7-11 worker embezzles gift cards, police say

At 2:30 pm on January 19, the acting manager of Fairlee’s 7-Eleven called Vermont State Police to report an employee who had been cashing out gift cards to herself without paying for them.

The acting manager told a state trooper the employee had been taking gift cards over the course of 9 days.

The employee was identified as Kelly Vines (31) of Fairlee, police say. The acting manager provided police with video footage of the cashier area and a printout of the cash register purchase history. The investigation revealed the approximate value to be $1,690 in Sephora, Amazon, EBAY, and Apple gift cards that were taken by Vines.

Vines was charged with embezzlement, and is scheduled to appear in Orange County Superior Court in March.

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  1. If she’s white, she’ll be hung & quartered in the public square. If she’s “of color”, she’ll get a raise OR be allowed to traffic in illegal drugs & commit violent acts against Vermonters without any fear of repercussion.

      • Nice try, kiddo – but blacks are incarcerated at greater rate than whites because….ready for it(?)……they commit more crimes than do whites. This is NOT simply seen in VT, but across all states (proportionally in terms of populations) and that can be seen handily by perusing crime & violent crime data via the DOJ stats on line.

        Don’t wish to wind up in prison? Don’t deal drugs, don’t mug, rape, commit armed robbery, join a gang, or murder someone. See how everyone can benefit from personal accountability?

        And while you’re looking up DOJ stats, try looking at the crime rates committed by men and women regardless of race. Uh oh… commit violent crimes at rates over 92% higher than do women. Guess it hasn’t been society discriminating against women since 1776, it’s been society “discriminating” against MEN all along! Poor, poor males…..incarcerated at rates WAY higher than women…….

      • Oh and by the way? Dudes like your lovely CNN producer, John Griffen – bff to Chris Cuomo, who was (finally) arrested in VT for committing sex acts with a nine year old little girl and publicly proclaiming that females need to be taught at early ages how to be sexually submissive to males because they are inferior to men, et al — ought to be “hung, drawn, & quartered” ……but I’m sure your buds at locales such as UVM believe he should be appointed to Biden’s cabinet ASAP or at LEAST be released back into society so he can dehumanize women & rape little girls again.

  2. We need to stop sweeping the embezzlements under the rug. We have more embezzlement than any other state. To just slap them and hive them 6 mos probation is not sending the right message. We the people, pay higher prices for insurance and goods due to this crime. Then again, we have DA’s who are willing to let murders out and refuse to allow our police officers to do their jobs!! It needs to stop. It has gone on far too long!!

  3. ‘they commit more crimes than do whites’ – and I presume that the rate of black criminality in your study is =>10x that of whites, Interested for you to cite your source. And it can’t be either conviction or incarceration rate.

    And I am even more keen to hear the source for your statement that my friends think that John Griffen ‘should be appointed to Biden’s cabinet.’ I assume, until proved otherwise, that the actual source is your own maniacal derangement.

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