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Black member booted off St. Albans Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

St. Albans City Councilor Timothy Hawkins explains his concerns about removing Keith Longmore from the city’s Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion committee, while Councilor Mike McCarthy looks on. McCarthy later made the motion to remove Longmore, a black conservative skeptical of the mission of the BEI committee. YouTube photo

By Guy Page

The St. Albans City Council Monday night removed Keith Longmore from its Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Longmore is – or rather, was – a black member of the advisory committee formed to help citizens “understand the experience of historically marginalized groups.”

He has also been an outspoken critic of the committee’s mission. As a businessman and political conservative who told the committee when asked that his personal pronouns were “MAGA,” he spoke out strongly at a meeting about some assumptions expressed, including the notion that Vermont in general and St. Albans in particular is racist. 

Keith Longmore

Longmore was referred to as “obstructionist” and “disruptive” and “unmanageable” by city councilors and community members speaking in favor of his removal. City Councilor and Rep. Mike McCarthy made the motion to remove him. The vote was 4-2, with councilors Bob Farrar the most vocal “no.” [Editor’s note: an earlier edition mistakenly said councilor Timothy Hawkins voted no. He voted yes.]

Farrar wondered how he could be considered disruptive after attending just one meeting. “He should have been given several meetings to display whether he’s going to cooperate or not. Apparently he’s not a cooperative individual, but I don’t think he’s been given enough time to do that.”

Farrar also said the subject was being brought up on short notice. And he wonders why a BEI of eight people can’t accomplish its agenda, even with one contrarian on the committee. 

“The committee is composed of eight people,” Farrar said. “Mr. Longmore is a lone vote on many of these issues. It would seem that seven to one would take care of that in many instances.”

After the meeting, Longmore offered this comment to Vermont Daily Chronicle:

This is without a doubt the most egregiously racist, age-ist thing to ever happen to me in Vermont,” Longmore said. “The fact that an all-white City Council chose to remove me, an elderly African American, from a Committee named Belonging, Equity and Inclusion is shocking enough. 

“But to do so because I won’t go along with the ‘Saint-Albans-is-racist’ narrative is a shocker. In the Bible it says, ‘thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor’, and I stand by that. This City (St Albans) is not a racist City. The people who live in St Albans are like most other Vermonters in that there is a live and let mindset. I love this City and its people and it is the reason why I wanted to be on this Committee, to represent Vermonters who believe that all lives matter and that their City and State are not racist.”

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  1. Ah, he isn’t the “right kind” of black. He’s a Conservative and doesn’t see VT as racist and all white people to blame for anything that ever didn’t go his way? Can’t have that! Only blacks that adhere to the leftist ideology of white systemic racism need apply!

  2. Keith represents the real majority of humanity. He speaks the Truth and for that he is persecuted. Biblical times indeed. The problem here in Vermont matters not your color, race or creed – you must tow the line of the Beast system and align with the Beast. The Devil is the father of all lies – right now lies are the currency of the Beast system. God’s judgment is coming to all of these institutions and to all those who turned their backs to God. History proves it to be so.

  3. Well the Majority Whip needs to go. Up to St. Albans if they want the continued demeanor of Rep. Mike McCarthy. Mind you he was upset that the heating bill which would have an unknown cost in fuel in the middle of a horrible inflation time upon St. Albans citizens was defeated on a veto override by one vote. While the environment is important it shouldn’t be at the unknown cost in the middle of a fuel crisis regarding cost this winter to the citizens of Vermont and his city he represents would should be his first priority. Vote Joe Luneau a man that will put St. Albans first not a national parties agenda!

    • Kind of pathetic just how much of this article is incorrect. There are other Black people on the committee, two more, to be exact. The people who voted to keep Mr. Longmore on the committee was Farrar and Decker, Hawkins voted to remove him.

      I guess my question would be, why Mr. Longmore contradicts himself in a single paragraph. This is racist but he’s never experienced racism here. Seems like he’s confused.

      • Thanks for the comments. On the video, it looked pretty clear to me that Farrar and Hawkins signaled “no” votes. And at the meeting which Longmore attended, he was the only black person present. There was a hispanic person attending via zoom. But I’m open to being corrected on the record. What I find myself wondering is why the committee committed to inclusion couldn’t see its way to work with someone who wasn’t on the same page as them on the particulars, but who is committed to more basic principles of fairness and equality.

      • No. There is Reier Erickson who is Black and Eliana Castro who is Black. You didn’t watch the City Council video clearly because it is very clear how Mr. Hawkins voted.
        As for Mr. Longmore, if you watched his appearance at the one BEI committee meeting he managed to attend you’d see that he called the committee a shame and an affront and a hoax. It wasn’t the particulars… It was the general question of equity. He was adamant both before the committee started meeting and actually in the meeting he managed to attend (again, he didn’t come to the first two) that the committee shouldn’t even exist. You are a frightfully bad reporter and should immediately retract this story and offer an apology for this horrendous reporting.

