Girls banned from locker room after conflict with transgender student

Randolph Union High School

By Guy Page

The girl’s volleyball team of Randolph Union High School has been banned from its locker room pending school investigation of a conflict with a biological male, self-identifying transgender student using the room with the rest of the team. And at least one girl on the team is facing school bullying and harassment charges.

According to WCAX, team member Blake Allen said the transgender student made an inappropriate comment when the team was changing in the locker room. WCAX reports:

[Allen]: “I feel like for stating my opinion — that I don’t want a biological man changing with me — that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped.”

Allen says that the dispute started when the trans student made an inappropriate comment while members of the volleyball team were getting changed. She says her issue is not with having the trans student on the team or at school, but specifically in the locker room. “There are biological boys that go into the girl’s bathroom but never a locker room,” Allen said.

Allen added that the girls were given the option of changing in a single, private stall.

In an email to families, school officials wrote that the school has “plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.”

“They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable — so pretty much 10 girls — to get changed in a single stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time,” Allen said.

School officials contacted by Vermont Daily Chronicle this morning refused to provide a copy of the letter sent to parents, or to provide specific comment on the incident. Instead, co-principals Caty Sutton and Lisa Floyd outlined how they  handle student harassment:

“Student safety is our District’s highest priority. We always do our best to maintain a supportive learning environment for all of our students. The District has policies and procedures to respond to student harassment based on protected characteristics or other misconduct. We are not able to discuss any specific students because of federal privacy laws. However, when we become aware that there has been a violation of our policies, including harassment of other students, we respond immediately. Where the policies and expectations are violated, we take disciplinary action consistent with the law and reasonably calculated to prevent further misconduct. We also do our best to give victims supportive measures.”

It is not clear from the co-principals’ response which students are the harassed and which are the harrassers. 

Allen told WCAX that other players and their parents have expressed concern to school officials, but have been told that under state law, “the transgender student could use whatever locker room they identified with.”

The school officials may have been citing 9 V.S.A. § 4502, the ‘public accommodations’ law: “An owner or operator of a place of public accommodation or an agent or employee of such owner or operator shall not, because of the race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity of any person, refuse, withhold from, or deny to that person any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of the place of public accommodation.”

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  1. Well, if there are 37 genders perhaps someone should put forward a bill requiring public schools to have 37 separate locker rooms to accommodate the privacy of all parties.

  2. This is a massive failure of the school’s leadership in bowing to the angry, woke, deluded trans-mob that thinks biological sex is subjective and mutable.

    So instead of doing the obviously right thing (banning the teenage boy from the girl’s locker room), the school cedes to the bullies and hangs the girls (the victims, in this case) out to dry. Our kids deserve better than this!

    What’s it going to take, Randolph? A rape?

    • Totally agree with u. Truly sad just how off the wall this WOKE
      Mob is. Hard to believe this is all happening 🙏

    • You are so right. And then what will happen to the parent when they come to a school board meeting—the parent will get angry because their daughter was raped by a biological boy and nothing happens to him!!! No but they arrest the parent citing the new Criminal Threatening law and throw the parent into jail for 4 years!!! How is that justice ???? This is absolutely crazy. Mary H

  3. If Article 22/Proposal 5 is passed in November, this is the exact logic that will be used (and supported by courts) to allow any woman in the future who wanted a late term abortion to get one regardless of Vermonter majority opinion on what constitutes a “late term” abortion.

    • Did u read further ? There’s a pice in there where it states that
      parents will lose their RIGHTS ❗️ Like not being able to attend
      board meetings . It’s worth the read. 🙏

  4. This is just so sick. It’s hard to believe that supposedly responsible adults in the RUHS are trying to force teenage girls to change in a locker room with a biological male and is punishing them for their understandable outrage. What on earth is wrong with people? Whatever happened to common sense and decency? Boys use the boys bathroom and locker room and girls use the girls bathroom and locker room. It’s been this way for a good reason. Why are we selling out our girls just so school administrators can virtue signal their wokeness?

