Project Veritas catches CT school administrator bragging about discriminatory hiring

“If you’re Catholic….conservative….you don’t hire them”

by Aaron Warner

Project Veritas released a disturbing video of Cos Cob Elementary School Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland in July, 2022 blithely bragging about discriminatory hiring that allows teachers to indoctrinate students into “Democratic” and “progressive” politics without stating their doing it. 

On hidden camera you can see Boland seated while out to eat with an undercover PV journalist.  When asked about hiring practices Bolan smiles as he explains he won’t hire older, conservative or Catholic applicants because of their political or religiously conservative views.  

  • Boland: “So, it’s subtle. They [teachers I hire] will never say, ‘Oh, this is [a] liberal or a Democratic way of doing this.’ They’ll just make that the norm — and this is how we handle things, it’s subtle…That’s how you get away with it.”

The statement “That’s how you get away with it” makes it clear Boland knows he’s violating the law while also violating the rights of students and parents to know they’re children are not being targeted.  If that’s not enough incriminating evidence he flat out says: 

  • Boland: “Protestants in this area [of Connecticut] are probably the most liberal. But if they’re Catholic — conservative…You don’t hire them.”

Dr. James Lindsay continues to warn parents these people are not only planning to do this but are and gives us the historical reasons they feel emboldened to do so, largely thanks to the teachings of communist pedagogy theorists like Paulo Friere and Herbert Marcuse. Lindsay’s most recent video virtually mirrors what Project Veritas captured proving Lindsay’s warnings. 

You can watch the Project Veritas video here:

James Lindsay’s New Discourses Podcast warning here:

Aaron Warner is a Vermont Daily Chronicle reporter and commentator living in Hartford.

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