McGuinness: Levine admits adverse vax reactions. Education Secretary would ‘push the needle’ anyway

Senators, Health Dept. Commissioner Mark Levine react as Education Secretary Dan French (bottom) talks about ‘pushing the needle‘ on vaccination. Vermont Legislature website screenshot.

by Renee McGuinness

Vermont State Senators Campion, Lyons, Hooker, Chittenden, and Perchlik discussed school vaccination with Health Commissioner Levine and Education Secretary French during the February 16, 2022, Senate Committee on Education meeting, found here:

@ 21:25, after Commissioner Levine states one shot is useless, he says he, “does not want to appear non-compassionate because there may be people who said, ‘my adverse reaction was so severe that I cannot get another dose of this,’ and I have to respect that.”

Given Dr. Levine’s acknowledgement of vaccine adverse events, there is no need for further discussion about increasing vaccination rates and vaccine mandates in schools.

Needle-related levity in rural vaccination discussion at 46:20 mark

When there is risk, there must be choice. End of discussion.

At 45:30 Secretary French engages in divisive political commentary, claiming because Chittenden County’s population is more progressive, it is more interested in mitigation measures than rural towns in Vermont and residents of densely populated cities in southern New England states; He defines them as “tough nuts to crack relative to vaccination” . . . “people of color distrust government and so forth . . .” Secretary French further incites division, “we have this other Vermont, as well, as you get out in the rural landscape . . . the last mile . . . we have to get down to those small, very small economies of scale to push a needle on vaccination, that’s a good one too, ‘push the needle on vaccination.’” Everyone participating the Zoom discussion smile and chuckle: Campion, Lyons, Hooker, Chittenden, Perchlik, Levine, and French.

Ah, yes, “Push the needle on vaccination” is such a clever catchphrase, isn’t it?

Pushing vaccination on “vaccine-hesitant” people in rural areas, densely populated southern New England towns, and on people of color when there is risk of vaccine injury and death is light-hearted discussion, is it not?

Is it true Progressives are more interested in mitigation measures than other demographic groups? From appearances, Progressive government officials are only interested in applying mitigation measures that are deleterious to health: masks that cause learning delays and social/emotional trauma as well as potential adverse health effects; isolation that causes despair and damages people’s livelihoods; and vaccines that carry risk of significant injury or death. 

Where is discussion of mitigation strategies for vulnerable populations while preserving the right for people to live their lives?

@48:54 Campion asks why there is only 66% uptake of a third shot. Levine states the CDC reports there is less likelihood of an adverse systemic reaction from the third shot than from the second shot, so that should be “reassuring” to those who are worried that “oh, I didn’t do so well with the first and the second, I don’t even want to try the third.” For the second time, Commissioner Levine acknowledges adverse reactions that are severe enough that people are not willing to accept more shots.

@51:15 Senator Perchlik asks about “some database” of adverse events his constituents have brought to his attention. He appeals to an authority figure – Commissioner Levine – to receive instruction on how to respond to his constituents rather than educating himself. Levine responds that every report of vaccine injury is “not a reason to warn people never to get the vaccine.” It is, however, the reason people must have a choice whether to accept vaccines free from limits on our right to work, receive an education, and participate in society. 

The author is an Addison County resident. A version of this article was sent as an open letter to Vermont lawmakers.

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  1. Mr. French comes across as self-satisfied and
    arrogant here. How awful that we have a smug smart-aleck in the position of Education Secretary. Another one on the list for roto-rooting.

    • well, not only here…PLEASE watch other videos of this buffoon. Its all the same

  2. Just remember folks…..a ‘Safe and Effective’ injection for something only slightly worse than the common flu. Yay Government!

  3. Funny how, for the second year in a row, nobody got sick with a common cold or the seasonal flu. It’s a miracle!!

    • The true Miracle is that very few have noticed that Covid magically replaced them.


