Primary questionnaire: Gerald Malloy, GOP, U.S. Senate

On Monday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the same questionnaire to candidates in most contested statewide races in next Tuesday’s Democratic and Republican primary. Below are one candidate’s answers to these questions: “If elected, how would you:

Reduce the cost of living?
Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?
Protect the public from crime?
Promote successful schools?
Protect a clean environment?
Protect civil liberties?
In any other way promote the welfare of your constituents?

Gerald Malloy, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

My name is Gerald Malloy and I am seeking to be Vermont’s next US Senator. I believe in God, Country, Family, and the Constitution. 

Gerald Malloy at the St. Albans Civil War Memorial

I have 42 years of highly relative service to our Nation, and across that experience of great responsibilities I have demonstrated performance and leadership. I graduated from West Point and have served and performed in military, government, and business in leadership positions. This includes performing worldwide with 20 NATO partners and allies, combat and nuclear surety operations, 20 Presidential Disaster Declarations, performing with many US Govt organizations and the law enforcement community, and performing the last 11 years in business development leadership positions in a highly competitive business environment growing business and supporting US Government organizations, mostly in DC. 

I have earned a Master’ degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Temple University, a graduate certificate in Business Intelligence from Georgetown University, and graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College. I am a Vermont parent, father of 4 children, including 3 teenagers in Vermont schools. I see our Country going in the wrong direction, I am going to fight for change for a better future for all Vermonters. 

Reduce the cost of living? My platform includes viable, common sense ideas to return to abiding by the Constitution, promoting economic prosperity, and ensuring defense, security and order. The current administration is failing Vermonters and America in these. Please see my website, http://www.deploymalloy.com. I will fight to return to a Federal government of less control, less regulation, less spending, and no new taxes – Government that provides just enough order so every American can enjoy the liberty, freedom and rights of the Constitution. Implementing my ideas, and discipline, will result in lowering the cost of living.

The reason we are experiencing 40-year high inflation and are now in a recession is the reckless overspending of our current administration that has led our national debt to over $30 trillion. The reason our gas and oil prices are at record highs is the Biden administration Executive Order/Crusade to kill the oil and gas industry. I will fight to overturn that Executive Order and to return to spending within budget. As a United States Senator, objectives include ensuring the United States achieves independence for oil and gas, future energy, critical technology, and food. The current administration has failed America in its responses to pending and real inflation; as US Senator I will seek to ensure responsible and timely fiscal and monetary policies.

2. Promote widespread affordable home ownership? At the Federal level, as above, I will not support the overspending that has caused the inflation and recession we are all now experiencing. The Biden administration response in raising interest rates has substantially increased mortgage rates and they are projected to continue increasing.  

As a US Senator I will act to reduce Government regulation and control that does not benefit economic prosperity, and I will support infrastructure development that does benefit economic prosperity. There are 3 major issues impacting affordable housing and home ownership in Vermont: 1) infrastructure that is not in place; 2) the restrictions of Act 250; and 3) well-paying jobs.  Vermont must decide to make changes related to land use and development, and to infrastructure development so that builders will decide to invest in building starter homes and other housing. I fully recognize that Vermont has not been growing well-paying jobs. I will utilize my many years of experience and success in business development, working directly with US Government organizations and across industry, to grow well- paying jobs and business investment in Vermont.  

3. Protect the public from crime? I fully support our Law Enforcement community and will fight to fully fund, not defund, the police. I will also seek to ensure our court systems put criminals in jail, not let them go back out on the street again.  We have a Fentanyl crisis in America – I call it Chemical Warfare as China produces the synthetic opioid called Fentanyl and pushes it into America mostly across the southern border.  Last year 10,000 lbs of Fentanyl were seized in the US and this is enough lethal dose to kill 2 billion people; the cause for the majority of the 100,000+ overdose deaths in the US last year. I will seek to put up the Wall along our southern border and enforce immigration laws. I will also seek sanctions against China related to Fentanyl. Our Law Enforcement community is a critical part of our society, part of the order that allows us to enjoy the rights of the Constitution. My son is going to become a Police Officer later this year after graduating college and I am very proud of him for entering that noble profession.  

4. Promote successful schools? Stacey and I have 4 children in school, including 3 in Vermont schools right now. I am in favor of school choice and will fight for parents’ rights to determine what is and what is not taught to children in public schools. I am in favor of STEM focused education that prepares our children for a successful future, and does not include CRT, Wokeism, or Transgender studies. I have had many conversations with Vermonters about education reforms, from reducing costly layers of administration right up to getting rid of the US Department of Education, and I will consider these actions as a US Senator. Overall, going back up to spending and discipline above, I will look closely at what our Government invents in with taxpayer dollars. Recently I watched Congress provide $40B to Ukraine and now $280B in the CHIPS Act. I have issues with how Congress spends huge sums of taxpayer dollars. I will fight to ensure we spend with discipline on America’s future, such as education improvements. 

5. Protect a clean environment? I am 100% in favor of developing future US energy, climate, emissions, and environmental plans and capabilities. I am not in favor of backing into a “New Green Deal” that is not viable.  I propose a re-evaluation of our future energy plans that includes industry, developing the resources (that we do not possess), infrastructure, and cost for every American to see and understand. 

I do not believe we are in a climate emergency. I will also seek agreements, or sanctions, with countries based on emissions. 

