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  1. LOL! Someday Guy should ask the Phil and Mark show what they think of Klaus Schwab, the WEF and their plan for world domination. I bet Phil’s bank account is nice and fat from the past 2 years.

  2. That an answer to a question that is so elementary to the very existence of human beings is so bastardized is absurd !

  3. This excellent political cartoon is a worthy lampoon of today’s pathetic attack on common sense, or Marx Madness vs. USA.

  4. For crying out loud Phil, come out from under the woke cloak of political correctness and state the biologically obvious. During the COVID pandemic we were constantly told “follow the science”. I guess that when it comes to “gender identity” we can through that out the window. Phil, my dad was a male, and my mom was a female, my sisters are females. I believe your family is no different than mine, so why the acceptance of gender bending crapulosity ?

  5. He could have gone off in a lofty discussion about whether we are referring to sex or gender or whether it is determined by anatomy or psychology. In this woke age of everyone walking on eggshells, he took the safe route by just clamming up. The consequences for an honest science-based answer would be to have 500 screaming protestors on the State House lawn or on his lawn for that matter. Who can blame him? It’s not cowardice, it’s just keeping the peace.

    • LOL! Or he could have answer with a wink a smile: “You’ll need to ask my mother.”

      Watching this state circle the bowl is so darn amusing.

      • Like the calypso band on a the raft singing, “They put lemon in the Tidy Bowl for you” !

  6. A human being with XX chromosomes. Period. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.

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