Condos: Election fraud “insidious lie….driving a wedge between Americans”

Chief Vermont election official hasn’t seen ‘2000 Mules’

by Vermont Secretary of State James Condos

As we watch new information emerge from the January 6 Congressional hearings, one truth has been made crystal clear. Whether it’s insurrection at the Capitol or violent threats against election officials, these acts are a consequence of a single insidious lie: that voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 General Election.

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos

Despite the complete lack of evidence, this lie has gripped certain groups in the electorate and is at the center of the divisiveness driving a wedge between Americans.

We see it every day on social media, where a lie can be shared and spread rapidly, reaching thousands if not millions of people sometimes in a matter of minutes.

We all want our elections to be secure, accessible, accurate, and fair. Ensuring the accuracy of our elections is my #1 priority, and I hold steadfast faith in the integrity of our hardworking Town and City Clerks.

The ‘voter fraud’ lie is an insult to their diligent stewardship of Vermont elections, which are conducted on the local level. An attack on elections is an unfounded accusation of your neighbors, friends and local public servants. Even worse, it threatens to erode the public’s confidence in democracy itself.

So, what can we do? It starts by being cautious with what we share online. That means taking the time to investigate and verify the information and its sources. As I like to say: “Think before you link!”

I will continue to operate my office transparently and openly to all Vermonters. That includes ensuring the public’s access to our post-election audit, and to the results certification process. It is telling that the biggest skeptics of election integrity choose not to attend these important events: these events verify the accuracy and integrity of the elections process and do not fit the narrative these individuals have chosen to believe.

Our website is a treasure-trove of trusted, official elections information including a myth vs. fact page that tackles some of the most common pieces of disinformation we see on social media.

My office is always available to answer questions on social media, or by phone and email. Thank you for helping stop the spread of false, harmful information, and thank you for being a voter!

The author is the Vermont Secretary of State. He is not running for re-election. He has endorsed his chief deputy, Chris Winters, in the three-way race for the Democratic nomination August 9.

Editor’s note: after receiving this op-ed submission, I contacted the Secretary of State’s Office and asked whether the Secretary has seen ‘2000 Mules,’ the 2022 documentary describing how experts used cellphone geolocation to uncover alleged systemic ballot drop box fraud in Atlanta. A spokesperson said he hasn’t.

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  1. Condos has been trying to gaslight and shame ANYONE who believes that there was fraud and/or election problems in the 2020 Presidential season.

    He has repeated his DNC-inspired mantra for over a year now.

    Where was he when Hillary was touring the country saying that she was robbed of being elected??

    Don’t believe that man. Or, any party that gets its talking-points from Comedy Central.

  2. Condos is lying. There is more than enough proof to show election fraud. Liars lie. No one had more votes than President Donald J. Trump. Can anyone logically believe that the whole of United States would ever vote for Biden in a huge majority? No one wants the downfall of their own country, no one wants to be forced to take death shots, be forced to give up their private property, be forced to buy electric cars, solar panels, windmills, and no one will EVER give up or be forced from their Freedom.

    Liberty is from God not man.

  3. To Condos,

    Have you met with people throughout the State of Vermont who have evidence? It seems you would be interested?

    If you want us to trust or believe you Condos, how about we get rid of the tabulator machines for counting votes in Vermont? How do we know if our votes are counted correctly? The People used to count them physically on the same “one day voting” and it worked very well. You ruined that. Why?

    Why are you so controlling and dictatorial? Why did you take over Town Level decisions that should be left to The People at local levels? Why did you pass the mass mailing of Ballots in Vermont in the dark of night during Covid?

    With ALL that is allowed in Vermont Elections: early voting, absentee voting, same day registration, DMV voter registration, easy rules for seekers of new voter registrations, licenses used for voter registration when many non-citizens have licenses, drop boxes for ballots, mass mailing to ALL on Town Checklists, a 30 day time period to vote and NO VOTER ID, you have opened up our elections for many opportunities to cheat and commit fraud.

    Watching your actions and listening to your gas-lighting denials, it’s easy to conclude you don’t want Free and Fair Elections in Vermont. You have done a great job wreaking destruction and now you can retire with your State Pension and pat yourself on the back for being a very good Comrad. Will you be meeting with China again soon?

