Letter: Democrats are advocating a federal takeover of elections

To the editor:

With Build Back Better (BBB) in limbo, there’s a renewed focus by Democrats to divert attention and take control of state elections.  With support from coalition activists and press, they are opposing any state election reforms calling them “voter suppression” and, with the support of President Biden, Democrats are advocating a federal takeover of elections. 

Covid brought to light the importance of updating state voting laws. Enough questions were raised that confidence in the voting process had to be restored and votes counted properly. State legislatures responded to these concerns by addressing election security, accountability and access to the ballot box. 

Here are the reforms most states are adopting:  require photo identification when a ballot is issued at the polling station or when a mail-in ballot is requested; increase oversight, tighter chain of custody and unsolicited mail-in ballots would be illegal; voting rolls will be periodically updated to reflect recent deaths and any change of the voter’s residence; and, private money used to finance a public election would be prohibited. 

These reforms create a secure foundation for elections at the state level and assure voters their ballots would be secured and not tampered with. Voters want reassurance that all elections must be fair and that will go a long way to restoring trust in our Republic.  Whether America lives or dies is contingent on how successful election integrity is restored.

Frank Mazur

South Burlington

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  1. It must be remembered that the federal government is an institution formed by the several states to SERVE the states. The states must step up and take control over the individual states welfare and inform the federal government of its true role.

  2. Those on the left argue that making voting “easier” is somehow akin to making it more fair.
    Their proposals completely ignore the need for integrity and validity in the process.
    A good counter-argument to that is: well, why dont we also make the criminal justice system “easier” by only requiring a simple majority of jurors to determine guilt instead of that cumbersome system of requiring unanimity? Every vote cast should be by a naturalized citizen, in person, after showing a proper ID, with a paper trail and on the day of the election. If we have to ink peoples’ thumbs then so be it.

  3. The next election cycle I’m going to every towns voting booth and voting.

    How you may ask?

    I’ll just say I’ve recently relocated illegally from Mexico. Should be fun!

    And I’m not joking either.

  4. I think the integrity of voting is most important issue facing the US. In Vermont there seems to be no conversation about this. Instead we are bombarded with “all eligible voters have the right to vote” and “make voting easier” slogans that hide the obvious agenda: to make elections easy to rig and impossible to audit.

    We desperately need an Republican or, even better, genuinely independent candidate with a legal background to run for Sec of State in Vermont. If our vote doesn’t matter, nothing does.

  5. “there’s a renewed focus by Democrats to divert attention and take control of state elections”. Well of course they are. And why ? Everybody knows why, but Dems will never admit that it’s about getting permanent control.

  6. They cannot win on their platform of communism – so the only way they can win is to cheat.

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