Malloy pro-life, pro-2A, pro Constitution

Gerald Malloy (right) at a Windsor County GOP breakfast meet-and-greet with Tracy Messer, Administrator of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

U.S. Senate Republican candidate Gerald Malloy Malloy recently provided some comments on his month-old campaign to Vermont Daily Chronicle.  

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I started my campaign with a boots on the ground tour of most of Vermont in January and February, engaging Vermonters.  Frankly the response was and continues to be inspiring, almost overwhelming, and growing every day.  I am well in the thousands of Vermonters I have personally engaged.  

A few of the common comments I’ve heard are “you have to run and you have to win,” “we need a real Republican,” and “anyone but Welch.”  

I spoke recently at the Windsor County Republicans event and the Ethan Allen Institute’s Thomas Jefferson event in Colchester on April 20. I am also speaking in Manchester on April 22, in Essex on April 23 at an event hosted by US Representative candidate Anya Tynio, at the VTGOP Platform Conference on April 30, and May 3 on Northwest Access TV in St. Albans. 

Last week I visited the Republican National Committee HQs in Washington, D.C. and I have quite a few irons in the fire to grow our campaign support. So it has been a very busy first month, and I am very pleased with the response and feedback, but I am not taking my foot off the gas.  I have a great team that is also growing daily, and our goal is to win, to get America back on track.”

“Vermonters want to hear my positions on issues and here is where I stand: We need to return to 1) abiding by the Constitution, 2) promoting the opportunity for ecomonic prosperity for America and every American, and 3) ensuring our Nation’s defense, security, and order. 

I have very straightforward positions that I believe are resonating:  I am Pro 2A, Pro Life, will protect Americans against unconstitutional acts, and support parents deciding what is taught to their children. 

I will not support overspending that causes inflation and adds to our $33 Trillion debt, I fully support putting up a wall along our southern border, ecomonic sanctions against countries we should not be trading with, regaining oil and gas independence, and resetting to realistic energy and emissions plans that include innovation, resources, infrastructure, and viable implementation (not the New Green Deal, Global Warming Solutions Act, or Climate Action Plan; all Swiss cheese plans). I fully support our Military, Law Enforcement (with funding and no changes to immunity), and Veterans. I would seek to restore damanged relationships with NATO partners and allies and keep us out of bad agreements, like with Iran. I oppose more government, more spending, more taxes, and more control.”

“Regarding US engagement in Ukraine I would first say God bless the courageous people of Ukraine. I am a combat Veteran and I served in a nuclear capable unit with NATO defending the Fulda Gap against the Soviet Union. I do believe that the current administration over the course of the past 15 months has signalled weakness to Russia in its withdrawal from Afghanistan and actions related to Ukraine that have influenced Putin’s decision.        

I am very disappointed in the long delays in the support that we have provided Ukraine, and that the United States is still even today buying uranium from Russia, and that the latest plus up of military equipment to Ukraine from the United States does not include Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) or Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) but has just a single 155mm Battalion. As a former MLRS/ATACMS Commander that spent 5 years at Fort Bragg rotating on an 18 hour deployment schedule, one way or another we missed an opportunity to end the war in Ukraine as Russia left 25+ mile convoy targets in place outside Kyiv for many days.  

For further US engagement actions I would meet in person with senior military leaders, many of whom I know, to explore options.  I believe Russia is commiting war crimes and that Putin is an evil person that must be stopped. I would consider options for US and NATO engagement that weighed security and democracy and escalation.”   

I am looking forward to the coming months and continuing to meet Vermonters around the State. I am offering my character, experience, leadership, and performance, gained over 42 years of service, to get the United States moving back in the right direction. I will serve under the values I learned at West Point: duty, honor and country, and I will serve as a real Republican.   

As I had mentioned inspiring, I did want to relay a recent engagement. Before standing in front of a supermarket with my petition, I went in to buy a few groceries. The woman cashier saw the Petition and asked if I was a Republican. I said yes. Then she asked how I felt about abortion, and I replied that I am Pro Life. She then asked ‘100%?’, and I said yes, ‘100%’.  

She asked for my Petition and started to cry and told me she almost had an abortion but gave birth to a daughter, and right then her daughter arrived. I said ‘I’m glad you’re here’. 

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  1. Too bad he doesn’t stand a chance. Those policies don’t fit the progressive/socialist mindset. That’s what runs Vermont

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