  5. This stupidty has to stop. As an elder, I am disgusted to see how far this wokeness has gone. In my day, there were only 2 sexes. Help me understand why this country is allowing the minority in everything to get away with this with not more or an outcry from the majorityl. If I were a parent with a daughter who had to compete against a male, I would go ballistic. Let’s get back to common sense. If there are so many different sexes, let them get a team of their own. According to what I read, there are enough of them to form a “different” kind of team.

    • Its because theyre trying to create as many “marginalized ” people as possible to support their partisan narrative and give legitimacy toward their wokeism. People, often children, choose these identities to stand out, as rebellion and to become “oppressed” as opposed to an “oppressor” within the false critical theory they are being indoctrinated with. Most of them grow to regret it. Many have anxiety or self harm issues. Unfortunately all too many take castrating puberty blockers, wrong sex hormones, go under the knife and have their breasts or genitalia irreversibly mutilated or even commit suicide. Gender dysphoria is real and can be treated with therapy and counseling, as it had been for decades. Instead our society in welcoming and even encouraging a body image and identity issue and many are hurt in its wake. Saddly, too many are young children, too young to understand.

  6. Great! Now our girls/women have to “tolerate” Batwangers in their space(s)? THIS is a failure of FEDERAL Title 9 policy through arm-twisting the schools. THIS is why ALL sane Vermonters MUST vote Republican UP and DOWN the ballot this November, which, BTW, I just got MINE in the mail although I NEVER requested one! Attention ALL Citizens, DO NOT fill in and MAIL back your ballot! WAIT until election DAY & fill it in then hand it to your Town Officials IN PERSON!..There’s MUCH fewer balloting “problems” if WE ALL vote at once AND in person on ELECTION DAY. Unless you are severely handicapped by all means VOTE IN PERSON! Stopping this social insanity requires SANE Conservatives strengthening FEDERAL Title 9 LAWS to ensure Bio-Women have REAL Women’s Rights for REAL Women ONLY.

  7. When do you know when a man self- identifying as trans has stopped being aroused by women ?

    • There’s one way I can think of. The school could hire a gay social studies teacher with experience in running sexual awakening workshops for the teenage boys…. oh wait, RUHS already tried that. I’m out of ideas then.

    • They dont care if he is. They now call pedophiles “minor attracted people” in effort to normalize and destigmatize child molesters. Refuse the language of the left.

    • Take a guess. And I’m pretty sure the MALE in question in this scenario wasn’t there yet. And likely will never be. Then again? Mr. “Lia” Thomas in PA. on the women’s swim team simply then claims he’s a “lesbian”. Got this all straight yet? Asking for a friend.

  8. Why is a male being allowed to play on the girls’ volleyball team in the first place? He should be playing on the transgender team and changing with the other transgender players. There, problem solved.

  9. Here’s a thought…. The guy could change in a stall and the girls could have their privacy.🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. The machine/system that measures male arousal is called “plethysmography”, once used in court(s) to prosecute (male) pedophiles, or as “they” now call them “Minor Attracted People” or “MAP’s”..This insanity MUST end, remember just 100 years ago Eugenics & sterilizations were popular “changes to social norms” AND accepted for almost 10 years also..Stop it, stop it NOW.

  11. Utterly ridiculous and damaging to everyone involved. The supt. and administration are obviously clueless and should be terminated.

  12. Homeschool your kids, folks. And that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and teach them yourselves. Do some research. Think outside the box. Be imaginative. Be innovative. Learn a lot. Most of all, be safe. Your children are counting on you.

    • It’s coming down to this. Only way to control the craziness your kids are exposed to is by homeschooling or finding a solid religious school. And yes I know it’s very hard now for a parent to afford to stay home and do this but be creative; join up with likeminded parents and homeschool together.

