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Dennis Prager to speak at Vermont faith summit October 25

‘State of fear brought on by the pandemic’ topic of expert discussion

Radio show host and cultural leader Dennis Prager will be the key speaker in a one-day “Restoring Our Faith” summit October 25 at the Double Tree Hotel in South Burlington. 

The event is sponsored by the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing, an organization with a mission “to restore the traditional family to its central, pivotal, and honored place in civil society, by adhering to the principles of individual initiative, limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility,” its website says. The CEO of VIHF is former GOP chair Deb Billado. Lenore Broughton of Burlington is listed as the vice-president. 

“The Restoring Our Faith Summit will be a daylong event featuring renowned social scientists, faith leaders, and physicians who will discuss the impact of cultural breakdowns amidst the global pandemic of the past two years and will address the critical role of faith, marriage, and the  importance of protecting children and families in a flourishing society,” an invitation to the summit said. “Our experts will address the state of fear brought on by the global pandemic that has throttled  Americans and resulted in cultural breakdown. While our churches and synagogues have been  shut down, the secular forces of government, the media, and educational institutions have  become more prominent in our lives while our reliance on God has waned.”

The all-day event begins at 8:30 AM. Registration is $50 with volume discounts for churches and synagogues. 

Prager will speak at the event in person, an organizer confirmed. He is a nationally syndicated talk show host – heard on the Dennis Prager Show across the country on nearly 400 affiliates, in addition to,, and the websites of his many radio stations. His show also has listeners around the world via the internet.

He is also the founder of Prager University (PragerU) – the most viewed conservative video site in the world, his website claims, with one billion views a year, more than half by people under the age of 35.

Prager is also something of a renaissance man:

  • New York Times bestselling author of nine books on subjects as varied as religion, happiness, morality, the left, Islamism, and America.
  • Life-long theologian. His book, The Rational Bible, is the first volume of his five-volume commentary on the first five books of the Bible – rooted in his extensive knowledge of biblical Hebrew. It is currently the bestselling Bible commentary in America, and at publication was the #1 bestselling non-fiction book in the United States.
  • Periodically conducts symphony orchestras, including twice at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where he most recently conducted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya also will speak.

Organizers say they hope this Summit will educate and inspire Vermonters to defend their freedoms, reignite their faith, and return to traditional Judeo-Christian values.  

Register here for the Restoring Our Faith Summit.  

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  1. People have a right to change their minds. Anything other than DEAD LINK to prove your statement or is this just another liberal/progressive troll. I checked and checked but all I have found is a man who admits when he is wrong. Can you? I can back up what I say. I listen to the man. I don’t always agree but he is a decent man who has stuff that is worth reading and hearing. We have a few of his books and are amazed at his insight.

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