Letter: College chum says VT needs Joe Benning

To the editor: The Vermont Republican Party has seen better days.  The party has seen dropping numbers in the legislature and dropping numbers of candidates willing to run.  We need candidates which inspire hope, not fear.  We need real Vermont Republican values from our candidates, not flattering rhetoric to powerful interests from outside the state.  We need educated, thoughtful solutions from candidates with long records of public service.  We need measured responses that are good for all Vermonters. We need a steady hand on the gavel in the Senate, someone who knows and loves this chamber.  We need Joe Benning.

This is why we need to get out and vote for Joe Benning for Lt. Governor August 9th Joe has worked with Governor Scott on numerous occasions and will bring a team back to the two highest offices in Vermont.  Before he can begin his campaign in earnest for the office, he must win the primary.  Joe needs your support.

I have known Joe for more than 45 years, dating back to our years together at Lyndon State (Vermont State University Lyndon).  He is a respected member of Vermont’s legal profession.  If you have not met Joe yet, I urge you to get out and meet him at events around the state this summer.  And when you do meet him in person, or listen or watch him as a candidate, you will be convinced, as I am, he is THE candidate worthy of your support. – Paul Cook, Barre

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  1. You can line up ALL the friends, supporters, the Vermont RHINO Governor and the RHINO Republican Party Leadership to try and sell Joe Benning as “good for Vermont,” but you won’t convince common sense, moral, observant Vermont Voters.

    Joe is an example of the typical, arrogant, elitist, out of touch, tyrannical politician that “We the People” reject. He is why Donald Trump was elected. He is why people want nothing to do with a State Republican Party that supports him and allows him to be called a Republican.

    You guys have it backwards. You think your “believe whatever” “big tent” is a winning strategy for State Republicans. Really “look and see!” It has been a loosing strategy and disaster for years yet, you keep using it over and over denying the losses. Insanity?

    Joe and the other Republicans who voted for Article 22 have sunk to a new low and shown us they have no morals or thinking ability. While “science” is showing us more everyday about human life in a woman’s womb, these so-called representatives go off the rails with wanting to enshrine “reproductive autonomy” (whatever that means) in our State Constitution. Do we even know what worms will crawl out of that two word phrase?

    If Joe believes in personal autonomy, where was he when his tyrannical buddy Phil went along with all the Covid mandates and shut downs? Being forced to take an experimental shot is illegal and Unconstitutional. Where was your voice For The People then Joe?

    We need REFORM in Montpelier! Throw out the controlling, elitist tyrants who ignore our Constitutions!

    Vote in REAL REPUBLICANS!! VOTE FOR: Greg Thayer, Stephen Bellows, Gerald Malloy and Anya Tynio.

  2. Sure would be nice if “vtbeliever” would come out from behind his (or her) pseudonym so we could all know who is spewing this trash.

    • Actually, you and others are a good reason for term limits. Look what you have done to the party. Those of us who don’t put are names up don’t trust you and we are not the ones in power to take rights away from citizens or propose and support the killing of babies and ruining our constitution that you all swear to protect and defend. Please retire.

    • May I ask what would be done to this person should they use their real name? Blackballed? Doxed? The Devil is a lie and those propping up that Devil will be harshly judged. The days of evil bringing darkness and fear upon the People are over – repent or suffer the consequences.

    • What really bothers you Mr. Koch? Are you also a RHINO supporting Joe Benning the RHINO that really should be on the Progressive Party Ballot?

    • Maybe you also missed two important parts of the most recent Vermont Republican Platform. Please allow me to remind you.

      1.) We value the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

      2.) Care for vulnerable children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and those
      unable to care for themselves.

    • What difference would it make? And, why is it trash to have conservative concerns given Benning’s conduct in the senate. Your Rino colors are shining brightly.

  3. Apparently thinks that the Vermont Republican Party has too many members. I believe he slams Phil Scott as a “RINO.” I suspect he had the same opinion of Scott Milne. As we move down ballot, the vote for Brooke Paige probably displays the number of good old hardshell Republicans at about 28% of the electorate. dismisses Scott as not being a real Republican — because he won. And Scott Milne at 44% also got too many votes. So for all his complaining and grousing and moaning, how does propose to get 7% more Vermonters to pick Scott Milne, or 70,000 more Vermonters to pick Brooke Paige? There is an ancient proverb, that “the bee’s honey wins more friends than the wasp’s sting.”