  4. Would Condos(m) be singing this same tune if the other party, the one I belong to, was as guilty of committing voter fraud as the records of some of the legal firms that are suing the D’s show, for 2020? Of course not, and this says it all. There has to be some reason why there is a mass exodus from the legislature, to also include the character referenced here.

  5. “Ensuring the accuracy of our elections is my #1 priority.” Yeah, sure…. Question for Jim Condos next time you talk to him, Guy: What tools do our town clerks have to determine if someone who gets someone else’ ballot in the mail fills that ballot out, signs it, and sends it in in that other person’s name? (Honest answer: there are none.) How would you catch and prosecute the person who committed this type of fraud? (Answer: Can’t) And, what policies have you put forward that would give election officials more tools to detect and prosecute fraud? (Answer again: none.) After what we saw in Victory, VT, and what we’re seeing in Westminister, VT now regarding cases in which voters who have ceased to reside or never resided in districts are still being allowed to vote in those districts, can you tell us how often this occurs throughout Vermont? (Nope. No you can’t).

  6. Insidious lie, complete lack of evidence??? Now those comments are insidious lies! Why was Trump number 19,in small print, out of over 20 candidates, on the absentee ballot, the last election cycle, when in the past, it was always the 2 major political parties, followed by the minor parties? What is the total amount of Zuckerbucks, that flowed into Vermont, the last election cycle? How much of those Zuckerbucks went through your office, and how was it divided to the towns? Who decided what towns got how much, under what criteria ? Me thinks, Mr. Secretary, you speak with a forked tongue. Did you run by the best unbiased security experts, the due diligence, required when selecting Dominium as the vender for the new voting system? Please post your answers in this forum, if not…all I can say is thou protest too much.

  7. Sure, everyone lost their minds when Trump won the election, and 2020 saw months of rioting, violence, and arson, but that doesn’t mean anyone would stoop so low as to cheat in an election where they couldn’t possibly get caught. Also, when a court throws out a case on standing, that’s basically the same as proving their evidence was all fake. Shhhh. There’s nothing wrong. You’re just maybe a little crazy, that’s all.

    • Re: “when a court throws out a case on standing, that’s basically the same as proving their evidence was all fake.”

      No, it isn’t. I don’t know if you’re lying or simply ignorant of the facts. But legal ‘standing’ has nothing to do with ‘evidence’. They are distinctly different aspects of the judicial process.

      A plaintiff’s lack of standing to sue for damages includes demonstrating that the plaintiff was harmed in some way. And proving a federal election harmed a given individual is equivalent to legal gymnastics. It’s about as close to a silver-bullet defense as civil-litigation defendants have at their disposal in federal court.

      It’s little wonder that you, and those with whom you agree, think ‘nothing is wrong’, when, without ‘standing’ and the due process it provides (i.e., evidentiary discovery and cross examination) there is no way of knowing the evidence, or if ‘something is wrong’ with it.

  8. And he admitted to not watching 2,000 mules. Someone mentioned it before that Dem/Progs act like they don’t know much when asked a question. The governor is famous for not knowing about anything outside VT and not much inside VT. This is in their play book, plead ignorance or refer to someone else who will get back to you later, much later.

  9. Just because Condos and State Legislators retire doesn’t mean that can’t be prosecuted. They can try and run away with $$$$$ taken from the taxpayers and Zuckerbucks, but it won’t change the facts that they’ve committed crimes and can and will be prosecuted. It’s only a matter of time. Truth always prevails.

  10. There is more than enough information and evidence out there to prove that Condos is the liar.

  11. It is the absolute right and responsibility of every citizen to question the policies and actions of our government. The gaslighting put forth by Condos and his cronies only encourages and energizes those of us that can smell the rot coming from the Democrats in our halls of power.

  12. Condos lies! His predecessor, Deb Markowitz, also lied – constantly. I have seen election fraud in Vermont with my own eyes. If you need your own proof then ask yourself how did an avowed communist, Bernie Sanders, get elected and re-elected when it is obvious that Vermont hates him. And how did we get stuck with the morally bankrupt Leahy and Welch for so many terms? Don’t tell me that Vermonters willingly voted to keep these three stooges in office.

