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In Burlington, bike lanes replace parking spaces

bicycle lane on gray concrete road
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WCAXBurlington approves plan to add Winooski Ave. bike lines, remove parking
WCAXUVM researchers refine app to detect stress
WCAXVt. lawmakers stand firm against replacing pandemic food program funding
WCAXVermont earns a ‘C’ on infrastructure report card
WCAXPolice: Missing Vermont man found dead near car crash
WCAXBurlington man attempting to ski length of Vermont
NBC 5Spectrum Youth & Family Services expanding programs in St. Albans
WCAXBennington Police find suspicious bomb inside home
WCAXWinooski residents file appeal for St. Stephen’s demolition permit
WCAXFish and Wildlife considers special moose hunting season in northeast Vt.

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  1. Denying residents of 40 parking spaces in pursuit of the idiotic dream of making Burlington more bike friendly. When are they going to learn that residents NEED their cars? Try bringing home groceries for the week, or taking the baby to a doctor’s appointment, or commuting to Williston or Essex to work, all on a bike.

    It’s past time that these bike friendly nuts smartened up and started living in the real world.

  2. Just one more reason to not go downtown,
    The dpw bicycle bigot is killing the city. Pretty soon there will be no downtown

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