6. Protect civil liberties? I took the Oath to support and defend the Constitution and served well and faithfully under that Oath for over two decades. As a US Senator I will continue to serve well and faithfully under Oath to support and defend the Constitution to protect civil liberties. I will not waiver in my belief in the right of every American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In terms of nominations as a US Senator for positions such as lifetime Supreme Court Justice that impact civil liberties, I will base my nominations on character and qualifications, and I noted I would not have supported the recent SCJ nomination based on being soft on crime.  

7. In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents? I will serve all Vermonters, Vermont, and the United States, under the Constitution and the values of Duty, Honor, and Country, for a better future. I bring 42 years of successful service and experience across military, government, and business, and as Vermont’s Republican United States Senator I will provide the leadership and performance that is missing. It has been an honor meeting thousands of Vermonters campaigning across all 14 counties over the past 7 months. May the 14th star shine bright!

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  1. First: I want to thank VDC for sending this questionnaire to the candidates. It’s an example of true public service journalism (unlike the media group known, for example, as Vermont Public – which is anything and everything but a ‘public service outfit’).

    Second, I thank Mr. Malloy for his response. I especially appreciate his timeliness. Not only do I appreciate his response time, I agree with his proposed policies.

    How about that: someone who not only knows what to do, but how to do it. You have my endorsement, sir.

  2. Thank you VDC for sending the questionnaire and publishing the candidates replies. Mr. Malloy’s comments are refreshingly honest, insightful, and practical. I especially appreciate his solid history of service to the nation and our Constitution, so very important for the challenges facing us as a state and a nation.

  3. Mr. Malloy is a solid candidate and (IMHO) would serve the interests of Vermont more effectively than any other candidate vying for the seat. How is Mr. Malloy going to convince voters who vote based on name recognition and for the “feels good” Progressive candidate to support his candidacy? That is a tall order in Vermont where many lack the attention and critical thinking skills to get to understand candidates and the issues. The support of these Progressives is almost downright pathological. I wish Mr. Malloy well and hope he has a strategy to get Vermonter’s to support him.

  4. yup ….I’m all onboard here! and thanks Guy Page for the questions to the candidates

  5. For everyone out there who has voted in the past for Bernie Sanders and got nothing in return, I ask you to compare this man’s background, experience and honesty to Bernie. Sanders honeymooned in the USSR. Mr. Malloy spent 20 years in the US military. Does Bernie even have a college degree? Mr. Malloy has an MBA in business administration. Bernie never had a job until he was elected mayor of Burlington at 40 years old by 10 votes. Mr. Malloy has served his nation and has graduated from West point. Bernie was a founding member of the Liberty Union Party in the 70s and promoted communist ideas which went nowhere. This is a chance to show the country that Vermont, a once proud and conservative state is on the road to claiming it’s sanity back from the progressive onslaught that has destroyed our state. Even democrats are being hurt in today’s economy. Our military is led by woke generals thanks to Joe Biden who doesn’t know how to get out of a room by himself. We don’t even know who is really in charge of our nation. Our enemies see us as weak and our government sees us as the enemy. Our federal agencies have been weaponized and any self-respecting true liberal who despised authority in the past should reexamine their lives based on the danger we face as a nation from our enemies, energy shortages, food shortages and a government beast designed to serve itself. These are trying times and we need people to step forward and put their fantasies on hold. Our country needs to be put back on a stable course and we need men like this man to see that it gets done.

    • Bernie’s ‘inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery’… for everyone but himself and his chosen few political associates. Let them eat cake.

  6. Amen to all of the above. It has been a long while since this state had a candidate for U S Senate that has put the people first. Some have talked the talk but failed miserably in the walk. I remember when George Aiken was Senator, it was not uncommon for him to be driving his own car; he went by our house one day, in Northern VT, turned around and came back to visit my Dad who had been out pasture fixing fence to keep the cows in place. They had quite a visit, I was a youngster then maybe 10 years old, but I remember well that day. My Dad said, after he left: “That was Sen Aiken from Putney. His job is in Washington, and he cares deeply for the farmers”. I never forgot that.

  7. Malloy is the only one of the 3 republicans running who completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022. Because of his 3 answers to the questions I would lean toward him.

    His answers are as follows –

    I will not waver from the Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and I will conduct myself under the values of Duty, Honor, and Country. I will protect and support the principles of the Constitution, such as LIberty, Freedoms, Rights, Commerce, Defense, Security, and Order. I will not support any action of any kind that even begins to chip away at any Constitutional right.

    Economic Prosperity. I will fight to ensure our Government promotes the opportunity for America and every American to prosper, and does so without increasing our $33T debt. I will not support more Government, more taxes, more spending, more control. I will support economic sanctions against countries we should not be trading with and I will support regaining energy independence.

    Defense, Security, Order. I fully support our military; we cannot afford to lose races in AI or Hypersonics. I will seek to repair damaged foreign relationships and keep the United States out of bad agreements, like with Iran. I fully support Law Enforcement and no changes to immunity. I will fully support our great Veterans.

    Both he and Mermel were – connected to money – business men.
    Can’t say much for Yale divinity school where Mermel attended, because I know nothing of it, but can’t imagine that Mermel was connected to ‘Skull and Bones’ club – but how would we ever know.

    Nolan just ahem, discovered/came out as a Republican in ‘21 even though she was a Trump appointee …. but as a lesbian she will not represent our best interests though she clearly has the name recognition.