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Montpelier and Concord, the Forgotten Capitals

By Alex Nuti-de Biasi, Editor, Journal Opinion

You can file the following item under “Amusing Spam,” but it struck us as not surprising that both Concord and Montpelier cracked the top 10 of the most forgotten state capitals per a popular online quiz platform.

Some folks dove into the results of the U.S. Capitals quiz over on Sporcle. They found the capitals of Missouri, New Hampshire, and West Virginia to be among an “elite” tier of most-forgotten capitals.

Does this sound familiar to geography teachers?

Vermont was sixth.

Our take? Alliteration helps. If the painfully bland “Dover, Delaware” can crack the top half, then New Hampton and Vergennes have compelling cases for capital relocation.

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  1. Add me to 5bd I don’t know list cause I thought San Francisco was the capital of the Vermont universe. My bad.

  2. Ask Vermonters if we are Republic or Democracy…

    Those results would be interesting.