Homeless hotel resident arrested in car thefts

Found pushing stolen computer in shopping cart on Rte. 302

A resident of the Hilltop Inn, the ‘homeless hotel’ in Berlin, was arrested twice this week for operating a car without the owner’s consent – and also for retail theft and heroin possession, Berlin police say.

The arrests of Brian Foy, 46, were among several incidents between Berlin police and residents of the Hilltop in the last week.

On February 14, Foy was arrested in connection with the theft of a 2012 Dodge Journey from a home after police reportedly ID’d the thief from surveillance video. Two days later, he was apprehended walking down Rte. 302 shortly after 5 pm with a shopping cart that carried a computer stolen from WalMart. When apprehended, he gave officers a false name, police say. He also was found in possession of heroin. For these alleged crimes he was cited to appear in court later this year. The car has not been located. Anyone with information about the vehicle is asked to contact the Berlin Police Department at 802-223-4401.

At 7:40 pm on February 13, Berlin Police located a 2016 Subaru Trek parked at the Hilltop Inn. The vehicle had been stolen from 802 Subaru in Berlin during the night of Saturday, February 11 – Sunday February 12. Foy had parked the car there, police say. He was cited to appear in court for aggravated operation without owner’s consent and driving with a driminally suspended license.

The Hilltop is located a short distance from both 802 Subaru and WalMart.

At about 9:30 pm February 13, BPD was investigating another call at Hilltop Inn when they arrested Anna B. Karhu, 24, of Berlin, for an outstanding arrest warrant for assault on a police officer. Karhu resisted officers’ efforts to take her into custody and was also charged with resisting arrest. She was lodged at Chittenden County Community Correctional facility in South Burlington for lack of $200 bail and was scheduled to appear in court Feb. 14 for the warrant, and March 23 for resisting arrest.

Also, at 6:30 pm Feb. 14 BPD responded to the Hilltop Inn for the report on an unruly male. Danford Cross, 37, was arrested for simple assault and disorderly conducdt and cited to appear in court March 30.

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  1. Is operating a car without the owners consent the same thing as the guy STOLE the car like he STOLE the computer? Guess it makes sense to let him roam free so he can STEAL again. One needs their hobbies, who cares who it hurts? I s it any wonder why law abiding citizens fight back? Wake up!!!

    • The laws regarding the unauthorized use of a vehicle that does not belong to someone contrasts markedly from how a horse thief was treated in days of yore. Yes, our society has become more “refined” but the taking of someone’s conveyance is just as inconvenient and consequential as it ever was, except that a motor vehicle can also be used very effectively as a weapon to bring harm down upon the innocent. In progressive Vermont, the theft of an automobile is treated legally akin to the late return of a library book. We vote for this.

  2. Either way, the suspects are still living large at the expanse of the beleaguered Vermont working taxpayers, who are a vanishing species. Those vacancies at the Hilltop wont last long…”we’ll leave the light on for ya”…

  3. And meanwhile the bleeding heart leftists continue to decry that this population is homeless and insist we need to house them in buildings inhabited by generally law abiding people who need to get up and go to work in the morning. The homeless hotels are generating insane numbers of calls to emergency services; just ask the Berlin police what they have experienced since the Hilltop Motel has been used to house the homeless. And they keep flocking here because we keep giving them “free stuff “. Doubt if most are even Vermonters.

  4. Mr. Foy was in possession of herion. The methadone clinic (aka BAART Clinic) is located in the same vicinity on Comstock Road. In addition to BAART, across the road from Hilltop Inn is Central Vermont Medical Center, the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital, and Washington County Mental Health. Mr. Foy was able to walk to Walmart and 802 Subaru to commit crimes in the very same vicinity as all these health providers. Considering the chaos ensuing at the Hilltop Inn, it appears the residents have easy access to narcotics. At the same time, yards away, are treatment facilities that should be utilitzed to abate the addiction problem. If the State (aka taxpayer) is going to pay addict’s housing – why not make a condition of that housing mandatory treatment and testing? Don’t tell me making medical conditions mandatory is a violation of their rights. If the State can mandate testing and a vaccine for a phantom virus, they can mandate drug treament and testing for housing and EBT cards. The State can also mandate the facilities to treat the addicts or lose their reimbursements. The solution is right there. Yet, all the legislature and elected officials do is exacerbate the situation for decades. They ignore it. All they do is give empty, pandering, platitude-filled speeches saying the next multi-million dollar program and appointed task force will address it. They won’t fix it because they directly profit from the drug trade and thrive on the criminal chaos.

    • I believe that theoretically any homeless people staying at the homeless motels or any but “low barrier “ shelters aren’t supposed to be using drugs or alcohol; correct me if I’m wrong. The homeless that are camping out in downtown Montpelier and the park for instance are there as they refuse to stop using/drinking to obtain shelter. So as this guy is obviously using and possessed drugs, why is he even eligible for a room at Hilltop? And that question pertains to all of them; if they are using/drinking or possess drugs or alcohol they should be shown the door. And furthermore, our taxes are paying for their rooms, food, healthcare etc. Obviously they are coming up with money to feed their addiction or they are stealing to do so.

  5. and Vermonters…… and pay and pay……in so many ways. Time to wake up Vermont!

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