  4. Our elected representatives should be ashamed of themselves for scheming to bully VT residents into giving up their rights to medical choice.

  5. Most “vaccine-hesitant” people did their homework early, and that is precisely why they remain unvaccinated. They’re not sitting on the fence wondering, “Should I, shouldn’t I?”

    The “some database” Senator Perchlik can’t name is VAERS. Levine appears oblivious to the fact that there have been more reported deaths following Covid vaccinations than for all vaccines put together for the last 30+ years. So he either doesn’t look at VAERS, or he has and remains willfully ignorant. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just a Big Pharma stooge who will never admit the truth.

  6. Did you see the article in Epoch Times reports on a Sweedish study on mRNA changes from Pfizer vaccines that changes DNA?

    “In this study we present evidence that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 is able to enter the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro,” the researchers wrote in the study, published in Current Issues of Molecular Biology. “BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA as fast as 6 [hours] after BNT162b2 exposure.”

    The actual study can be found at

  7. If Alex’s BFF reference to our State Health Commissioner Dr. Levine and Fauci doesn’t startle you, check out the files in this folder.

    This has a condensed report on what Dr. Breggin author of We Are the Prey and Dr. Ardis – the Run Death is Near (Remdesivir) doctor from the Vermont Global Covid Summit in mid January. It also has excerpts from Robert F Kennedy’s recent book on Fauci with a free link to an audio version of the book. There are also short references to other studies.

  8. Lets call them what they all are: Vermont tried and true, loyal and blue, EUGENICISTS.
    Carrying on the Vermont tradition of killing those the elite consider dirty, less than, undesireable, in the way, inconvenient, make them uncomfortable, or disagree with them. Or have the wrong lipstick, the wrong perfume, wrong car, wrong neighborhood. Take your pick.

    These buffoons are CORRUPT TO THE CORE. I hope they all read this.
    Take a look in the mirror children.
    The one pulling your strings is the Devil himself, and you are colluding in mass genocide.

    Just few lives wrecked, until its your own.
    Unfortunately, those are the stats… vaccine hesitancy comes from knowing they are ineffective and don’t work.
    That’s it.

    You’re pushing an agenda now the rest of the world is dropping.
    What is yours?
    Just kill and maim a few more Vermonters by continuing to PUSH THE NEEDLE?
    Satan in the house. And smiling. All those souls lost.

  9. Deuteronomy 32:35 NKJV

    Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
    Their foot shall slip in due time;
    For the day of their calamity is at hand,
    And the things to come hasten upon them.’

  10. The recently released documents of the clinical trials from Pfizer (which they fought to withhold for 75 years) contains 9-10 pages of reported adverse reactions from 12/20-2/21. A number of healthy, young, athletes still dropping dead. Morticians reporting very gruesome things they are encountering. Criminal investigations underway in Europe (crimes against humanity.) The evidence continues to mount, yet the Ghouls of Pervmont are not finished finishing us off.

  11. Spot on guy! Scott stepped away leaving medical decisions up to an educator! Levin needs to put his foot down, no masks. At a minimum leave it up to the school boards!

  12. Re: “When there is risk, there must be choice. End of discussion.” Try saying this the next time the country has to institute a draft. But it’s good you think this way, because pregnancy is risky, too.

    • I do not understand what point you are trying to make by conflating these issues. If a couple does not want the risks associated with pregnancy, including pregnancy itself, they can choose to abstain from the activity that can result in pregnancy. Once a woman is pregnant, there are a minimum of three people involved, with the termination of that pregnancy resulting in the murder of one (or more) persons who have no choice in the matter. If a person does not want to risk vaccine injury, they can choose not to receive a vaccine. I am opposed to mandatory registration in the event of a draft for war that serves to empower and enrich cabals, which is the purpose of most wars. I look forward to the day when swords are beaten into plowshares.

  13. Proof they would rather injure the kids physically and psychologically than stop pushing the agenda.
    More than stupidity, pure evil.

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