Island Pond man arrested for domestic terrorism after placing lit firebomb near cars, propane tank

by Guy Page

A 64-year-old man from Brighton (Island Pond) is facing multiple charges, including domestic terrorism, following an incident that took place Monday night, August 29.

Police say they were investigating a series of reports on Gideon’s Mill Road in Brighton at around 11:35 p.m. According to police reports and Essex County court documents, at this time Avery Buchman, of Brighton, ignited an incendiary device at a home owned by his neighbors, Robin Caldera Smith and Janet Rick, that was placed near a propane tank, a parked vehicle, and adjacent to their occupied dwelling.

The intended victims were able to put out the incendiary device with water and a bag of mulch, court documents say.

The domestic terrorism charge stems from Buchman’s alleged act of placing the incendiary device [a can of gasoline] on his neighbors’ property with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury to multiple persons.” No political or racial motive is mentioned, although Buchman allegedly did refer to state troopers with the “n” word, court documents say.

Police arrived and encountered Buchman as he returned to the residence, and say he fled back to his home. He refused to submit to arrest and barricaded himself at the property.

Police say Buchman exited the home several times brandishing a firearm, and ultimately throwing explosive devices – fireworks shells – at responding troopers.

The troopers on scene engaged in extensive attempts to de-escalate the situation, deploying a less-lethal device which resulted in Buchman being taken into custody. Court documents show that Buchman engaged in extremely lewd, provocative gestures and language. He was transported to North Country Hospital as a precaution.

He was ordered held without bail and lodged at the Northern State Correctional Facility. Court charges include domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, assault on law enforcement, possession of fireworks, arson 3rd degree, resisting arrest, unlawful mischief, and noise in the nighttime.

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  1. All school boards facing parents that may disagree with stances school administrators are bringing to the forefront, take note: This is an example of domestic terrorism, not a parent who doesn’t want early elementary students being taught about their sexual identity.

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