  13. How low can Vermont go? It seems that 10 biological females must use a segregated
    and isolated changing room away from the Girls locker room, so that a biological male may use it. This ‘woke’ thing is really

    • @ Frank

      Have you noticed that it’s always biological girls and women who are on the losing side of the deal? The ones who have to compete against a guy in sports and naturally lose to him? The ones forced to display their bodies to biological males in locker rooms? Maybe this is ultimately a war against women and the progress they’ve made?

      • Okay, try this- Would not the women that support these ideas, including supportive legislators- be misogynistic? If one could get say, becca balint to debate it might be interesting to hear her answer- or her definition of mysogony. This might be the ultimate liberal paradox.

      • @ Frank

        Yes it would be interesting to see, especially Becca Balint. But it’s even worse than this as all the feminists and women’s rights groups don’t support these girls, and actually support the biological men who are competing with them in sports and invading their privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. Even organizations that were set up to work with women (such as VT Works For Women here in VT) are now including biological males who “think” they’re female in their programs. Same with private schools for girls which now include biological males who are “trans women “. So those who should be staunch defenders of the rights of women and girls are bending over backward to be woke and support biological males instead. Pretty sad. Seems like women and girls will need to rely on Conservatives to support their rights!

      • If it’s a war against women, it’s a civil war. The clergy of this religion is 100% women and “male feminists”.

  14. Females fought for years to be allowed to compete in male sports and female reporters fought for years to be allowed in male sport teams dressing rooms where did they think it would go?

    • Yes, it was males who were always straight up the oppressed, sexually assaulted, discriminated against, and the ones harassed over the Centuries. Females? The instigators. OR…… perhaps VTIndependent (above) is correct, and this is indeed a war against females’ and their historic achievements, independence, and their virtuous battles for equality within this long male-dominated society.

      Rights are God given, never “bestowed” by men. But I’m betting the ayatollah’s of Iran would enthusiastically agree with your theory. Cover their heads or OFF with their heads!!!

  15. Yes – vote republican up and down the ballot except vote for Ericka Redic for Congress because I am not sure that Liam Madden dude will support our women.

    • They’re voted into office primarily by the UVM & Middlebury & Bennington College students who are NOT true residents of this state and by the transplanted New Yorkers, Jerseyites, & Californians who come here to transform VT to another liberal garbage dump.

      My “representative” in my town? She’s from: CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If Republicans would get off the couch and vote we would not have these crazy politicians running our state!!!

  17. If you have a pee-pee you stay out of the women’s rooms PERIOD! These women are doing a great job standing up for their beliefs

  18. The answer is simple really, vote for true republican, conservative candidates for the legislature. That way, state laws can be passed to eliminate all this garbage. Where’s our fearless leader on this, the governor hasn’t spoke about any of it or anything. He should be out campaigning with other republicans or maybe he’s not really a republican. Remember, he voted for Joe for the good of America. While we are voting, also vote for Kevin Hoyt, independent for governor and Greg Thayer as a write in for LT. Governor. All of this is allowed because the loonies are running the asylum. You get what you vote for and your vote only counts if you actually vote.

  19. From WHITE CHRISTMAS: “Maybe we could dig up a Democrat.” AHHHH! The good old days in Vermont before the…invasion and destruction.

  20. Wow!!! what a perfect scenario for a male to be able to grope some innocent female and or even rape, is that what the dumb ass school officials waiting for!!! It’s amazing King Scott changes gun laws just because a student was thinking of killing students but for something like this, crickets…. As the song says “it a very strange world we live in Master Jack”…… “WE NEED TO TAKE BACK VERMONT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please vote republican in November, we need to send these idiots back to the hell they came from!!!

  21. Hopefully, these future Vermont voters will learn a valuable lesson on why not to elect democRATS. All those years of indoctrination down the crapper.

  22. The answer is simple. Every single one of the real females should quit playing. The next game a sick out. These parents need to teach their children they still have some power. Do they love a game more than their privacy?????? What the heck is wrong with the parents????? Stop trying to compromise with people who will not give an inch.