      • PS… The meeting Longmore attended Reier Erickson, again who IS Black… was in attendance. You didn’t do any of your research and it shows.

      • Being the only person present doesn’t mean he’s the only person on the committee. But as is stated, he wasn’t the only Black person present. The Black man who literally petitioned the city to start the committee amd was told, several times by Mr. Longmore that he wasn’t respected and to shut up, was there. And called Mr. Longmore out several times.
        And no, you are wrong… Mr. Hawkins clearly voted to remove him. You should retract this story, apologize to your readers for blatantly misleading them and try again.

      • Is “unmanageable” prog speak for, “ uppity?” And please note that I am not anonymous or using a pen name. Yup. It’s me. Because if you want to discuss things in public, you should include your name.

      • Is this the part that you are speaking of “This is without a doubt the most egregiously racist, age-ist thing to ever happen to me in Vermont,” Longmore said. “The fact that an all-white City Council chose to remove me, an elderly African American, from a Committee named Belonging, Equity and Inclusion is shocking enough.”
        I believe that he was saying that he had not experienced racism before this particular incident. I did not see the video so I am not exactly sure if I am on the right track.

      • Looks like the 7 days woke crew is on attack! Maybe they should re-enable comments on their site. LOL!

      • I think that would be a good idea, Alex A. Meanwhile they are welcome to comment on VDC, provided they (like everyone else) follow the rules: no personal criticism of other readers, no profanity or use of derogatory racist language. My bar, my rules, you can’t abide by them, take it outside.

  4. The Marxist Agenda is so in your face, how can you not see it? Keith Longmore has every right to his opinion, to say and vote the way he deems appropriate in the “committee”. For the “committee” to force him out tells you everything you need to know. The “committee” is Marxist, working to destroy the City of St. Albans. The “committee” does not care about what is right and only wants to force the Evil Marxist Agenda upon the populace. People are onto this Evil Agenda, most importantly so is God. God is the Alpha and Omega, and will not be mocked. If the People of St. Albans want to reclaim their City/Town back, they should:

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    King James Version
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Do Not Wait for the total destruction of your livelihood, which is sure to happen, if you do not humble yourselves, pray and seek God with full Faith & Truth. Only God, who created the World, created the United States of America, can Heal the World, the United States of America, and St. Albans. Time is Now to Stand Up for Truth, God & Freedom!

    • Omg thank you HUGELY for the great laugh you just gave me!!! My day has been so BLAHHH!!! So, with the amount of laughing…actual rolling over in laughter was indeed very much needed today. Thanks…? Or NOT.

  5. White liberals are usually uncomfortable with “unmanageable” black people….and see that they are “marginalised”. Jim Crow, call your office.

  6. Where is the outrage from BLM, Seven Days, VT Digger, NPR and the other Media outlets in VT? Where are the usual demagogue Representatives in VT to denounce this injustice to Mr. Longmore? We know the answer. They’re thumbing their noses at the citizens of St Albany and counting on no action and no response from the citizenry. If this doesn’t highlight to hypocrisy of Progressives, I’m not sure what does…. Vermont Citizens please take notice. Citizens of St Albans need to remove these Council people if there’s any hope for their city.

  7. This “journalism” (totally being generous using that word…) is comical, painful, and flat out confusing AF, and so on!!!
    I mean. Keith this you??!! Like the amount of butt patting going on here for someone who not only seems to dislike his own race, but who also hates teachers, yet loves insurrectionists. And the maga crowd (that…well…IQ levels…yikes), anyways, back to what I was getting at…Mr Longmore is not a person I would be praising. Especially all you faux Christians (that seem to have all come out of the woodwork for this comment section), God no likey, fakers. Nope. Not one bit. Your sky daddy even thinks y’all are ridiculous, and should spend far less time being hateful bigots, and more time being welcoming (to EVERYONE) neighbors.

    • My Grandfather told me when I was a child: If anyone tells you they are a Christian, run for the hills. They are the biggest hypocrits you’ll ever meet. I never understood it until I got older and met a few of those, as you state “faux” Christians. As you paint with a rather wide brush, I will speak only for myself. My mother was excommuicated from the Catholic church because she divorced from an abusive alcoholic (my Dad.) My mother was also visited in the middle of the night by an evil presence. People thought she was crazy when she retold the event. However, she was clearly shaken to the core by the incident. I was never a proclaimed Christian, not baptised, and not a member of any church. My relationship with God is personal. My relationship with Jesus Christ is personal. Over a number of years, particularly the past 30 months, I have witnessed a number of nefarious, unethical, unlawful things – things that in over 50 years of living on this planet I never thought possible. There is one book and one book only in this world that explains what this phenonom is and that book is the Bible. You may point your insults directly at me or anyone else who dares to speak the Words written for the purpose of getting us through societal collapse. You may consult history books or whatever book you wish. I wish you luck as you navigate through this dark period and witness what is about to unfold here and across the globe.

