Police investigate multiple bomb threats across the state

The Vermont State Police and other law-enforcement agencies are investigating after receiving multiple reports of explosive devices or suspicious items in and around college and university campuses across Vermont on Wednesday, Aug. 3.

The University of Vermont reported today that UVM Police received an anonymous bomb threat naming the Larner Medical Area this afternoon. This call was consistent with other false bomb threats made to other universities and colleges throughout the country over the course of this summer. UVM Police have investigated, including checking the area. UVM Police believe this threat is not credible and that there is no threat to the public.

No devices have been found at any locations, and the threats all appear to be unfounded, state police said.

Threats have been reported at more than seven locations in the state. The nature and characteristics of these threats mimic similar instances reported nationwide since late June, including earlier this week in New Hampshire. The FBI is involved in the investigation and is working in collaboration with local law enforcement and the intelligence community.

The Vermont State Police Bomb Squad is aware of these threats and has been in consultation with first responders across the state.

Anyone receiving a call of this nature is encouraged to:

  • Record the call.
  • Gather all information (telephone number, VOIP, IP addresses).
  • Note a description of the caller’s characteristics, such as tone of voice, accent, etc.
  • Document exactly what the caller says
  • Report the threat to local law enforcement

Anyone with information that may be useful in this investigation is encouraged to call the Vermont State Police in Williston at 802-878-7111 or provide an anonymous tip online at

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  1. Did anybody check to see if Ted Kaczynski has been paroled, or maybe has access to a phone?

  2. Report an accent? Wouldn’t that be “racist”??? Because I’m pretty sure it’s no one with a brogue.

  3. “mimicking” being the key word… they are not very imaginative and always use the same predictive programming languaging… chaos invoking, fear mongering, NWO pandering sycophants in situ…