working at Walmart, it’s not feasible for the majority of Americans.

      Until we understand that the need to rely on public education is because the state has simultaneously kept more and more of us dependent on two-income households, you’re not advocating for students. You’re advocating for dismantling the only educational opportunity most kids have in this world.

      I’m not saying public education is bad. It’s what had educated presidents and CEOs and the tradesmen who fixed the things at your home that you couldn’t, nevermind the ones who built it to begin with. That’s public education. It works. It generally works well. And yet the government, in concert with lobbyists who want to privatize education, have handicapped it’s ability to educate our kids.

      We pay teachers $50K to teach our kids?!?! That’s how much we care about education. We won’t pay to attract the best and the brightest. Even then, we still have some damn fine educators working for peanuts. 90%+ teachers use their own monies to buy classroom supplies. And this is what we’re talking about? A locker room spat?

      We have spent more energy and time and money screaming about an issue that is so small and so inconsequential in lieu of demanding appropriate funding for our students and our schools. If you cared about education, you would be screaming about this. Not some made up story riddled with half truths.

    • Citizens could pool the funds and start a class action lawsuit that would tie these demented people up in knots. go after not only the organizations but the individual teachers and staff, puts some fear back into the dissenters of law and order.

    • You wish your daughter was violated???!! Or are you realizing this whole this is bull and just want a reason to invalidate a transgender girl’s rights?

      • Anonymous. so you are saying a biological female has no rights???!!! If an male or female want to pretend to be the the other sex fine.. but when asked to please leave the locker room or bathroom then do it we biological females have our rights. All the parents should sue the school board, principal, and the trans parents. I would make sure that the police be involved in the threat against the girl student. This is about the girls rights…

  5. Here’s the problem in this case (and I’m betting in many others as well) – The mother is defending her SON’s right to claim HE is a female & use the girl’s private spaces. She has, but of course, requested the “ACLU” to rush to HIS aid, but of course, as anyone possessing half a brain would know they OUGHT to be standing up for the girls!

    Well….you’ve come a long way, baby…….NOT!

    Sad for girls & young women everywhere.

    • There’s an old saying, “Dogs are only as smart as their owners”. The same can be applied to children. This boys mother is apparently encouraging his dysphoria. Perhaps she wanted a daughter but got a son instead. Yes, that’s pure speculation on my part but, we all know this is a mental defect or it could be a plea for affection, a fad, a deception to see girls undress or other possibilities. In any case, none of this should be encouraged as minor children work through their own issues until they are an adult. Maybe the mother hasn’t worked through her own issues!

      • Yes, this is entirely all speculation on your part. A poor attempt at fitting circumstances you know nothing about into your limited understanding of the lived experience of transgender kids and their loved ones. At least you can admit as much.

    • Sad that you refuse to acknowledge this child’s identity. You may as well attack lesbians for being in the locker room at this point. It’s no different.

  6. The bathroom laws have to change in this state. This is so wrong I can’t even begin to express my feelings about this. I feel so badly for those young girls.

  7. Batwangers beat Bio-Women in the “Victim’s Hierarchy”, so sit down & shut up lest YOU be labeled “Transphobic” & threatened by the “Community”, a whole .06% of the US population, you hetero-normatives”!

  8. The only way any of this changes is if people pull their children out of public school. I feel for the teachers that actually care but they should be standing up and saying something too. We need a nationwide walk out from students and teachers.

  9. Congratulations to the parents of the courageous young women of the volleyball team. It takes a strong person to stand up to the bullies in the administration of the high school. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. No ones rights supersede another persons rights. Maybe instead of closing the girls locker room, the entire school should be closed. The students should be given vouchers to schools that actually provide a quality “education” not indoctrination. The Randolph school administration is failing its students.

  10. There are valid reasons that societies have traditionally segregated certain activities and venues by sex, and the criteria has always been anatomical. Most of us “western” cultures are perfectly ok with segregating most sports, changing facilities and bathrooms, and our prison system, and this is mostly done for the protection of women. Now that we are supposed to regard “gender” as a social construct and a matter of personal psychology, that shouldn’t change the anatomical standard for those venues. It’s not complicated.

  11. Child Transgender agenda is demonic and a threat to society. Supporting it shows how far people have fallen from grace.

  12. One thing I’d like to know though is where are all the men? Other than one dad mentioned in some of the news on this situation, all I hear about are the mothers. That applies as well to the mother of the trans kid who refers to him as “her daughter “. Just wondering where are all the fathers? And any normal father would definitely not want his teenage daughter being forced to change in the presence of a teenage boy. Why aren’t they forcefully speaking up? Has this society made it too scary for them to do so? And yes, I know John Klar and John Helfand are writing about this but what about the fathers of the girls on the volleyball team? And their grandfathers and uncles as well?

  13. Please start pushing back against this. Get in touch with the nonpartisan organizations sticking up for women and girls against: Women’s Declaration International USA and Women’s Liberation Front, are the two major ones.

    • There are no non-patisan organizations on the other side of trans rights. Doesn’t take much effort to find the transphobia behind these orgs.

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