90% oppose unrestricted abortion, ‘Defeat Article 22’ organizers say

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Vermonters For Good Government kicks off “Defeat Article 22” campaign on Saturday, amidst news of widespread opposition to late-term abortion.

Unrestricted, unregulated abortion through all nine months of pregnancy is opposed by 90% of Americans, according to a poll conducted after the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade by the The Harvard Center for Political Studies and The Harris Poll.

The poll results were released by Vermonters for Good Government, which kicks off its ‘Defeat Article 22’ campaign Saturday, July 23 from 10 AM – noon on the steps of the Vermont State House.

The results demonstrate that Vermont’s proposed “reproductive autonomy” constitutional amendment — which would block any restrictions up to the moment of birth — goes contrary to broad public sentiment, according to Vermonters for Good Government. 

The sizable majority of Vermonters are opposed to elective and unrestricted late-term abortion, while supporting some level of access in the earliest stages of pregnancy,” Said VFGG Spokesperson Rep. Anne Donahue.  “Reflecting Vermonters’ common view of supporting women, without compromising the value of viable fetuses/babies, is why we are opposed to Proposal 5/Article 22.  This amendment would create a Constitutional right to elective abortion, without the logical regard of ethics boards or medical needs or safety regulations, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. The best method of reflecting Vermonters’ collective values is to oppose Article 22.  Vermonters want common sense.”

The poll was conducted between June 28-29 and probed a number of questions about the abortion issue.

 In response to the question, “Do you think your state should allow abortion…” The answer “up to 9 months” only garnered 10% support. The next option, “up to 23 weeks,” only garnered 18% support. 

Full poll results can be found at: The section on abortion includes slides 38-46.

VFGG is taking their grassroots campaign into the public arena with a campaign kickoff event at the statehouse on Saturday, July 23, from 10am to 12pm. Spokeswomen Annisa Lamberton and Rep. Anne Donahue will speak, along with Executive Director Matthew Strong. Volunteers can pick up materials, yard signs, and get involved in this statewide effort to defeat Article 22 at the ballot box in November. – Vermonters for Good Government

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  1. Dear Vermonters for Good Government,

    Thank you for this article and also for your widespread efforts to communicate to Vermont Voters about the proposed Article 22, “reproductive autonomy” addition to our Vermont Constitution.

    It’s my understanding that unrestricted abortion is already legal in Vermont up to the time a baby is born? Is this correct? If yes, was Article 22 proposed to address abortion OR the many other gender/identity/sexual and behavioral matters that could be the intention with the “open for interpretation language” of Article 22?

    Are the Vermont Legislators and Governor Scott who approved this Article 22, responsible to have to explain to us what it means?

  2. Such is true. Yet what the majority want, the majority do not get any longer – Yet what the extremists, socialists, & radicals want, the majority instead get.

    There is some type of very intentional political purpose to this all, as though the end justifies the means regardless of any semblance of sense, constitutionality, rule of law – OR fair elections.

    They have a plan. And the majority (of the people, by the people, for the people) of us are no longer a part of it whatsoever.

  3. Do Not Comply with lawlessness and evil. When The People rise up, this will be over. We need the Lord. We need to come to Him. God created the world, He created this Nation, He can restore this Nation.

  4. Article 22 is one reason I will not support Becca Balint (one author of the article) for U. S. Rep. Her extreme positions on everything from abortion to the clean air act make me question her judgement, and we certainly don’t need more extremists in any legislative positions. Furthermore, enshrining the right to kill in the VT Constitution is an abhorrent contradiction to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit to happiness, which should be obvious to any thinking person.

  5. “reproductive autonomy”. This is a progressive euphemism since “infanticide” is a bit too harsh and blunt for these despicable supporters of Article 22. Up to 9 months to terminate a pregnancy is not okay. How do these people even sleep at night supporting this barbaric procedure? Moreover, this article certainly isn’t remotely close to “common sense” abortion (given the routine use of “common sense” by Progressives when it comes to non-Progressive rights).

    • Vermont Legislators passed Act 47 in 2019 making abortion legal in Vermont up to the time of the birth of a baby.

      If unrestricted abortion is already in place in Vermont, we should be asking why is Article 22 being proposed?

      Let your mind think freely. “Reproductive autonomy” is a very loaded phrase. It could open up all manner of scenarios and subjects. Does it really protect a “women’s right to choose?”

      Example: A woman is pregnant. She decides to have an abortion. Her husband/partner who is the father of the baby, doesn’t want her to have an abortion. He seeks legal help to stop the abortion. If both persons have Constitutional “reproductive autonomy,” how is this situation settled?

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