    • Thank you, their longevity in office can only be accounted for by election vote miscounting, it certainly cannot be because these are the best Vermont has to offer. That is very sad. Also, vote tampering would also account for Scott, another democrat calling himself a republican.

  13. Our dear Mr. Condos needs to recheck his ‘facts’! He really should watch 2000 Mules movie. I also hear that much more incriminating evidence of election fraud is soon to emerge. Thanks Guy, for contacting his office.

  14. I cant prove the outcome was stolen but i can undoubtedly prove it was rigged. And Condos played a role in that changing vermont voting laws without legal legislation and should be investigated and tried. The fact that the entire election process was completely altered is undeniable. Theres no way hundreds of millions of mail in ballots and weeks and weeks of counting yielded the most safe and secure election ever. That’s the big lie.

  15. Condos is a brown shirt, or in today’s vernacular a lackey. If memory serves me correctly, the brown shirts and lackeys of history were disposed of when no longer needed, will history repeat itself?

  16. Couldn’t Mr. Trump just go on oath before the January 6th, produce his mountains of evidence and then be cross examined on it? Then once proven we would be faced with a conundrum. I am sure that if the mid-terms go their way the GOP will do exactly that, then they can say – “see, we told you.”

    Imagine the angst in the democratic party when, under oath, the Mike Lindells, the Rudys and the Sidneys of the world make their case!

  17. What happens when words become only a vehicle for manipulating others to your own benefit?
    Read C.S. Lewis, “The Abolition of Man”. He predicted what we are now seeing.

    What has the “ring of truth” to you? Here’s my list: death bed confessions, testimony of those who have everything to loose, and nothing to gain thereby, The Bible.

    Condos does not fall into those categories. Not to say he always lies, but you can’t necessarily trust what he says without evaluation. Character and world-view count. I don’t know Mr. Condos personally, so I can’t comment on either, but he certainly has a bias compatible with his pronouncements of fact. Mere pronouncements do not have the “ring of truth”. They are elitist, manipulatory, and condescending. His failure to consider 2000 Mules and explain why it is not evidence shows that he does not value objective truth. “He that answers a matter, before he hears it, it is a folly and a shame unto him.” –Proverbs 18;13. Now that has the “ring of truth”.

    • I actually watched 2,000 mules with a data expert and here were some of the points we had.

      Where was the ‘control group’ – a state (other than a battleground state) that showed that the battleground dataset was markedly at variance with the control group?

      Is the dataset really ‘as reliable as a fingerprint’ – After all, AT & T themselves say that 5G location errors range between 2 and 10 meters. The range would be higher for non–5G.

      Does the dataset control for the high traffic nature of dropboxes – after all, they are/were in areas with high traffic anyways. When I lived out west we passed the local drop-box 2 – 4 times a day. So 60 to 120 times in the month it was available. Once, I dropped a ballot, the other times I was just driving past the library going to work. The film said that they had excluded these people – how? No information was given on controlling for passing traffic, just said ‘we did it’.

      None of the videos shown had the same person as a ‘repeat offender’ – in other words no pattern.

      Many of these people were allegedly paid to stuff ballot boxes. Could they not have therefore been induced by cash to provide evidence of the trail of instructions and payment that they received for their work? I mean if there were indeed 2,000 mules, it shouldn’t be hard to produce one who would testify under oath, right?

      Why on earth was there no similar effort in house elections – the fact that the GOP made gains in the House, in elections on the same ballot indicates preposterous stupidity on the part of the Democrats. If they were going to stuff ballots voting for Biden, why go to the lengths of deliberately voting for GOP House candidates on those very same ‘fake’ ballots.

      All in all a pretty fanciful piece of work. If it were evidence it could be produced in court and then make those of us who think that the election was basically fair eat our words.

      • You miss the point ! The pizza delivery guy who passes the drop box 100 times per month WAS stealing the election ! The postal delivery guy and UPS were in on the conspiracy too !!!

  18. “You miss the point ! The pizza delivery guy who passes the drop box 100 times per month WAS stealing the election ! The postal delivery guy and UPS were in on the conspiracy too !!!”

    And then the people thinking it was the dog walker – missing the point that it was actually the Airedale that was being walked that was a part of the giant conspiracy. I quizzed the Airedale, and he said it was “ruff”!