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Meg Hansen succeeds Rob Roper as EAI president

By John McClaughry

Meg Hansen became the new president of the Ethan Allen Institute on March 1, EAI announced today. Hansen, who joined EAI’s Board of Directors in January, has been active in the fields of public policy, grassroots advocacy, and related media initiatives since Vermont became her home over a decade ago. She fell in love with the region (and her now husband) while earning a graduate degree in the humanities from Dartmouth College (2014).

Hansen is trained in medicine (MBBS – British equivalent of an MD). Though she does not practice as a doctor, she is a member of the Vermont Medical Reserve Corps. Her policy analyses and sociopolitical commentary frequently appear in Vermont publications. She has also created a policy-focused television program on the YCN Channel (airing in NH, NY, and VT). From 2011 to 2015 Hansen served as the executive director of a think tank called Vermonters for Health Care Freedom.

“The Ethan Allen Institute provides intellectually robust and pro-liberty alternatives to Vermont’s leftward drift. Rob Roper and John McClaughry, supported by David Flemming, Bill Sayre (Common Sense Radio), and the Board, have built widespread respect and credibility for the Institute with their policy solutions and leadership. I am honored to join EAI’s stellar team,” Hansen said.

Outgoing president Rob Roper will move to an expanded role on the Board of Directors. “After nine-plus years at the helm, it’s time for me to turn the leadership of the organization over to an exceptional person with new ideas and fresh energy,” he said. “Meg has an inspired vision for the Institute over the next five years, and I’m eager to help her bring EAI to the next level of influence and impact in Vermont.”  

Hansen said, “EAI’s mission has always been to educate Vermonters on the principles of a free society. To this end, it is essential that we connect knowledge production with public outreach, especially to a younger audience. We’ll own our own space in the media universe – through social media content production, podcasting, and peer-to-peer campaigns – to better advance EAI’s ‘Ideas for Vermont‘s Future’,” Hansen added.

The author, a Kirby resident, is founder and vice-president of the Ethan Allen Institute. To read all EAI news and commentary, go to

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  1. Thanks to John McClaughry, Rob Roper and now Meg Hansen, the Ethan Allen Institute has kept the light lit on those most precious of gifts given to us by our Creator: the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    And what better day to make this announcement than on Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent?

    Moving this analogy from the preparation and celebration of the Easter Resurrection… to the preparation and celebration of the resurrection of our Constitutional rights… as the free Americans we were born to be.

    God Bless the United States of America.

    Thank you Ethan Allen Institute!

  2. Thank you Meg Hanson. The Institute is blessed to have you. You’re a asset to the continuing dialogue.

  3. Truly an admirable women. Your husband is an extremely lucky man. I wish you both all the best and pray for the rise in your influence in legislation.

  4. I’ve known Meg since she announced her run for Lt Governor. She’s a gift to our state and a strong, articulate conservative with a passion for the people and liberty of Vermont. Two thumbs WAY up!

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