  4. I attended Lyndon State College and graduated, class of 1991. Joe Benning was my criminal law professor. He was good in that role, at that time. As a state senator, and someone who I believed was a solid defender of truth and liberty I have been terribly disappointed in Joe’s silence regarding forced injections of the mRNA “vaccines” and the damage the lockdown policies have done to Vermonters and their lives. I am also disgusted that Joe was silent in condemning the destruction of our once great American cities by violent leftist extremists in the summer of 2020.. I suppose there would be no Vermont Democrat votes to be gained by taking a stand for the truth. For these reasons I will be voting for Gregory Thayer for Lieutenant Governor.

    • The first lesson told to me by my law professor was the US Constitution is the law of the land. The same professor wrote a book entitled ” Crime Scene Investigation, Criminalistics, and The Law. We have many lawyers, officers of the courts, who are witnessing and participating in clear violations of the US Constitution and the Vermont Constitution. As well as perpetrating and condoning clear violations of civil rights. Based on my pre-law lessons, these violations should result in loss of their law licenses and disbarment. In absense of those consequences, we have a belligerent, illegitimate, unlawful justice system in this Republic and State. These officers of the court should be ashamed of themselves – they are disgrace to the profession.

  5. Hey Tom Koch, thanks for speaking out to attack someone who has the facts to put you and Chairman Dame in your place.
    Joe Benning is no more a Republican than Bernie Sanders, Phil Scott, Dame or you.
    And neither are Beck, Leffler, Sheuermann, Walker and Martin. All of whom voted for and support Prop 5 / Article 22. Scott and Benning are both bragging about voting for it in November.
    You know all of these people. Because you, Dame and two thirds of the VTGOP voted to protect them at the Platform Committee meeting on April 30th in South Burlington.
    You and Dame both spoke about how much damage the Amendment I wrote to give the membership the ability to remove all endorsements and financial support from those who won’t adhere to the VTGOP Platform would cause. ( Circular Firing Squad ring a Bell ? It should, both you and Benning used it to to attack me for trying to have the Platform actually mean something )
    You know, the rules that state we support life from the moment of conception and the one that says while individual Republicans may have diverse opinions such differences should not deflect from advancing the principles which unite us as a party.
    But, you and Dame gloated when my Amendment was defeated.
    Thank God ! Now you can open ” The Big Tent ” you both want.
    You know, the one where you said you would not tell Republican candidates what they should believe or support. Kinda defeats the purpose of a Platform don’t you think ? Who really cares if they’re Republicans or not ?
    The fact of the matter is that many Real Republicans are stepping up and speaking out.
    Scott, Benning, Beck, Leffler, Sheuermann, Walker and Martin have no place in the VT Republican Party.
    You and Dame are the reason I resigned from the VTGOP Platform Committee. Because you and Dame are the reason the Republican Party of VT has lost all credibility. If you don’t stand for anything you fall for everything.
    Feel free to respond. I’d love to see how you would try to defend anything you and Dame have done to the party.
    In case you missed it, my name is right there at the beginning.

    • Well said, well said. The proof will be in this year’s election pudding. My guess is Scott will be the only winner. Which makes sense because he voted for Build Back Better and Joe Biden. So he’s really a Dem, in Dem majority state.

      Making the party weaker every year, year after year.

      Of course that’s the plan, if it weren’t they’d be doing something else. What amazes me is 2/3 of the party thinks it’s a good idea.

      We’d be so much better off starting over with only 112,704 people in the party….thow the rest oud and start from scratch. Can’t build a republic when half the team is marxist.

  6. No, I didn’t miss it, Jim. And the fact that you are willing to stand up and own what you write helps give it, in my opinion, a degree of respectability and authority. I disagree with much of what you say and write, but at least I know with whom I am exchanging views. The same cannot be said of those who write anonymously or under a pseudonym.

    • Hear, hear, on pseudonyms.

      However, I find Joe Benning to be disingenuous, at best.

      • Hear, Hear, did you forget about the law passed by these politicians to protect themselves from attacks of violence from the citizens. What if the accusations are false? A politician who lies to his/her oath to defend and not harm the Vermont constitution, then does, is not worthy of my trust. We engage in political ideas here, but none of us have the power to alter people’s lives. Who are the arbitrators of what constitutes a threat of violence? I don’t trust people who violate their oaths of office or continue to destroy our constitution.

