Nolan on Biden’s speech: “Damage already done”

by Guy Page

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan said that now that Democrat-led police defunding has ravaged communities in Vermont, it’s a little late for President Joe Biden to call for police funding.

In his State of the Union speech last night, Pres. Biden called for funding police. Yesterday, Nolan issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address:

“While President Biden went out of his way to express opposition to the misguided ‘defund the police’ movement, the damage is already done and Vermont communities are paying the price. Crime has ravaged our cities, law enforcement is demoralized, the opioid epidemic is taking too many lives and public safety hangs in the balance. As U.S. Attorney, I consistently supported fully funding the police to ensure law enforcement has the resources to serve and protect our communities. And as Vermont’s next senator, I will always stand up against policies that are detrimental to our state, regardless of party lines. Congressman Welch cannot say the same, as he votes 100 percent of the time with his party in Washington. Vermont can do better with a fresh perspective from its leaders in Congress and I am running to be an independent voice that will work across the aisle to do the right thing for our state.”

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  1. You have our votes, Ms. Nolan. May I ask what we, as a state, can do to insure a fair election though?

  2. Is anyone going to stop legalized prostitution in Burlington? What is going on up there? Are they trying to make Burlington into Amsterdam? What ARE they thinking?

    • Have you been there recently? It’s gone……a big hole in the ground, surrounded by people arguing over whether to hire a decent police chief. Stay away of you value your health, safety and general livelihood.

  3. Good luck Christina ! Peter Welch is a tool, no more, no less. He needs to go ! Preferably back to Massachusetts, where he came from.

  4. Indeed. Just look at the serious crimes in Vermont within the last month. Federal weapons charges, murders, robberies, etc. are rampant. Thank you Ms. Nolan for taking a stand.

  5. Ms. Nolan understands the fundamental concept that it is the FIRST RESPONSIBILITY of government to have a system in place to protect it’s law-abiding citizens from those who behave in a predatory manner. Before any semblance of an organized society can ever evolve, A CREDIBLE system of sanctions against predatory individuals has to be in place. This concept is completely lost on demoprog leftists.

  6. Thank you Christina Nolan for the work you have done in the past for Vermont’s citizens. Glad you are taking every opportunity to highlight the differences between you and Rep. Welch. As you say much damage has occurred already and continues as the Democratic administration pays no attention to the drug trade across across our Southern Vermont and the resulting drug murders.

  7. Welch is a deceiver, so much evil in such a tiny man. Thank you and God’s speed.

  8. Dementia Joe’s Foster Brooks imitation is spot on, I wrote down the slurred, garbled BS as it came & here’s some tidbits of his “speech”—:freedy loving nations”, ” a pound of Ukrainian people”, hearts & should of the Iranian people”, “the poor will way up”, “devastating infects of climate change”, “we’ll buy America”, “lower the cost of families”, “incredibly infective vaccines”, “stop sending each other as enemies”,”immicration judges”, “protecting aging (asian) Americans”, “thank you, & GO GET HIM!”..The packed house was a cavalcade of bad dentures & comb-overs, luckily Bernie was smart & in NYC for a Colbert Show appearance. Bufoon Biden veered from creepy whispers to outright anger & senile agitation, and WHAT was w/Pelosi rubbing her hands and jumping up during the part about “burn pits”? They are ALL burnt toast, I’m ashamed for my government’s appearance.

    • If I didn’t know better, I’d have swore that Pelosi had something hidden under her desk or on her chair that made her very happy, or maybe she just found Slo Joe’s stand-up act just that funny !

  9. Ms Nolan, what is your position on Term Limits for Congress? And I refer to “term limits” with NO paycheck for life after “service”; which it is far-far from at this time, and for some time past?
    What is your position related to insider trading…stock trading with inside information for Senate, Congress, Federal Reserve, ect…..

  10. And now let’s throw prostitution in the defunded police circus ring .Prostitution by any other name is still prostitution and invites crime and human trafficking .

  11. As Vermonts Independent Candidate for US Senate . I would Like to Point Out Very Clearly . Miss Nolan will never Mention , Joker Joe was not Legally Elected . Any Candidate that would Run on a Pretense of Knowledge and Refuse to address Real Issues , is Not for the People of Vermont

    • When she becomes a member of Congress, she will have the opportunity to investigate election fraud. We can only hope that she is not prevented from being lawfully elected by said fraud with the party of the KKK in charge in VT.

  12. Ms Nolan is an independent. Not a republican. Will not work for the republican party. And her being gay will keep me ,based on Biblical teachings from supporting her.

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