Woodstock man killed mother’s friend, then himself: police

Jay Wilson, who police say shot and killed a man Tuesday in Woodstock, then shot and killed himself. Vermont State Police photo

Jay Wilson, the suspect in a fatal shooting Tuesday afternoon at 13 Slayton Terrace in the town of Woodstock, was located late Tuesday night deceased inside the house, state police say.

Precautionary measures that had been in place for residents of the area have been lifted.

Members of the Vermont State Police Tactical Services Unit discovered Wilson’s body with a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound after 11 p.m. while searching the house room by room following a multiple-hour effort to persuade Wilson to leave the residence. TSU members reported hearing a gunshot after they made entry into the home. Police believed Wilson had been in the house since early afternoon, but his whereabouts were unconfirmed until the search of the home was completed. No one else was located inside.

Throughout Tuesday afternoon and evening, police attempted to communicate with anyone who might have been in the house, including by loudspeaker and by calling Wilson’s cellphone. After those efforts were unsuccessful, the Vermont State Police deployed a number of alternative tactics, such as devices that emit a percussive noise and a bright light, and then irritant gas, designed to encourage an occupant of a residence to come out or make contact with the police. Those approaches also produced no response from Wilson.

The following details were provided in news coverage by News 10, in Albany NY:

“The incident began around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday when Woodstock police responded to 13 Slayton Terrace for a reported shooting, according to state police. The first officer who arrived at the scene found a dead man in the driveway. The officer was fired upon from the vicinity of the home, police said, and returned fire. It is not clear whether or not the shooter was injured in the exchange.

“One of the officers saw Wilson in the doorway of the house, according to police. The first-responding officers then took cover and called for backup. Police set up a perimeter around the house, but they thought it was possible that Wilson had left the house before the additional officers arrived, leading to a shelter-in-place order.”

The police investigation into this incident remains in its early stages. Now that the area has been cleared and deemed safe, members of VSP’s Crime Scene Search Team will begin processing the scene. This work will continue Tuesday night and Wednesday. The bodies of Wilson and the victim he is believed to have shot — an adult man who is friends with his mother — will be transported to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington for autopsies to determine the cause and manner of their deaths.

Police will release the identity of the shooting victim following notification and next of kin. On Wednesday, VSP will release the name of the Woodstock police officer involved in an exchange of gunfire with Wilson at the outset of this incident. Per standard protocol, when the Vermont State Police investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to the Vermont Attorney General’s Office and the State’s Attorney’s Office for independent reviews of the police officer’s use of force.

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  1. So they locked down an entire town for a man that never left the house.

    I think public safety is getting a little out of control…