Medical freedom bills introduced

Rep. Mark Higley (R-Lowell) and co-sponsors from all over Vermont are introducing a 2023 package of bills to: enhance medical safety, protect the doctor-patient relationship, and guarantee health rights for those exercising their freedom to choose and to refuse. 

The proposed legislation includes:

H.189 – An act relating to reporting on adverse reactions related to immunizations  – To require vaccine safety surveillance data reports.

H.188 – An act relating to informed consent for the administration of immunizations – To protect patients by ensuring accurate, standardized information such as ingredients and risks is given across all access points.

H.182 – An act relating to bodily autonomy and health care decision making – To protect your rights to make your own health decisions.

H.187– An act relating to establishing ‘conscientious exemptions’ at schools and child care facilities – To protect children and students from vaccine injuries, expands the right for parents to ‘opt out’ and restores the balance between policy goal v. health rights.

No number yet, pending introduction- An act relating to prohibiting discrimination based on immunization status  – To protect civil liberties, and the rights of all persons right to freely participate in society, without injections.

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  1. We probably need to add to these bills language which states that we are sovereign and not subject to the whims of the WHO, UN, UNESCO, and the many unelected bureaucrats who wish to enslave us. We also need to insure agriculture can continue in Vermont, that small farms are protected. We should also encourage everyone to be growing what they can for themselves based of course on their circumstances.

  2. I’m all for any and all of these bills. My only question is where are all the facts and opposing viewpoints coming from? If it’s a re-hash of Big Pharma or MSM or DR Faustus talking points, we might as well save the ink.

    And aren’t all of these bills describing basic rights as endowed upon us by our Constitution and Creator? Sad that we have to claw them back.

    Although I’m hopeful, I see the same 80-20 defeat along strict party lines. It’s not what’s good for the consumer, but what benefits the party and big donors.

    Wake me if any of these great bills end up as law.

  3. These are important bills that MAY gain traction this time around because it seems that many people, having learned the hard way, are finally waking up to what’s going on. It would be really good to make a big buzz about these bills, explaining why they are necessary, so that citizens (and legislators) can know what’s going on, that they have been bamboozled, and that these really are protective of their rights and their lives. Huge thanks to all those who have worked hard to get these bills even to this point! And much gratitude to Rep. Higley for taking this on!

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