Letter: Vaccine injuries should not be dismissed

To the editor:

I wrote recently to say that I’d been going about throughout this pandemic, unafraid of the virus and mostly unmasked. (I’m claustrophobic and wearing a mask is very anxiety-producing for me.)

I read a lot of medical literature not only because it fascinates me but also because 50% of my immediate family have been victims of medical error, including my mom and my surgeon dad at the end of their lives. I survived my own experience. However, I mistakenly thought for many years that I had had an allergic reaction to a drug, which landed me (my one and only time) in an ER—until I told the story in front of my cousin’s wife, a retired Canadian GP, and was finally set straight. She immediately exclaimed: “Oh, no! That doctor missed a lecture on Demerol. Given what you had going on, you should never have been given that drug.”

I equate vaccine injuries with the drug-induced catastrophe that contributed to my mom’s death at the age of 66. One of the coronavirus vaccine injuries enumerated and described in Dr. Patricia Lee’s letter to the CDC and the FDA (made public by Aaron Siri’s law firm) reminded me instantly of my mom’s demise. Due to what I’ve witnessed and experienced, I am unable to dismiss or deny vaccine injuries, or view victims as disposable. Each victim is someone’s mother, father, child, sibling. Drug adverse events or interactions can change someone’s life, sometimes irrevocably, in an instant.

I read incessantly and enjoy doing research. I’ve probably spent more than 1,300 hours over the last 2 years reading articles, scientific papers, and watching videos pertaining to this pandemic (2-3 hours each morning). I’m certain that not only was this virus fabricated, and it could very easily have been done in this country in Ralph Baric’s lab in Chapel Hill, NC, but much of the narrative has been, as well. 

I knew at the beginning of the pandemic, from PBS darling Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee’s tiny book The Laws of Medicine, that any medical test can be as much as 95% inaccurate, depending on the population tested and the disease prevalence rate within that population. Widespread testing of asymptomatic people therefore, seemed like a ludicrous recipe for huge numbers of false-positive test results. (Dr. Mukherjee’s voice has been, quite oddly, largely missing from the pandemic conversation.)

One of the things I learned early on is that the ‘gold standard’ PCR test cannot detect either active virus or active infection. Words to such effect can usually be found as a caveat in any scientific study, which relies solely upon the PCR test, making the conclusions drawn by such a study questionable. Therefore, I was in complete disbelief that a global pandemic narrative could be built upon its back. I also learned that there are many other issues with the PCR test. A long list of things called PCR inhibitors can affect the outcome of the test. It’s a very complex test that can be easily contaminated. The cycle threshold is an issue, in terms of using the test for diagnosis, which leads to the inventor of the technique Kary Mullis, who expressed horror that it was used to label people as HIV-positive. For him, it was a lab technique; it did not qualify as a diagnostic test. A perfectly good analogy of the PCR test would be if you took a tire and a rearview mirror to your local garage and got an inspection sticker! A couple of car parts do not equal a drivable car.

What happens if someone has a false-positive test result? The mind-body connection is very powerful. The opposite of the placebo effect, the bane of pharmaceutical companies, is the nocebo effect, and it’s powerful enough to kill people. I read a fascinating story by a respiratory therapist early on in the pandemic. Back in the 1980’s, he had seen many people come down with pneumonia about a month after getting a positive result on an HIV antibody test. These people would panic and within a month they would have pneumonia, all because they had forgotten how to breathe properly. The therapist remarked that after a month of fear and anxiety, the whole chest musculature was affected. It became a vicious circle that was difficult to break. He was brought in to teach these patients how to breathe properly again.

The journal Frontiers in Psychology published an article entitled “How Do Nocebo Phenomena Provide a Theoretical Framework for the COVID-19 Pandemic?” The authors write: “stress associated with negative expectations, which can be a fertile substrate for the onset of a nocebo effect, can produce significant physiological changes in the human body, including sleep disorders, respiratory complications, circulatory stress, digestive disorders, muscle tension, and pain (Liu et al., 2020).” And: “During COVID-19, a possible nocebo response may be induced on a large scale due to negative information received from the media.”

I urge everyone to stop paying attention to and absorbing the mainstream media’s incessant pandemic fear mongering. Especially now, after we’ve all experienced 2 years of it. It is actually disease-promoting. And if they are reducing complex issues to one and two-word memes it is usually in no way informative. It is a sophisticated form of marketing. 

I also urge all doctors to remember that just about everything in their toolkits can be deadly.

