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VT Headlines: VT state websites experience widespread outage

WCAXFaced with dwindling troopers, Vt. State Police realign staffing
WCAXFood shelf sees record need as Burlington’s homeless population surges
WCAXVermont state websites experience widespread outage
WCAXSouth Burlington investigating a carjacking outside apartment complex
NBC 5Abortion-rights supporters display abortion advocacy quilt in Rutland
NBC 5Vermont adoption process to provide more information to adoptees
WCAXVt. congressional delegation to hold town meeting on youth mental health crisis
WCAXState leaders push for e-bike use with new incentives

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  1. As to Vt State Troopers… Under the Constitution, Town Police and State Troopers have absolutely NO POWER..They Work for the Franchise Under the Criminal US FEDERAL Corporation.. This corporation has absolutely no Standing nor do they have any power or control over citizens of the US who do not work for this Criminal Corporation.

    When the Citizens learn About this Criminal Scam I fear the price to pay will be very similar to the French Revolution in times past.. People will remember and pay back will happen.. I hope not but ……

    THE ONLY PERSON with Police Powers are the Sheriffs duly elected by the citizens of Vermont; per the Constitution.. Duly elected does not meet the honest standard in Vermont, I suspect this state for decades have done the same process as 2020.. Which is a TREASON Offence.

  2. Concerning the Homeless and car jacking; why doesn’t this stupid legislator allow more illegal’s into the state in-conjunction with the Criminal US Corporation; by the way, which is now bankrupt and defunct; referring not to the Republic now operating under Continuity of Government law. By the way this operation is according to the original 1776 Constitution.
    Have a wonderful day…

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