Police seek smoke bomber at Williston movie theater

Williston police are searching for the owner of this minivan in connection with a May 17 smoke-bombing at the Majestic Theater.

The Williston Police Department is investigating a May 17 incident that occurred at about 6:18 pm where smoke devices were thrown into the lobby of the Majestic 10 movie theater in Williston.

The smoke bombing resulted in an evacuation of the building and nearby businesses. A surveillance camera in the area captured a white Honda Pilot with Vermont plates leaving the scene with the suspects. The Williston Police Department is seeking the help from the public in identifying the owner of the vehicle and its occupants.

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  1. Well, with a population of approximately 630,000 people, some of whom don’t own autos – it should not be difficult to ascertain those driving this white Honda Pilot WITH a sunroof through a rather elementary perusal of DMV records. The kiddies, despite their supposedly vast technological knowledge, still don’t seem to realize that they need to smile for the cameras most everywhere they go in public.

    Sadly, these types of dimwitted & yet potentially dangerous incidents will be happening more frequently as both the woke “news” and the school system invoke confusion, hate, animus, and intolerance against virtually all that were always considered patriotic, religious, science, and moral values of the general public.

    And the ultimate message from the Communists at the helm of this take-over of a once-free society remains: “Be fearful wherever you go at every turn, for mayhem & murder may await you – until the “government” can step in and control it. And you. And all that you are and all that you do”.

  2. It’s only “elementary”- until someone points out no vehicle registration was captured on camera and there is nothing preventing a white Honda pilot from anywhere being in the state of Vermont.

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