I think that a more important event in the history of medicine was not the development of vaccines, but the teaching of Dr. William Osler during the early part of the 20th century. He urged doctors to stop poisoning their patients and all people to restrain from poisoning themselves.

I was extraordinarily grateful to the Brigham in Boston, back in 1995, when they performed an autopsy on my dad, and then admitted to us that they misdiagnosed him. It’s very hard to remain angry when there’s honesty. Honesty and openness are usually healing.

By Jacqueline Brook,


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  1. Post published: 5 January 2022
    More than 1,000 published studies show covid jabs are dangerous

    Keep in mind that this is still classified as an experimental vaccine provided under Emergency Use Authorization, a classification that holds harmless those agencies that researched, manufactured, approved, and administered the vaccine, for any adverse effects that may result from its use.

    ‘Nay, fly to Altars; there they’ll talk you dead;
    For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.’
    – Alexander Pope: An essay on criticism

    • Again, as I always recommend, just check the links posted on this website. I randomly clicked on one of the “Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous” claim on this website.

      As I assumed, the study paints a very different picture. I clicked on study number 126 “Guillain-Barré syndrome after AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination: causal or casual association: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0303846721004169

      “we cannot conclude for a certain causal link between COVID-vaccine and GBS.”
      “Thus is inevitable that many thousands of sporadic cases of GBS caused by other non-evident factors will appear temporally associated with COVID-19 vaccination.”
      “The few described cases are obviously not able to give us a statistical significance, ”

      Why would this website include a study that absolutely does not make a claim that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous? That’s the real question you should ask about this website and it should make you question why websites like this need to falsify claims in order to promote their anti-vax ideology.

  2. You spend “2-3 hours” every day doing “research” and your conclusion is that COVID-19 was fabricated? That you accept all so called vaccine injuries without any sort of statistical analysis? Your bar for what evidence supports your own ideas must be less than 0.

    Most vaccines will produce some side effects (some serious in other cases), however anti-vaxxers take generally rare mild temporary side effects in small populations and then claim that the vaccines are tools for mass genocide.

    Oh also, William Osler was pro-vaccine. Read his own work “Bacilli and Bullets” https://collections.nlm.nih.gov/ext/document/101743406X413/PDF/101743406X413.pdf.

    • Take the report you cited. The conclusion states: “As physicians, we are called to report potentially related complications of COVID-19 vaccine, without forgetting the benefit of vaccination.”

      In various degrees, these vaccines are being found to be ‘dangerous’. Many people have become severely ill and died from the adverse effects. The efficacy of the vaccines continues to decline, now to the point that natural immunity is considered a reasonable alternative to the recent requirement of multiple injections. How many ‘boosters’ will be required before the medical community says enough is enough? Is it any wonder that the long-term effects of these multiple injections on our immune system are now being called into serious question by many reputable medical researchers? These are all reasonable concerns.

      More importantly, there is nothing in any of the cited reports that I’ve seen (and no, I haven’t read anywhere near all of them) saying the Covid virus was ‘fabricated’ (although much evidence to date supports that conclusion) or, to your extreme conflation, that any of the reports claim “the vaccines are tools for mass genocide.” You, apparently, ‘…read what you wanted to read, believed what you wanted to believe…’.

      It’s one thing to disagree with these findings (they aren’t mine). It’s another, to ignore them. And another, entirely, to project your extreme misgivings onto those who are merely doing their best to consider all sides.

  3. https://www.sirillp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Letter-Regarding-Covid-19-Vaccine-Injuries-Dr-Patricia-Lee.pdf

    [It’s #4 that reminds me of my Mom’s death. Except no one opened her up and kept her open in order to cut out all the necrotic bits. They would’ve had to begin with her tongue.]

    Senator Ron Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine injury hearings

    [Be sure to watch this to the end. The end is very uplifting! But, I’m sure a few of you will declare all of the people interviewed in the film to be liars. Perhaps without even watching it.]

  4. Many doctors have been lied to by the CDC. The ones I have talked to admit that the C-19 vaccines have made the cases of COVID mild and prevented hospitalizations but in the long run have destroyed people’s immune systems. The latest proof of this is the gay community that engages in anal sex that exposes themselves to concentrated pathogens. Before the vaccine their immune systems were robust enough to prevent monkey poches. But now that same activity is causing monkey poches out breaks among the vaccinated populations in the gay community. BTW the gay community has one of the highest vaccine compliance rates, with multiple boosters.

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