Mermel TV ad compares Senate opponent Nolan to ‘woke’ Sarah George

Still shot from campaign ad aired by campaign to elect Myers Mermel to U.S. Senate.

Myers Mermel of Manchester has launched his television campaign in his bid for the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, saying he is “the true conservative candidate in the race” between him, former U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan and retired U.S. Army officer Gerald Malloy.

The television ad (viewable here) portrays Mermel’s view of Christina Nolan’s record: opioid drug deaths doubling, crime rising to a 10-year high, and her settlement failure with Purdue Pharma. “Christina Nolan’s record makes her equal to woke prosecutor Sarah George and her concept of ‘Restorative Justice’,” a campaign statement says.

“Everybody knows Christina was tough on crime during her time as U.S. Attorney. Any attempt to compare her to Sarah George is laughable. This is just a desperate attempt by an irrelevant campaign to try and gain traction before the primary,” said Jake Monssen, Campaign Manager for Christina Nolan.

Mermel said he is focused on the top issues for Vermonters. “I’m a businessman with a plan to end inflation, get gas back under $2, bring prescription drug prices down, and make food affordable again,” says Mermel in the 30-second advertisement.

With only 13% of Americans rating the economy as “excellent/good” and three-quarters concerned by rising prices (source), Mermel cited a plan to tackle inflation and fix the economy. Detailed on his website, Mermel would cut wasteful federal spending, lower taxes, and fire Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen for bowing to the Administration’s pressure and ignoring inflation.

Also contained in the campaign advertisement, set to run through Election Day on August 9, Mermel outlines his support for police and a no compromise promise on defending the 2nd amendment. Positions confirmed by Governor Mike Huckabee in his endorsement of Mermel, “Myers is a strong defender of the Second Amendment for all Vermonters. I know this from the times we have hunted ducks together. Myers is also a strong supporter of law enforcement and will ensure resources are available for them to hire more officers and continue to keep Vermonters safe in the face of rising crime and the removal of resources from the police.”

This media buy is the start of a full speed sprint towards Election Day for the campaign. With around three weeks left, the campaign will be continuing to run digital advertising, increasing their presence on television, and starting a media blitz.
Mermel “is a husband, father, and a Methodist,” the campaign statement said. He received a B.A. from the University of Vermont and holds a masters in American History from Columbia University and a masters in theology from Yale University. Mermel has a 35 year career in Real Estate Finance in New York City, overseeing the relocation of over 300,000 high-paying jobs.

Prior to his career in finance, he was a White House intern under George H.W. Bush while attending UVM. Myers Mermel served as a National Finance Chair for Mike Huckabee’s 2008 Presidential run and was on the ground with him through Iowa and South Carolina. He was also New York State Grass Roots Chair for John McCain. – Republished with minor edits from Myers Mermel campaign statement.

Editor’s note: candidate Nolan and others are welcome to respond in the comments section of submit an op-ed or news story at news@vermontdailychronicle.com.

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  1. Thanks a lot Myers……there’s no way you’re being selected in the Primary, but enough will vote for you ANYWAY in the General to simply crown Welsh the next US Senator.

    Vermont is NOT electing a “conservative” whether you, me, or your friends like it or not. But we do have an opportunity to not let Welch destroy VT forever with the rest of the crazies people shall elect due to, in part: apathy, ignorance, & “rote” style typical voting habits.

    Throwing a candidate into this mix who has an essentially zero chance of getting elected is your right, albeit at this precarious time – a wrong. A wrong for Vermont’s sake.

    Our wishy washy left-leaning (to put it mildly) is NOT a good Republican. But do we run an arch conservative eventually against David Zuckerman? The answer should be a big no. Zuckerman is itching to gain the Governor’s seat & turn VT socialist.

    • Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and I agree with much of what you say. Here’s my question, what’s the difference between a RINO who will vote with the dem/progs like a Susan Collins or Mittens Romney and a Dem/prog? We have been beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out which of the two evils to vote for, for years. I can’t wait for a voter epiphany. Even if Welch wins, a sorry day for VT, he will be worthless with the coming red wave. He’s worthless now and will be as a senator. Vote for conservative values or surrender to the Dem/Prog agenda of which Ms. Nolan will assist in.

  2. Myers Mermel is a terrible candidate…and embodies everything wrong with politics today.

  3. Actually, Mermel is a flat out liar. Christina Nolan’s accomplishments are well documented and her record could not differ more from that of Sarah George. Mermel is dragging us to a new low in Vermont politics. He needs to go back to wherever he came from.

    • Christina Nolan says confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to nation’s high court
      True North Reports / March 29, 2022
      On Monday, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney and currently a Republican candidate for US. Senate issued the following statement supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson for US. Supreme Court:

      “I have been impressed with Judge Jackson’s performance and support her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court. She has the required legal experience, temperament and clear understanding of the judicial branch’s role interpreting the law. As a former prosecutor, I will always treat each judicial nominee with the respect they deserve and vote for or against them based solely on their qualifications even if I may not agree with every decision they’ve ever made. Politics should play no role in the confirmation process, a lesson that Washington politicians on both sides have sadly strayed from in recent years. Finally, March is Women’s History Month, and diversity is crucially important in all facets of public life. As a candidate to become Vermont’s first female senator, I believe Judge Jackson will bring much-needed diversity to the highest Court in the land, and hope that she is confirmed swiftly”.

      Let’s not confirm her because she’s the best. Let’s confirm her because we need “diversity” on the court. This is supposed to be the person we would have as a US Senator from Vermont? She would vote for them on their qualifications even though the decisions they made fly against the Constitution. She is ok with them allowing unconstitutional laws to stand? A vote for Christina Nolan is another John Cornyn (R-Texas), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).



    • If one looks closely at the policies in Vermont over the last couple of decades, haven’t we have been the petri dish for the leftist ideas, we are the DS testing ground, once things get passed in this low information to the voter state, Vermont, they then take the policies to California and get it put into effect there. . . .

  6. Desperate move by a candidate with zero to report to campaign fundraising. This means he has raised less than 500. TV ad? He can’t pay to play it on tv

    • He filed on the last legal day to file which I’m pretty sure is the 26 of July, might be off a day, not positive. His total reads $115,530 at this point. He loaned himself $70,000 If you look at his receipts you need to click on RAW on the left hand side of the table to view them. He reported a total of 21 donors.

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