Letters: Pro-Prop 5 GOP lawmakers must go

Prop 5 means anything goes – California is considering legislation that would permit the murder of a baby months or even years after birth.  In Baltimore, a Democrat legislator introduced legislation to kill a baby up to 28 days after birth.  This is what the Vermont Legislators that voted for Prop 5, now Article 22 want.  

Joe Benning voted for this twice to advance it to the House.  Heidi Scheuremann, Scott Beck, Felicia Leffler, Paul Martin and Matthew Walker all voted to advance the bill to the ballot in November.  Walker resigned after his vote.  None of the others belong in the Republican Party…..including Phil Scott and his 100% rating from Planned Parenthood. 

This is spiritual warfare, The Democrats and the liberals continue the prove they will destroy babies even after birth.  The seven people I just named are all in too.  They must be removed from the Republican Party.  Walker is gone, that’s a good start.  – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

Sidewalk presence and prayer in front of the Barre Planned Parenthood

Sidewalk presence educational, not intimidating – Twice in the past week, including today, I was confronted by a person leaving PP’s parking area with criticism of my presence (today I held a sign which read:  “Ask Me About Abortion Pill Reversal”). 

The woman said my presence served to intimidate women seeking health care at the facility.  She did not really pause for a response but, as Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen say in ‘What to Say When,’ any good Planned Parenthood may do is irreparably tainted by their evil promotion and administration of the evil of abortion.  And, there simply is not another service PP provides which cannot be obtained elsewhere without the taint.  Oh, and if someone is dissuaded from using the services of PP, I think some would call that a good thing. – Tom Kelly, Barre, 40 Days for Life coordinator

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