      • Dano: Clarification please. Are you complaining about something I said? Or did you inadvertently ‘reply’ to my post?

      • Appeared to me that you were against people not using their names. I explained why we don’t. Tom Koch and Joe Benning would appear to be those who would like to punish people speaking out. Especially after seeing what Joe Benning did to Greg Thayer in print. I don’t want vindictive people in government. Tom Koch has been there too long.

      • Okay. I get it. Using your real name opens the door to the political elite targeting you personally for your threatening behavior… whether or not its actually threatening.

        But I’m afraid your use of a pseudonym isn’t going to protect you…. even a little bit. If these people want to know who you are, they’ll find out.

        I understand your paranoia. It’s just that I’m old enough to not care what they do to me. I’m going to call it like it is. My point is that using a pseudonym detracts from your credibility. In fact, it’s arguably hypocritical. While we expect people to stand up for what they believe and to run for office on our behalf, what incentive do they have to do so if the people cheering them on don’t show the same courage and resolve?

      • I suppose that you believe that I don’t already know that. Quite frankly, I don’t care if they know but I just recorded my thoughts pertaining to them. My background will alert anyone who decides to slander or punish me in any way, that they will have a fight on their hands.

        You on the other hand, take the elitist approach always trying to be above anyone who comments here. Whatever I do or talk about is my right and my opinion. I don’t know your history, but I can see why you can’t bring people together because you believe you are above their intelligence level. I am probably older than you, was born here, raised a family here and assisted numerous people and businesses to overcome problems. I’m not paranoid as you assumed, but I am careful and not looking for notoriety like you.

        Perhaps you should understand that we all come from a different perspective, and you might lighten up on your assumptions. It would be better to all be on the same page and understand that we are not all like you or less than you. Our mission should be to remove the politicians who are destroying our state. We can only do that if we are united. Maybe now you will get it.

      • PS Jay, I missed your credibility comment because it’s late. You apparently need praise for what you write. My goal is to write to make people think. If people can’t think critically about a problem, that’s not my concern. My words are out there for people who can think on their own to contemplate. There is nothing hypocritical about being anonymous with opinionated comments. Infact, you have almost stated that we should just give up because the progressives will win no matter what, in so being defeated already. So why should we write anything? Let’s all just surrender. Winning battles is how you win a war, not by surrendering. I could say that your defeatist attitude is hypocritical to our mission.

      • Dano, I said nothing to the effect of your suppositions and conjectures. Those are you opinions.

        And I’m the last person to claim that I can determine a person’s state of mind. And neither can you. You may think you can. And you have the right to do so (as long as Guy Page allows it, of course). But, for the record, in this case, you are incorrect in your judgement of me.

        What I am saying is, that what I say can be attributed to me. And while you may not know my public (and to a limited extent my personal) history, that’s because you’ve chosen not to check it out. I’ve put it out there for all to see. On the other hand, I have no idea who you are. You could be a progressive-democrat troll for all I know. So, I have to take whatever you say with that caution.

    • Spoken like a true RHINO!
      It’s NOT the content, meaning or truth of what someone says, it’s knowing who has said it. Are you sure you don’t REALLY identify as a Progressive, Marxist or Socialist?

      • Clarification please… who are you calling a ‘true RHINO” (SIC)?

        It’s RINO, BTW – Republican In Name Only.

  7. You disagree with much of what I say and write………
    Then tell everyone that you support the seven people I called out for spitting in the face of every Real Vermont Republican by their votes for and support of Prop 5 / Article 22.
    Because your’s and Chairman Dames silence is complicity.
    Does the VTGOP Platform stand for anything or not ?
    If it does, these people must be removed from the Party.

  8. My name is Brian Judd and I am running for State Representative for the City of Barre. I am a Conservative First and a Republican Second. I am Not a RINO ( Republican In Name Only). Please vote for me on Tuesday August 9, 2022 in the Republican Primary.

