Gender ID birth certificate bill signed by Scott, Abenaki tax relief, City of Essex Junction approved by Legislature

By Guy Page

Yesterday, Gov. Phil Scott signed two bills into law and the Senate approved five bills originating in the House.

On April 6, Governor Scott signed bills of the following titles:      

H.628, An act relating to amending a birth certificate to reflect gender identity.

H.722, An act relating to reapportioning the final representative districts of the House of Representatives and the senatorial districts of the Senate

When signing H.628, Governor Scott issued the following statement:

“This bill takes an important step forward towards building a more equitable Vermont. Working to make our state more welcoming and inclusive for all must be a priority, and this is another important step towards that goal. I want to thank the legislators, advocates, and members of my Administration for working together to advance this bipartisan initiative and I’m happy to sign it into law.”

To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2022 legislative session, click here.

Coming soon to Gov. Scott’s desk are a handful of bills that originated in the House and were approved Wednesday by the Senate:

H. 448 – approval of a Burlington charter change “to regulate thermal energy systems in residential and commercial buildings, including assessing carbon impact or alternative compliance payments, for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the City.”

H. 491 – creation of the City of Essex Junction and the adoption of the City charter. 

H. 556 – exempting property owned by Vermont-recognized Native American tribes from property tax. 

H. 627 – excludes from Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) funding businesses/organizations that include pyramid schemes, more than ⅓ of business from legal gambling, religious organizations, private clubs, and some mixed-use properties, and triples the amount that can be loaned (up to $6 million). 

H. 680 – obtaining a marriage license in any town in Vermont.

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  1. Can I identify as Governor and retroactively veto the “Denial of Reality” bill?

  2. Schroedinger’s gender ideology. Birth certificates record sex, not gender. We are endlessly lectured that they’re different, so… They’re only different when it’s convenient?
    It’s so useless arguing with post-modernists. I wish people would hurry up, and get over this nonsense.

  3. I am trying not to identify with anything. Just looking for the exit to get the heck out of here. The inmates are running the asylum with situational ethics being applied to fit an agenda that will end up eating its own. Sad story.

  4. Is there an act relating to amending a prior marriage certificate to reflect subsequent status? LOL!