9MM raffled off at pro-Second Amendment candidate meet-and-greet

Chuck Wilton and his door prize – a Ruger Security 9 MM automatic pistol

By Guy Page

Chuck Wilton of Milton is the lucky winner of a Ruger Security 9 MM automatic pistol, won at a raffle held Saturday at the Powderhorn in Williston. 

The event was the second pro-Second Amendment candidate meet-and-greet organized this month by Jim Sexton of Essex Junction. Candidates who attended included Gerald Malloy (Republican, U.S. Senate), Stephen Bellows (Vermont State Senate from Grand Isle County, independent candidate for Governor), and Rohan St. Marthe (Republican, Vermont State Senator from Chittenden County.)

Ruger 9 MM

Malloy, Bellows, and Attorney General candidate Michael Tagliavia also attended a meet and greet at Parro’s in Waterbury September 10. Tagliavia couldn’t make the Powderhorn event because he was speaking at an Orange County GOP gathering that day. 

At Parro’s we gave a Ruger Precision Rifle, a Vortex Red Dot scope and two boxes of ammo as Door prizes,” Sexton said. “At the Powderhorn we gave a Ruger Security 9 pistol and two boxes of ammo as Door prizes.”

Sexton organized the meet-and-greets “to make voters aware that there are 2A Candidates who will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.” He said he has secured funding to stage the events, get voters to the polls, and register new voters. 

Both events “were very successful,” Sexton said. “The candidates met and spoke with a great many Vermonters who want their rights protected.” 

No one voiced any opposition, Sexton said. 

A September 22 review by Ronald Henderson on the AFI website identifies the Ruger Security 9 as a light, easy-to-handle, hammerless firearm, good (among other things) for personal security for someone without great hand strength.

“The internal Secure Action hammer system still packs a heavy enough punch in terms of firepower for your self-defense needs. Yet, it also allows for much easier slide racking, especially when you compare it to a striker-fired pistol. With this gun having an easier slide racking system, we think it will be suitable for gun owners that don’t have a massive amount of hand strength, yet want this form of personal security.”

Firearm raffles are legal (provided winners are of age and pass background checks, like any gun buyer) and are not unknown in Vermont. An organization in the Northeast Kingdom raffled off a firearm last year. An attempt to raffle a firearm for a youth organization in Waterville was cancelled after some parents complained. 

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  1. I was there for a bit too! Didn’t bump into Chuck, but I really enjoyed talking to Jim, Stephen, Gerald, and Rohan! Thanks to Bill Cleary at Powderhorn for hosting!
    Bruce Roy for Vermont House – Williston – CHI-2

  2. Guy, The Ruger Security 9 is a semi-automatic pistol. We don’t want the lefties in the audience thinking that this man won an assault pistol.

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