  8. If this story doesn’t perfectly epitomize the LED (Liberal Equity Disease) that has spread like syphilis lately in Vermont, I challenge anyone to come up with a more fitting example. Kick a black man off a “Belonging, Equity and Inclusion” committee because he refuses to believe the lie that he’s a victim! You just cannot make this up!!

    So let’s give this brave Vermonter a virtual medal – “The Vermont Daily Chronicle Medal of Freedom.” It takes courage to stand up to the kind of perverted racism on display at the St. Albans City Council, and Keith has done so with honor, dignity and integrity. Well deserved, Mr. Longmore!

  9. The things we learn in the comments .Thank you Guy for allowing them.
    Eliana Castro is a member o the inclusion committee. She teaches at UVM exposing global racism. https://www.uvm.edu/news/cess/exposing-global-racism-education
    Saint Albans is St. Albans Demographics
    According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of St. Albans was:
    White: 93.92%
    Two or more races: 4.41%
    Black or African American: 1.60%
    Other race: 0.04%
    Asian: 0.01%
    Native American: 0.00%
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%
    According to an article in the Vt Digger :”Eliana Castro, another member of the Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Committee, said she does not think Longmore’s appointment is inclusive because he has questioned, or flat-out denied, the experiences of members of minority groups in the community.” “https://vtdigger.org/2022/02/07/after-decrying-inclusion-committee-st-albans-resident-appointed-to-seat/
    So in essence if you do not agree with the dominant narrative of the inclusion committee your appointment in the committee is considered non inclusive .

  10. Kieth is a friend of mine. The school board, the City Council and the Mayor have proven their race baiting agenda is far more important than actually having someone that was fighting their hate filled racist agenda represent the people of St Albans.

    • Keith Longmore lost an election… That’s not the school board, that’s the voters rejecting his hate filled rants. They probably like teachers a little more than ranting sociopaths and so chose to value the work they do over Keith “Teachers are Selfish” Longmore…

  11. Please share this story with a national news outlet. Likely difficult as even fox may not publish it, but worth a try. These race baiters need to be called out and kicked down the road. God bless you Keith! Truth is on your side.

  12. So, Guy, any reason why you couldn’t have known who the other committee members are and what their ethnicities are? Are we reporting by rumor now? If you really have questions about Keith getting booted ask a committee member!

    Who says they want to be on a committee then no-call no-shows the first interview, then no-call no-shows the first two monthly meetings? A liar, that’s who. Go troll elsewhere…

    • Dear Joe Blow – my reporting was based on my viewing the YouTube videos of St. Albans BEI meeting and the St. Albans City Council meeting.

      • You announced the racial makeup of the committee after having evaluated them (incompletely) by sight. Maybe next time interview someone besides Keith, y’know, journalism?

  13. The TRUTH that Vermonters will NOT acknowledge: Racism is alive and well in VT and has been for decades.
    When I volunteered for an Addison County charity and showed up for a meeting, not one person would sit near me. I was surrounded by empty chairs. Why? Because my black husband showed up to drop off something for me.
    More than one church shunned me, wouldn’t even sit near me. I was surrounded by empty seats. Why? Because they learned my husband is black.
    Too many times, while standing in line to pay for our groceries, mothers have pulled their children away from us.
    Two weeks after we moved into our new home, the next door neighbor put his house up for sale.
    The first few months of living in our new home our mail box was repeatedly knocked down and it was stuffed with some really disgusting porn magazines. We had to make many phone calls to finally stop it by notifying the powers that be of what was going on. Initially the agencies all played Pass The Buck.
    We have been stopped by cops while driving within a long line of cars, all going the same speed.
    My husband’s crime? DRIVING WHILE BLACK. And then the cop ignores him and asks ME (the white lady) “Are you okay miss?”.
    My husband was stopped and given a speeding ticket; he was NOT speeding. The reason the judge threw it out was because we were able to prove that the morning we were stopped, the cops were looking for a black man in a particular make model and color car who had committed a crime the prior day. In Winooski. That adventure cost him a day’s pay and gas money.

    Hmmm…is this getting redundant yet?

    My husband has never been arrested, never committed a crime. I’m saying he’s sqeaky clean.
    So the trolls who’ve made their way over from VT Digger, spare me your vitriol.
    And to any and all commie trolls, if the best you can do is name calling…oh puhleeze.

    Kudos to you Mr. Longmore for brave honesty.

    • Mr. Longmore has stated multiple times that people like your husband aren’t being honest and that there is no racism in VT. So which is it? Are you agreeing there is racism to be combatted or not because Keith doesn’t think so.

    • Mr. Longmore doesn’t believe that black people are profiled – that’s why he’s against the BEI committee in the first place.

    • I tried, I don’t know if it will go anywhere, but I did get a thank you response from Fox.

  14. Wow…….Guy Page, you’ve definitely made a big impression here; Kudo’s, Thank you and Keep up the good work. Thanks to Mr. Longmore and AnnM for telling her story……This Agenda we are seeing is gonna get worse before it gets better……..or so I’m thinking! We need all your voices to try as best to keep calm, and rational, and common sense oriented…….

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