    I was born and raised in Barre City. My entire childhood I lived on Academy Street, numbers 3, 7 and 5 in that order. We lived on Academy Street because my family operated and then owned Hooker & Whitcomb Funeral Home. After graduating Spaulding High School I joined the Navy. In 1983, I completed my 5 year commitment and was Honorably Discharged. After being home for two years I got the itch to travel again and moved to Florida. While in Florida I became an Ocean Lifeguard in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Beach Florida and had the opportunity to save peoples lives from drowning. After approximately five years in Florida I returned to Vermont. Monday morning, October 15, 1990 I came to and realized I had a problem with alcohol that I could not fix myself. I prayed to God for help and haven’t had a drink since. I pray every day and I continue to ask God for help and I ask him how I can help those who are similarly afflicted. In 1994 I moved to Santa Monica California to follow a dream to become an actor. After a year and a half of acting classes and working for six months, I qualified to join as a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. I did background acting work in commercials, soap operas, TV shows and movies; stand in work in TV shows; stunt work in movies and speaking parts in soap operas. Also during this time I would do painting and carpentry work as well. In 2014 I decided to go to college full time for the first time ever. In 2016 I graduated with an Associates Degree in General Science and in 2018 graduated with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Both degrees came from Santa Monica College in Santa Monica California. While there I also completed one semester of Respiratory Therapy.

    In July of 2019 I moved back home to Barre Vermont and I am never moving away from Vermont again. Shortly after moving back home I joined the Barre American Legion and in 2020 I was voted to the Executive Committee as the 3rd Officer at Large and currently still hold this position. Recently I became the liaison between the Barre American Legion and the Post 10 Legion Baseball Team. Barre City is my hometown and I love my hometown. I want to help make Barre City the best version of Barre City that Barre City can be. That is why I am running for State Representative for Barre City. I am a Conservative. I Will Never vote yes to raise taxes or create new taxes for Barre City. I Will Do everything in my power to keep Barre City Government from Expanding. We Don’t need more Taxes, we need to Stop Spending our Tax Dollars recklessly. Our Taxes are to be spent on Streets, Sidewalks and Bridges. If we curb the reckless spending we positively affect the inflation we are in. I believe in Peace and Prosperity. The only way we achieve that is with Law and Order. We are budgeted for more Police Officers and Resource Officers. We need to hire more Police Officers and we need to hire Full Time Resource Officers in all four of the Schools which fall under the Barre Unified Union School District. We need to enforce All the laws we already have before we start making new ones. With these Police Officers and Resource Officers enforcing our laws we can reduce crime and reduce the drug problems in our city. If I haven’t addressed your concerns, what are your concerns ? What 3 things would you like to see changed or kept the same ?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Below is my mailing address, phone number, email address and facebook page. Please reach out to me and let me know what I can do for you if I am elected to be a State Representative for the City of Barre. Please vote for me on Tuesday August 9, 2022. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Your Humble Servant,

    Brian Judd
    8 North St. # 1
    Barre, VT 05641

    • Mr. Judd: I suggest you offer your missive to Guy Page as a stand-alone article. In fact, I think all candidates should do so. Otherwise, your points are obscured in the comment section of this one unrelated article. In this case, I suspect, those people not interested in hearing anything Joe Benning says won’t read anything related to this article, and your points will be lost.

      I’d also like to hear more about your position on K-12 education, Vermont’s unfunded pension debt debacle, and the 2nd amendment.

  9. Hello H. Jay Eshelman,

    My post was written as a reply to Tom Koch who said, “No, I didn’t miss it, Jim. And the fact that you are willing to stand up and own what you write helps give it, in my opinion, a degree of respectability and authority. I disagree with much of what you say and write, but at least I know with whom I am exchanging views. The same cannot be said of those who write anonymously or under a pseudonym.”

    My post did not load as a reply to Mr. Koch and instead showed up farther down the page in another place. Thank you for asking.

    BTW – You say RINO, I say RHINO

    Free speech, Free thoughts, Free beliefs, Free ideas, Free to use names, Free to use pseudonyms – Individual Freedoms are the Beauty of our Constitutional Republic!

    • Re: “BTW – You say RINO, I say RHINO.” etc., etc..

      Indeed. There’s nothing in the Constitution requiring any of us to be courageous, forthright, or accurate in what we say. But when I take the time to say anything, I, at least, take the time to say it as clearly and accurately as I can – and I take personal responsibility for it. But that’s me. Again, you’re free to do whatever you like.

  10. Thank you Mr. Jay Eshelman. I do appreciate your unique point of view and personal opinions. I too am extremely grateful to be able to express my personal opinions. Living Free is wonderful! All the Best to You!

  11. Joe is going to suffer an epic loss against Zuckerman…..

    Vermont need Joe Benning, like Vermont needs more marxists, oh, I repeat myself.

    Seems all the real discussions are happening here, not on True North Reports, way to Guy!

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